21:00:02 <timburke> #startmeeting swift
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21:00:10 <timburke> who's here for the swift meeting?
21:01:25 <clayg> o/
21:01:30 <mattoliverau> o/
21:01:36 <kota_> o/
21:01:37 <alecuyer> o/
21:02:12 <timburke> agenda's at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Swift
21:02:25 <timburke> #topic ptg
21:02:56 <timburke> mainly just a reminder that it's a thing. i also started an etherpad to collect topics
21:02:58 <timburke> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/swift-ptg-wallaby
21:03:03 <clayg> I have two things on the etherpad!!!
21:03:14 <timburke> you do! thanks clayg
21:03:21 <clayg> mattoliverau: you should do shrinking
21:03:29 <kota_> wallaby!
21:03:43 <clayg> mattoliverau: i have no idea where we at on that anymore; but we're gunna be shrinking in prod like... this week! 🤞
21:04:10 <clayg> since shrinking away overlaps is going to be *amazing* - i'm sure the next step is auto everything everywhere all the time
21:04:18 <clayg> like a GRAPH 🤯
21:05:18 <timburke> i still need to make a doodle to solicit video conferencing times
21:05:33 <timburke> unless mattoliverau wants to handle scheduling again ;-)
21:07:03 <timburke> #topic py3 crypto bug
21:07:10 <clayg> 😞
21:07:15 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/742033/
21:07:16 <patchbot> patch 742033 - swift - py3: Work with proper native string paths in crypt... - 4 patch sets
21:07:44 <clayg> i might have a window to do that; i'm pretty sure it's done - has anyone else even *looked* at it?
21:08:00 <timburke> who can spare some time to look at this? i'd really like to get a fix in for victoria, and that's coming up fast
21:08:06 <mattoliverau> sorry, irc seemed to lag.
21:08:16 <timburke> like, i need to start thinking about writing some cycle highlights...
21:08:50 <clayg> yikes 😬
21:09:17 <mattoliverau> with conference last week, been playing catchup at work this week, so not too much swift progress. but yes shrinking!
21:10:14 <clayg> oh right, i remember hearing about that on twitter
21:10:41 <timburke> #link #link https://releases.openstack.org/victoria/schedule.html
21:10:43 <timburke> we're about 2 weeks out from needing to do a swiftclient release
21:11:27 <clayg> i haven't re-packaged swiftclient in forever 🤔
21:13:33 <mattoliverau> So I guess we should gather swiftclient patches we want landed (if there are any) on the priority page.
21:14:16 <timburke> yeah, i was just thinking about that too. but i'd actually meant it more as an indication of how quickly victoria's coming to a close ;-)
21:15:49 <timburke> i'll make sure i get the priority reviews page updated for next meeting
21:15:50 <clayg> i don't believe I have any outstanding swiftclient patches I'm worried about (i.e. nothing I know of actively blocking anyone i'm responsible for supporting)
21:17:37 <timburke> there are at least a handful of patches we should maybe look at for it. p 744605, p 736401, p 721051
21:17:38 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/744605/ - python-swiftclient - [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal - 2 patch sets
21:17:39 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/736401/ - python-swiftclient - Revert "Cleanup session on delete" - 1 patch set
21:17:41 <patchbot> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/721051/ - python-swiftclient - Close connections created when calling module-leve... - 3 patch sets
21:17:46 <timburke> they all need work, though, iirc
21:18:35 <timburke> i'm still most worried about server, though: we've got the crypto bug and the libec bug
21:19:15 <timburke> i'd really like to have fixes for both of those landed
21:20:07 <clayg> yes +1 both of those things, gotta do it gotta do it
21:20:16 <kota_> yup
21:20:22 <clayg> how many meetings do we have till the deadline?
21:20:30 <clayg> 1?  2?  0 😬
21:21:38 <timburke> probably two more, leaving time for release crank-turning
21:22:02 <clayg> we will do it 💪
21:26:24 <timburke> all right, well -- sounds like clay will take a look at the crypto bug, and i still owe kota_ responses on the libec patches
21:26:31 <timburke> #topic open discussion
21:26:39 <timburke> anything else we should bring up this week?
21:27:22 <mattoliverau> I was at a conference, but have been tinkering with some audit root shards code
21:27:48 <mattoliverau> it's not quite ready yet, but hope to have something the "works" to test with
21:28:00 <timburke> nice
21:28:02 <timburke> !
21:28:07 <kota_> I was in summer vacation (but at home tho) until yesterday. I'll circleback to libec patch in this week.
21:28:27 <clayg> 🎉
21:28:36 <mattoliverau> it tries to deal with overlaps and gaps, ie based of the graph braindump I posted.
21:28:53 <clayg> 😍
21:28:57 <timburke> thanks kota_! i hope the vacation went well -- i know mine did me some good a few weeks ago :-)
21:29:17 <kota_> timburke: thanks! :-D
21:29:21 <clayg> i was thinking about the task queue again for something... maybe we'll talk about it at the ptg (cc kota_ )
21:29:47 <kota_> clayg: good to know
21:30:00 <mattoliverau> add it.
21:30:16 <mattoliverau> we need a nice list, and based off that we can come up with room bookings.
21:30:31 <mattoliverau> or we can just come up with room booking and fill in the time :)
21:31:02 <timburke> something tells me we'll find things to talk about regardless
21:31:22 <timburke> just knowing how swift meetups go :D
21:32:07 <mattoliverau> lol
21:32:11 <mattoliverau> yup
21:34:57 <timburke> all right, seems like we're winding down
21:35:13 <timburke> let's let mattoliverau and kota_ grab some breakfast ;-)
21:35:20 <kota_> thanks
21:35:21 <clayg> thanks everybody!
21:35:24 <timburke> thank you all for coming, and thank you for working on swift!
21:35:29 <timburke> #endmeeting