16:00:29 <sripriya> #startmeeting tacker
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16:00:40 <sripriya> hello tackers
16:00:50 <sripriya> #topic Roll Call
16:00:50 <janki> Hi
16:00:55 <janki> o/
16:00:58 <tung_doan_> hi all
16:01:06 <vishwanathj> o/
16:01:08 <n-harada> o/
16:01:10 <mike_m> o/
16:01:20 <neel> o/
16:01:37 <tbh> Hi all
16:01:55 <sripriya> janki: tung_doan_ vishwanathj n-harada mike_m neel tbh hello!
16:02:07 <sripriya> #chair tbh
16:02:08 <openstack> Current chairs: sripriya tbh
16:02:18 <sripriya> #topic Announcements
16:02:27 <sripriya> the design summit etherpad has been updated with agenda items under each topic, along with chairs for each of these sessions.
16:02:35 <sripriya> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-ocata-summit
16:02:47 <sripriya> the openstack summit schedule page also reflects the updated session descriptions.
16:02:54 <sripriya> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/summit-schedule/global-search?t=Tacker%3A
16:03:05 <sripriya> and here is the mailing list link for the same
16:03:12 <sripriya> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-October/105914.html
16:03:37 <diga> O/
16:03:51 <sripriya> team, please feel free to add your inputs/thoughts in the etherpad link for the topics
16:04:00 <sripriya> diga: hello
16:04:04 <sripriya> #topic Agenda
16:04:15 <sripriya> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Tacker#Meeting_Oct_18th.2C_2016
16:04:41 <sripriya> we have 2 agenda items for this meeting. the rest of meeting time is open for any questions/thoughts around the design summit. if there is no burning topic for discussions, we can wrap up early as i understand many of us are preparing for the summit.
16:05:02 <sripriya> before we get to the topics, wanted to quickly poll the team about the next 2 meetings
16:05:33 <vishwanathj> am assuming we are skipping next week meeting since we will be at summit
16:05:33 <sripriya> the next weekly meeting will be cancelled in lieu of the summit (many of us will be at the summit)
16:05:49 <sripriya> also i plan to cancel meeting for the week following the summit since folks will be traveling back,
16:05:57 <vishwanathj> +1
16:05:58 <sripriya> team please vote your +1/-1s
16:06:04 <tbh> +1
16:06:07 <n-harada> +1
16:06:08 <mike_m> +1
16:06:11 <manikanta> +1
16:06:59 <sripriya> thanks for the response team
16:07:13 <sripriya> #info there will be no meetings for the following 2 weeks i.e., Oct 25 2016 and Nov 1st 2016. we will be meeting next on Nov 8th 2016 after the summit.
16:07:46 <sripriya> let us move on to Ocata grooming topics
16:07:51 <sripriya> #topic Ocata grooming
16:08:00 <sripriya> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-ocata-grooming
16:08:15 <sripriya> we have a good number of blueprints lined up for ocata cycle:
16:08:22 <sripriya> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/ocata
16:09:26 <sripriya> these blueprints may get reshuffled after the summit based on the deliverables and priorities of the features required for the Ocata release.
16:10:05 <sripriya> also, there are some new blueprints registered such as the senlin integration which in fact has a spec in progress
16:10:15 <sripriya> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/352943/
16:10:36 <sripriya> i would request you all to please review the spec and provide your feedback/suggestions.
16:11:04 <sripriya> please note, we have included this as a topic as well in one of our work sessions led by xu-haiwei. it will be good to have some understanding of this feature before the summit.
16:11:34 <sripriya> team, any questions or thoughts about the blueprints?
16:12:39 <sripriya> beyond blueprints, we have a bucket list of RFEs/bugs lined up for the Ocata cycle including:
16:12:56 <sripriya> 1. removing hard coded VDU values for alarm monitor policies, there is a patch in progress
16:13:04 <sripriya> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/382479/
16:13:24 <sripriya> please review this important patch and leave your +1s if possible.
16:13:28 <tung_doan_> sripriya: thanks
16:13:38 <sripriya> 2. deprecation series -- here is the laundry list of features scheduled for removals
16:13:45 <sripriya> tung_doan_: sure, np
16:14:02 <sripriya> a. infra driver and mgmt driver attribute removal from vnfd api and client
16:15:16 <sripriya> i would request you to please add your name in the grooming etherpad for these simpler deprecation removals and helping them get wrapped up early
16:15:45 <sripriya> b. legacy template removal and associated home grown translator logic
16:16:13 <sripriya> we have the home grown parser logic for a while now in the openstack driver to support the old templates
16:16:21 <janki> sripriya, I am working on a. https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1630936
16:16:22 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1630936 in tacker "Remove infra and mgmt driver passing from client" [Medium,Triaged] - Assigned to Janki Chhatbar (jankihchhatbar)
16:16:36 <sripriya> the time has to come to finally remove the logic out of tacker code :-)
16:16:54 <sripriya> vishwanathj and team: thanks for your efforts on that
16:17:02 <sripriya> janki: great!
16:17:04 <vishwanathj> you are welcome
16:17:25 <sripriya> c. heat and nova infra drivers removal
16:18:11 <sripriya> i believe gongysh aready has patches for some of the above
16:18:26 <sripriya> d. yaml template as strings deprecation warnings removal
16:18:55 <sripriya> today,we handle and store vnfd, param and config yaml templates as raw strings in the tacker db
16:19:20 <sripriya> we need to handle these yaml template as json objects in db,  the db columns need to be modified to handle JSON types.
