17:00:49 <sridhar_ram> #startmeeting tacker
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17:01:00 <sridhar_ram> #topic Roll Call
17:01:04 <vishwanathj> o/
17:01:05 <sridhar_ram> who is here ?
17:01:09 <tbh> o/
17:01:10 <brucet> Si
17:01:11 <s3wong> o/
17:01:20 <sripriya> o/
17:01:35 <brucet> Yo hablar espanol Oy.
17:01:39 <bobh_> o/
17:01:58 <sridhar_ram> howdy all !
17:02:23 <sridhar_ram> brucet: buenos días !
17:02:26 <LouisF> hi
17:02:33 <sridhar_ram> lets start...
17:02:35 <brucet> OK english
17:02:40 <sridhar_ram> #topic Agenda
17:02:43 <janki_chhatbar> o/
17:02:53 <sridhar_ram> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Tacker#Meeting_Apr_5.2C_2016
17:03:14 <sridhar_ram> I hope to have some open discussions today .. it is been a while!
17:03:20 <sridhar_ram> janki_chhatbar: hi
17:03:31 <sridhar_ram> #topic Announcements
17:03:35 <janki_chhatbar> sridhar_ram: hi
17:03:48 <sridhar_ram> #success first official release of Tacker 0.3.0 for Mitaka is released !
17:03:50 <openstackstatus> sridhar_ram: Added success to Success page
17:03:59 <sridhar_ram> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-announce/2016-March/001052.html
17:04:24 <sridhar_ram> Tacker Mitaka release is out .. squeezed on the last day of the deadline!
17:04:32 <sridhar_ram> Congratulations team.. !
17:04:43 <sripriya> congrats everyone!
17:05:05 <sridhar_ram> Many of you pulled in hard across the board to make this happen ...
17:05:23 <janki_chhatbar> congratulations to all!!
17:06:08 <sridhar_ram> we pulled in 2-weeks ahead due to big tent... didn't drop any features, which is awesome
17:06:08 <s3wong> didn't even know about #success :-)
17:06:41 <sripriya> +1
17:06:53 <sridhar_ram> s3wong: yeah, significant milestones can be called out.. it will go out in the weekly newsletter :)
17:07:22 <sridhar_ram> We are officially starting Newton now..
17:07:22 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: yeah, I vaguely remember someone mentioning that on ML :-)
17:08:09 <sridhar_ram> #topic Mitaka Docs
17:09:29 <sridhar_ram> We need to cut over to use official openstack documentation repo for Tacker...
17:09:57 <brucet> <sridar_ram> I'm almost done with 1st cut of arch section
17:10:06 <sridhar_ram> #link https://github.com/openstack/openstack-manuals
17:10:26 <sridhar_ram> brucet: cool..
17:10:27 <brucet> should I just check it in or send to you first??
17:10:54 <sridhar_ram> for arch guide I think we should still keep in the tacker repo..
17:11:12 <sridhar_ram> here is the split .. some docs will continue to live in tacker repo ..
17:11:22 <sridhar_ram> .. for near term
17:11:31 <sridhar_ram> #link https://github.com/openstack/tacker/tree/master/doc/source
17:11:34 <brucet> I thought it was supposed to go in docs
17:11:46 <brucet> That's where I have it
17:12:05 <sridhar_ram> openstack-manuals work is new for this team.. unless someone here has already done it.. anyone ?
17:12:16 <brucet> Wait I have it in tacker/doc
17:12:49 <sridhar_ram> assuming no, I'd suggest the tippy toeing into the world of openstack-manuals in the following order:
17:13:09 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: i happened to commit to openstack-manuals sometime back, their dev steps are straight forward to follow
17:13:18 <sridhar_ram> transition Tacker Install guide to openstack-manuals ...
17:13:30 <sridhar_ram> #link https://github.com/openstack/openstack-manuals/tree/master/doc/install-guide
17:13:49 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: one thing learnt, we do not edit html files directly, but there are xml files we need to edit and generate the docs
17:13:50 <sridhar_ram> sripriya: that's cool.. however if there are volunteers you can guide them as well
17:14:03 <brucet> I'm confused. I saw a doc directory directly under tacker
17:14:53 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: sure
17:15:15 <brucet> The source there builds the OpenStack documentation you pointed to last week
17:15:41 <brucet> It has install, policies, devref
17:15:46 <brucet> I added arch to it
17:15:53 <sridhar_ram> brucet: all: my proposal is at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-docs-manuals
17:15:54 <brucet> Not correct?
