05:32:57 <soichi> #startmeeting taas
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05:33:09 <kaz> hi
05:33:12 <yamamoto> hi
05:33:12 <soichi> hi
05:33:30 <soichi> #topic Open Discussion
05:35:23 <soichi> kaz: do you have any topic and/or comment before Boston Summit?
05:36:16 <kaz> i am reading the document to create new dashboard project which was show by yamamoto-san.
05:37:57 <soichi> kaz: thank you for sharing the status
05:38:19 <soichi> yamamoto: do have any topic/update for today?
05:38:39 <yamamoto> no
05:38:48 <yamamoto> kaz: have you added your name here? https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-boston-summit-attendees
05:39:07 <kaz> not yet
05:41:26 <soichi> I'd like to cancel IRC meetings on next two weeks
05:41:33 <soichi> week of 5/1: national holidays in Japan
05:41:39 <soichi> week of 5/8: week of the OpenStack Summit
05:41:47 <yamamoto> sounds good
05:42:32 <kaz> +1
05:42:42 <soichi> okay, thanks
05:43:50 <soichi> because it seems no more topic/update for today, I'd like to close today's meeting
05:44:20 <kaz> ok
05:45:06 <soichi> vnyyad: hi
05:45:14 <vnyyad> soichi: Hi1
05:45:41 <soichi> vnyyad: do you have any topic/update for today's IRC?
05:45:54 <vnyyad> no i dont have...
05:46:08 <vnyyad> any idea if anil is back
05:47:16 <soichi> no i don't have.  i hope he can back to taas soon.
05:47:23 <vnyyad> yes
05:47:30 <kaz> agree
05:48:13 <soichi> i want to nominate Kaz as a core reviewer of taas project
05:49:56 <soichi> vnyyad: do you have any comment/suggestion about it?
05:50:17 <vnyyad> i am fine with it (personal opinion)
05:50:29 <vnyyad> but i guess the other cores have to also decide
05:50:44 <vnyyad> and hence i suggest we wait until anil gets back
05:51:02 <vnyyad> and along with yamamoto we can take a call
05:51:15 <soichi> okay, i agree
05:53:21 <soichi> can we close today's meeting?
05:53:30 <vnyyad> if nothing yes
05:53:35 <kaz> yes
05:53:43 <vnyyad> time to start office :)
05:54:32 <soichi> good morning :)
05:54:53 <soichi> #endmeeting