21:00:22 <timburke> #startmeeting swift
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21:00:30 <timburke> who's here for the swift meeting?
21:00:37 <seongsoocho> o/
21:00:45 <mattoliverau> o/
21:00:46 <alecuyer> o/
21:01:07 <kota_> o/
21:01:45 <rledisez> o/
21:02:13 <timburke> as usual, agenda's at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Swift
21:02:23 <timburke> #topic PTG
21:02:45 <timburke> another reminder that we've got an etherpad to collect things to talk about
21:02:47 <timburke> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/swift-ptg-victoria
21:03:10 <tdasilva> hi
21:03:13 <timburke> i also recently tried to get together a list of all our *prior* etherpads
21:03:16 <timburke> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/Etherpads
21:03:50 <timburke> thought it might be worth revisiting some of them :-)
21:03:57 <mattoliverau> Oh nice
21:03:57 <tdasilva> wow, nice!
21:04:06 <rledisez> awesome!
21:04:15 <kota_> good
21:04:30 <clayg> i'm here too 😁
21:04:35 <timburke> #topic swift release
21:04:38 <timburke> we had one!
21:04:54 <clayg> 🥳
21:04:57 <mattoliverau> Yay
21:04:58 <timburke> 2.25.0 is out and is expected to be our ussuri release
21:05:19 <timburke> ...which leads to...
21:05:27 <timburke> #topic rolling upgrade gate is broken
21:06:01 <timburke> i burned a day or so figuring out what went wrong, but our upgrade job broke following 2.25.0
21:06:46 <timburke> the key was that i wrote a func test for the etag-quoter that left the thing on for the account
21:07:09 <timburke> which broke a whole bunch of tests after that one
21:07:29 <timburke> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/721518/ should fix the test to not leave the account dirty
21:07:29 <patchbot> patch 721518 - swift - func tests: Allow test_etag_quoter to be run multi... - 1 patch set
21:08:08 <clayg> but the multi node upgrade job is still failing 🤔
21:09:04 <timburke> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/695131/ both fixes the func tests to accept either quoted or unquoted etags *and* makes an in-process job run with etag-quoter in the pipeline
21:09:05 <patchbot> patch 695131 - swift - func tests: work with etag-quoter on by default - 7 patch sets
21:09:27 <timburke> clayg, 2.25.0 is out, and the func tests for that job come from that tag :-(
21:09:37 <timburke> plus, the fix isn't merged yet :P
21:09:58 <timburke> which was why i had to make it non-voting in https://review.opendev.org/#/c/721519/
21:09:59 <patchbot> patch 721519 - swift - Make rolling-upgrade job non-voting (MERGED) - 1 patch set
21:10:22 <clayg> ic, so the rolling update does setup using code form a tag - so once the latest tag has fixed code future changes will work!  Brilliant!
21:10:38 <clayg> so basically "tim fixed everything and needs people to click buttons"???
21:10:50 <clayg> or just "tim fixed everything" and we can just 👏
21:11:48 <timburke> maybe? there's going to be more work coming, too -- in particular, i really want to have a "kitchen sink" func test job where we have *no* (or exceedingly few) skips
21:12:17 <timburke> i was thinking the dsvm jobs might be a good place for it, so we see all features passing against both keystone and tempauth
21:12:54 <timburke> (plus there are a bunch of tests that skip if you're not running with some extra keystone users defined)
21:13:14 <timburke> so i dusted off https://review.opendev.org/#/c/620189/
21:13:14 <patchbot> patch 620189 - swift - WIP: swift-dsvm: Create more Keystone users so we ... - 11 patch sets
21:13:24 <timburke> and started poking at https://review.opendev.org/#/c/722120/
21:13:25 <patchbot> patch 722120 - swift - dsvm: Enable more middlewares - 1 patch set
21:14:15 <timburke> and i'm thinking about ways to make sure that we never have a release break that job again -- but i'm not entirely sure how to get that 🤔
21:15:30 <timburke> maybe a rolling-upgrade job that uses origin/master? could add it to the experimental checks that i always run when putting the authors/changelog patch together
21:15:56 <timburke> if anybody has ideas on that, feel free to reach out!
21:16:34 <timburke> on to updates!
21:16:45 <timburke> #topic waterfall ec
21:17:09 <timburke> clayg, still trying to find time to think more about it?
21:17:54 <clayg> i mean i guess kinda... i want to put it behind working on better tracing support
21:18:05 <timburke> 👍
21:18:14 <timburke> should i take it off the agenda for next meeting?
21:18:15 <clayg> but if I was for sure where the problem was and that I could do something to make it better I guess we could skip that part
21:18:23 <clayg> yeah you don't need to carry it forward
21:18:36 <timburke> #topic lots of small files
21:18:48 <timburke> alecuyer, rledisez how's it going?
21:19:25 <alecuyer> Still working on it, but I've had to spend some time on other things too, I think I can post a first patch for the new key format this week
21:20:34 <timburke> sounds good
21:20:51 <timburke> #topic CORS
21:21:13 <timburke> i still need to clean up https://review.opendev.org/#/c/720098/
21:21:13 <patchbot> patch 720098 - swift - WIP: s3api: Allow MPUs via CORS requests - 6 patch sets
21:21:55 <timburke> but i think the other three in the chain are good to go (p 533028, p 710330, p 710355)
21:21:55 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/710330/ - swift - s3api: Pass through CORS headers - 13 patch sets
21:21:57 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/710355/ - swift - s3api: Allow CORS preflight requests - 16 patch sets
21:22:16 <timburke> any chance someone would have an opportunity to look at them?