17:16:20 <sridhar_ram> brucet: the confusion is understandable.. let me explain..
17:16:31 * sridhar_ram expects sripriya to correct as needed
17:16:47 <sridhar_ram> there are two places to host a project documentation in openstack...
17:17:04 <sridhar_ram> 1) in the project repository itself .. <project>/doc/source
17:17:30 <sridhar_ram> this is typically used to host developer docs and at times even other feature documentation...
17:17:40 <sridhar_ram> 2) openstack-manuals repo
17:17:53 <brucet> OK. Got it
17:17:57 <sridhar_ram> this is a separate repo, geared towards openstack as a whole
17:18:09 <brucet> Arch is under Tacker repo
17:18:20 <sridhar_ram> brucet: yep.. atleast for now
17:18:36 <brucet> OK. That's where I have it. All good
17:19:07 * sridhar_ram is editing https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-docs-manuals
17:20:50 <sridhar_ram> whoever volunteered to do doc work for tacker .. please update the above etherpad
17:20:53 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: updated the API ref guide link in etherpad
17:21:11 <sridhar_ram> sripriya: thanks!
17:21:33 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: we can contribute Tacker chapters to api-guide official repo and point to it from our developer docs for API reference
17:21:54 <sridhar_ram> janki_chhatbar: you took up TOSCA VNFD template documentation ? can you please update the etherpad ?
17:22:12 <sridhar_ram> sripriya: yes, that should work...
17:22:18 <janki_chhatbar> sridhar_ram: yes sure
17:22:53 <sridhar_ram> here is my overall take some effort to transition to openstack-manuals.. we will do it alongside over the Newton cycle..
17:23:00 <sridhar_ram> we can start w/ install-guide transition..
17:23:35 <sridhar_ram> meanwhile, we also need to document the features that came in Mitaka .. for users to consume it effectively..
17:23:49 <sridhar_ram> I thought tacker repo doc is easier / faster to get them in..
17:23:58 <sridhar_ram> what you all think ?
17:24:34 <sridhar_ram> vishwanathj: are you planning to add a document for EPA / SR-IOV features ?
17:24:35 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: +1
17:25:02 <sridhar_ram> s3wong: thanks for the ack !
17:25:24 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: so usage guide will be under tacker repo doc for now right?
17:26:07 <vishwanathj> sridhar_ram, Yes, there will be some relate to EPA/ SR-IOV
17:26:10 <sridhar_ram> tbh: bobh_: can you please guide janki_chhatbar as she documents TOSCA VNFD with tosca parser based features ?
17:26:22 <bobh_> sridhar_ram: no problem
17:26:29 <tbh> sridhar_ram, sure
17:26:39 <janki_chhatbar> sridhar_ram: tbh: bobh: thanks very much
17:26:44 <sridhar_ram> vishwanathj: can you please add an entry to the etherpad !
17:26:52 <vishwanathj> ok
17:27:30 <vishwanathj> done
17:27:45 <sridhar_ram> sripriya: ack to your previous question... usage / feature guide stays in tacker repo for now
17:28:02 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: thanks
17:28:26 <sridhar_ram> vertical guides - like install, config, api, cli - will slide in first
17:28:39 <sridhar_ram> lets go w/ this plan.. and we can course correct as we go
17:29:20 <sridhar_ram> I'll take up transitioning install-guide to gain some experience myself...
17:29:54 <sridhar_ram> santoshk: if you've some bandwidth please pick up some doc work
17:30:23 <sridhar_ram> moving on...
17:30:23 <santoshk> sridhar_ram: sure
17:30:43 <sridhar_ram> #topic Functional Tests
17:31:15 <sridhar_ram> as you might know, we have few pending func tests for the features that landed in Mitaka..
17:31:42 <sridhar_ram> it make sense to fill the gap before we get busy w/ newton features...