21:22:43 <timburke> patchbot, p 533028
21:22:43 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/533028/ - swift - Add some functional CORS tests - 17 patch sets
21:22:48 <timburke> better :D
21:24:17 <timburke> well, worth asking ;-)
21:24:25 <timburke> #topic sharding split brain
21:24:31 * mattoliverau not good at js. But I can look.. not sure it'll be useful :P
21:25:00 <mattoliverau> uh-oh
21:25:03 <timburke> so we had a customer that accidentally got two sets of shard ranges inserted from different nodes
21:25:05 <timburke> oops
21:25:47 <timburke> this was through swift-manage-shard-ranges (not the auto-sharding stuff), it just got run twice for the same container
21:26:27 <timburke> i got as far as writing a couple probe tests in p 721376, one of them gets it into the bad state
21:26:28 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/721376/ - swift - sharding: Add probe test that exercises swift-mana... - 2 patch sets
21:26:53 <timburke> next up i need to figure out how to get back to a *good* state :P
21:27:05 <mattoliverau> I'll definitely look at that test.
21:27:15 <timburke> thanks!
21:27:36 <mattoliverau> maybe we need to make sure we can id a set of ranges inserted by a tool.
21:28:05 <rledisez> on that topic, I saw some activity about auto sharding mattoliverau, anything we can do to help?
21:28:13 <timburke> well, they'll all have the same epoch & timestamp as i recall, so *that's* good
21:28:23 <mattoliverau> I did have some code somewhere, in the old POC that scanned ranges in a table and found the most recent contiguas full set of ranges (no gaps)
21:28:58 <timburke> i'm thinking i probably want to mark one set's shard ranges as collapsed, so any already-cleaved DBs move their rows to the other set's shards?
21:30:00 <timburke> fortunately, i'm pretty sure each set is complete -- it was using find_and_replace to do the whole set at once
21:30:31 <mattoliverau> oh yeah I'm sure, just if we want to pick one set then collpase or whatever the rest.
21:31:20 <mattoliverau> if we can't as easily define set by metadata. though surely we can. I'll need to look at the code again
21:31:48 <timburke> yeah, i'll try that out, see how far i get. definitely more code coming in the next few weeks
21:31:59 <timburke> #topic open discussion
21:32:13 <mattoliverau> rledisez: thanks, just started blowing the dust off it, rebasing it. Wrote up a braindump: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17NllKQmH6tfTsKm5nAx3KCKUvs0zs_qamXtkreOQDWg/edit#
21:32:18 <mattoliverau> ^ auto-sharding
21:32:58 <mattoliverau> next step was to maybe create a probetest(s) to attempt to find other edgecases I can fix.
21:34:04 <timburke> oh, i realized etag-quoter isn't happy on py3: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/721714/
21:34:05 <patchbot> patch 721714 - swift - py3: Make etag-quoter work - 1 patch set
21:34:06 <mattoliverau> Thinking about an exclusive UPDATE, so only add shards if there not already there to other primary nodes. Fail if there are nodes, to fix a potential edge case I could see.
21:34:16 <mattoliverau> I'll add it to the doc when I get a chance.
21:34:56 <mattoliverau> *fail if there are shards..
21:35:21 <mattoliverau> but anyway, all just brainstorming atm, getting ready for the PTG ;)
21:35:30 <rledisez> mattoliverau: I'll carefully read your document. I'm really interested in this feature
21:35:40 <rledisez> still related to container sharding:  say I have few (tens) of thousands of containers to shard. would you recommend that I shard them all at once and let the sharder do it's job, or shard some of them, wait for the sharder, shard more, etc…
21:35:41 <timburke> yeah, i really need to catch up on emails for that :-(
21:36:32 <timburke> rledisez, at first, i'd say do one at a time, just to see how it goes, check logs, etc.
21:37:15 <mattoliverau> +1
21:37:17 <rledisez> yeah, we already did about 15 containers, it went well so now I want to go further :)
21:37:25 <timburke> after doing that a couple times, though, i think it should be pretty safe to do a bunch at once -- we recently started offering that, i can ask around a bit to see how it went
21:38:14 <timburke> i've come to rather appreciate the cleave limit -- makes sure the sharder isn't stuck on any single container for too long
21:38:17 <rledisez> what I'm afraid if we do a lot at once is maybe the disk space usage on container server. It could a lot more space until all are done
21:38:36 <timburke> true -- how full are disks?
21:39:13 <rledisez> well filled, so I should do small steps probably :)
21:39:40 <timburke> time to buy more disks! damn supply-chain issues...
21:39:58 <clayg> i don't think the process really requires a bunch of scratch space
21:40:04 <rledisez> to be exact, as you probably know, some of them are almost full while others are quite empty, big containers, uh… :D
21:40:53 <rledisez> clayg: I though it deleted the original sqlite only when all is done, so for each container it would consume the double space in the cluster until it's done. am I wrong?
21:40:58 <clayg> i guess the root being split won't be removed until after all the shards are populated - so yeah probably one a time is better
21:41:01 <timburke> ah, yeah -- so actually, it might be fine. sharding's *great* at evening out that lumpiness a bit
21:41:46 <rledisez> it's probably something to keep in mind for the auto-sharding. a limit on the number of containers being sharded at a time
21:41:52 <rledisez> mattoliverau: ^
21:42:01 <mattoliverau> rledisez: good idea!
21:43:17 <timburke> could probably even have an optimization where it goes to check recon dumps *first* to see what's currently sharding, then go straight to the DBs... skip the treewalk. hmm...
21:43:18 <rledisez> the best would be to estimate the size of each shard and check there enough space on the devices holding these shards
21:44:07 <rledisez> timburke: totally, that's what we do know: for db in $(cat | jq … Í …); do
21:46:50 <timburke> all right, i think i'm going to call it
21:47:01 <timburke> thank you all for coming, and thank you for working on swift!
21:47:06 <timburke> #endmeeting