17:31:58 <sridhar_ram> .. and to make sure mitaka features stay healthy as newton features start coming in
17:32:33 <santoshk> sridhar_ram: I am planning to add testcases , running existing tests with new tosca template format next few days..
17:32:58 <sridhar_ram> santoshk: awesome, that's definitely the first order of business...
17:33:25 <sripriya> santoshk: we will also need to test some optional properties of new tosca template such as anti_spoofing_protection, ip_address etc.
17:33:41 <sridhar_ram> I need team's help to maintain an ongoing backlog of functional tests...
17:33:43 <sridhar_ram> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-functional-test-backlog
17:34:09 <sridhar_ram> I seeded this etherpad with some func tests that I knew we need..
17:34:18 <santoshk> sripriya: sure..
17:34:24 <tbh> sridhar_ram, I pushed WIP patch for single VDU test case, will update soon for multi VDU
17:35:05 <sridhar_ram> tbh: I remember seeing a multi-vdu test already in the repo...
17:35:36 <sridhar_ram> tbh: https://github.com/openstack/tacker/blob/master/tacker/tests/functional/vnfm/test_tosca_vnf_multiple_vdu.py
17:35:39 <santoshk> sridhar_ram: yes there is one multi-vdu tests, i think monitor enabled for few and disable for few..
17:35:43 <tbh> sridhar_ram, but for  auto flavor case
17:36:24 <sridhar_ram> tbh: cool, please use the etherpad to maintain the list you are bringing in...
17:36:40 <sridhar_ram> so that we know who is working on what and avoid duplicate work..
17:37:12 <tbh> sridhar_ram, sure, will update
17:38:16 <sridhar_ram> tbh: thanks!
17:38:53 <sridhar_ram> for any new contributors - functional tests (and docs) would be a nice way to get started in Tacker !
17:39:09 <sridhar_ram> please pitch in
17:39:38 <sridhar_ram> moving on
17:39:40 <sridhar_ram> #topic Austin Summit Planning
17:40:09 <sridhar_ram> Final design summit slots are here..
17:40:10 <sridhar_ram> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/attachments/20160331/d59d38b7/attachment.pdf
17:40:56 <sridhar_ram> We have two consecutive blocks...
17:41:10 <sridhar_ram> Apr 28th Thursday - 2:20pm - 5:40pm
17:41:23 <sridhar_ram> Apr 29th  Friday - 2pm - 5pm
17:41:56 <vishwanathj> On thursday, I see only from 3:10 PM, I am seeing it wrong
17:42:06 <vishwanathj> am I seeing it wrong?
17:42:23 <sridhar_ram> I know tacker team members talk session goes until 2:10pm (Vish / Yong Sheng) .. we need to rush from there straight to our design sessions
17:42:31 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: I like that the design summit session (particularly the fishbowl one) is after our talks --- which would allow us to advertise the timeslot at the end of presentation
17:42:42 <sridhar_ram> s3wong: +1
17:43:15 <sridhar_ram> vishwanathj: we have a fishbowl session at 2:20 - 3:00pm
17:43:40 <vishwanathj> ok, got it
17:44:16 <brucet> New topic OK?
17:44:23 <sridhar_ram> Here is the main etherpad for the summit ..
17:44:25 <sridhar_ram> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-newton-summit
17:44:41 <sridhar_ram> brucet: can you elaborate ?
17:44:42 <brucet> Should we set up meetings with Tricircle and Artifact Repository teams?
17:45:33 <sridhar_ram> brucet: ah, yes.. we need to lay out the agenda for this 3 hr slot
17:45:51 <sridhar_ram> we need a section for cross-project interactions..
17:46:06 <sridhar_ram> multisite / tricircle and sfc are two possible candidates..
17:46:38 <brucet> Artifact repository is 3rd candidate
17:46:51 <brucet> https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/glance-specs/specs/kilo/artifact-repository.html
17:46:55 <sridhar_ram> brucet: that is glare project, correct ?
17:47:02 <brucet> Yes
17:47:08 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: I read from ML that folks from Astara specifically moved their design summit slot so it doesn't conflict with ours
17:47:17 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: cross project workshops happen on tue as per the pdf link
17:47:32 <sridhar_ram> s3wong: yep, that would be another for sure...
17:47:36 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: I wonder if they will also show up for collaboration discussion...
17:47:54 <sridhar_ram> lets collect all the inputs ...
17:48:01 <sridhar_ram> these are all good ones..
17:48:11 <sridhar_ram> please help to add them to the etherpad link..
17:49:00 <sridhar_ram> sripriya: there is a cross-project group within openstack headed by Mike Perez.. will find out more if we can participate there as well
17:49:31 <sripriya> sridhar_ram: cool thanks
17:49:51 <sridhar_ram> first, can you please add your irc to the RSVP to see if we are going to have a quorum
17:50:55 <sridhar_ram> can you also add which days you are going to attend - both Thur and Friday or just one of them...
17:51:33 <sridhar_ram> bobh_: what is your availability ?
17:51:55 <bobh_> sridhar_ram: I'll be there Thursday, traveling Friday afternoon
17:51:56 * sridhar_ram notes 10mins left in the clock
17:52:47 <sridhar_ram> bobh_: okay..
17:52:53 <sridhar_ram> all: please update the etherpad... so that I can help to slot the correct topics based on the subject matter experts!
17:52:57 <s3wong> sridhar_ram, bobh_: yeah, me too --- like bobh_, I won't be there on Friday afternoon
17:53:27 <sridhar_ram> bobh_: s3wong: would it work if we meet Friday morning instead ?
17:53:37 <sridhar_ram> we can always find a physical place to meetup..
17:53:58 <bobh_> sridhar_ram: Friday morning works - I think I have until noon or so
17:54:26 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: perhaps... my flight leaves @3:00pm
17:54:43 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: before noon, perhaps?
17:54:53 <sridhar_ram> bobh_: I believe most of will be in the airport at 3pm ;-)
17:55:10 <sridhar_ram> *most of us
17:55:11 <bobh_> sridhar_ram: yep - 3:12 to ORD
17:55:32 <s3wong> bobh_, sridhar_ram: looks like we all have similar flight schedule :-)
17:55:40 <sridhar_ram> lets move Friday meeting to AM - 9:30 - 12:30pm..
17:55:48 <sridhar_ram> I'll find a place !
17:56:20 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: we had been very good at finding a place previously, given that we weren't an official project before :-)
17:56:29 <sridhar_ram> I'll send a ML email as well for Summit planning ...
17:56:38 <sridhar_ram> s3wong: yep !
17:56:41 <sripriya> s3wong: :-)
17:56:57 <sridhar_ram> let's keep the ideas going to make it an effective design summit..
17:57:17 <sridhar_ram> lets continue fine tuning our summit agenda in next week's mtg
17:57:23 <s3wong> sridhar_ram: hopefully we can get trozet there as well
17:57:30 <brucet> Where BBQ in agenda??
17:57:35 <sridhar_ram> s3wong: yep!
17:57:58 <trozet> hi
17:57:59 <s3wong> brucet: it is in Texas, I think BBQ is implied :-)
17:58:03 <sridhar_ram> brucet: oh yeah, lazed w/ tacker bbq sauce !
17:58:15 <s3wong> trozet: good for you to join us :-)
17:58:17 <trozet> s3wong: I'll be at summit
17:58:31 <trozet> s3wong: presenting Tacker+SFC :)
17:58:35 <s3wong> trozet: nice! hopefully you will be available Thurs afternoon
17:58:43 <sridhar_ram> trozet: already signed up to catch your SFC presentation!
17:58:57 <trozet> s3wong: yeah would love to join on Thurs
17:59:07 <s3wong> trozet: great!
17:59:09 <sridhar_ram> folks - there are lots of nice NFV session ... many abstracts mention Tacker!
17:59:29 <sridhar_ram> one even exploring projects like Tacker for Enterprise use cases !
17:59:46 <sridhar_ram> which will be awesome to find & execute..
17:59:52 <sridhar_ram> we are out of time...
17:59:56 <LouisF> bye
17:59:58 <sridhar_ram> #topic Open Discussion
18:00:03 <brucet> Adios
18:00:04 <sridhar_ram> next time ..!
18:00:11 <sripriya> bye
18:00:11 <sridhar_ram> bye everyone!
18:00:14 <s3wong> open discussion of 0 second ...
18:00:16 <sridhar_ram> #endmeeting