16:19:35 <sripriya> here is the bug link:
16:19:44 <sripriya> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1634376
16:19:45 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1634376 in tacker "remove deprecated yaml string inputs and implement json support for VNFD templates in database" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Manikantha Srinivas Tadi (manikantha-tadi)
16:20:20 <sripriya> ah,  there is already an owner for the bug, thanks manikantha-tadi!
16:20:42 <manikanta> I just picked some time back
16:21:11 <sripriya> teaam, if you are looking for some low hanging fruits to start your contributions in tacker, this is a good place to start. please reach out to me or any dev in the #tacker channel.
16:21:18 <sripriya> s/teaam/team
16:22:15 <sripriya> any further thoughts on the deprecation removals?
16:23:34 <sripriya> please add on to the etherpad list or create a bug if you think any deprecation removals have been missed out
16:24:22 <sripriya> moving on to next topic design summit topics
16:24:30 <sripriya> #topic Ocata design summit topics
16:25:39 <sripriya> mike_m: did you want to provide any initial thoughts/agenda items on the topic 'VMware ESXi and Public Cloud Supprt in Tacker' ?
16:26:29 <mike_m> sripriya: yes I can provide some, would you like me to update the etherpad with that?
16:26:56 <sripriya> mike_m: sure, and if you can give an outline to the team here, that will be great too
16:27:41 <mike_m> sure.  since the goal is for true multi-vim support, I would like tacker be able to drive the vmware vcloud API (REST)
16:27:52 <mike_m> this is different than vmware as ESX (under openstack)
16:28:34 <mike_m> vcloud API uses OVA as its basis, so there may be some complication with that.
16:29:45 <mike_m> is that a good starting point for the team here, or would you like more details?
16:29:50 <sripriya> mike_m: okay, so the vcloud API is under openstack?
16:30:23 <mike_m> sripriya: the "vcloud API" is a vmware API provided by vcenter
16:30:26 <sripriya> mike_m: these are good starting points, also i think we should revisit the register VIM apis under Tacker itself
16:30:51 <sripriya> mike_m: okay
16:31:06 <mike_m> sripriya: agreed, as we chatted recently, I have some concerns around the 'admin' requirement.
16:31:19 <sripriya> mike_m: there are some keystone related attributes that creep up to the API itself
16:31:34 <mike_m> sripriya: yes indeed
16:32:02 <sripriya> mike_m: cool, what are few challenges with the public cloud support?
16:32:43 <mike_m> sripriya: to be honest I haven't thought too much on public cloud, mostly vmware vcloud
16:32:54 <sripriya> mike_m: ack
16:33:51 <sripriya> mike_m: i'm sure the wider openstack community will have thoughts/suggestions on the public cloud integration when we take this up in the fishbowl session
16:34:07 <mike_m> sripriya: agreed
16:35:03 <sripriya> mike_m: one thing i can think from tacker side, is consistent translation of TOSCA templates and handling them on  all these VIMs
16:35:53 <mike_m> sripriya: that would be a great goal
16:36:08 <sripriya> mike_m: thanks for providing initial thoughts around the topic, please continue to update the etherpad.
16:36:09 <vishwanathj> +1
16:36:21 <sripriya> mike_m: yes
16:36:37 <sripriya> the other topic is containerized VNFs
16:37:01 <sripriya> tbh: janki: do you have any initial agenda items for the topic you would like to share with team?
16:37:33 <janki> sripriya, I am more towards using zun/kuryr rather than magnum
16:38:00 <janki> directly integrating these with tacker rather than going through heat
16:38:07 <vishwanathj> magnum is more for container orchestration engine, right?
16:38:21 <janki> vishwanathj, yes
16:38:36 <tbh> sripriya, I am also looking into the area of SFC
16:38:56 <sripriya> janki: help me understand, how different is zun from magnum?
16:39:34 <tbh> sripriya, and Enhanced placement point of view, I think it won't be an issue as it directly uses host cpu
16:40:13 <sripriya> tbh: that is cool, though we are still in very early stages of SFC
16:40:34 <vishwanathj> tbh, what component helps with EPA?
16:40:36 <sripriya> tbh: what about EPA? can you throw some more light?
16:40:47 <tbh> sripriya, vishwanathj generally zun uses container engine of the host whereas magnum uses nova instance for container hosting
16:41:18 <janki> sripriya, Zun and Magnum are two independent projects. Zun aims to provide APIs to manage containers, while Magnum provides APIs to provision and manage Container Orchestration Engine (COEs), such as Kubernetes.
16:41:43 <sripriya> janki: tbh: this is a good summary.
16:41:47 <sripriya> thanks
16:41:47 <diga> Yeah
16:41:58 <janki> sripriya, more at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun under FAQs
16:42:07 <tbh> for now I considered only cpu pinning vishwanathj
16:42:29 <diga> Magnum is COE
16:42:31 <vishwanathj> tbh thanks for the info
16:42:34 <sripriya> janki: tbh: we also need to think about mapping templates to containers
16:42:45 <tbh> and other features still am searching for that
16:42:49 <sripriya> janki: tbh: does this happen at the VDU level or VNF
16:42:50 <tbh> sripriya, vishwanathj ^^
16:42:58 <sripriya> tbh: ack
16:43:02 <janki> sripriya, yes. we can have --type  option for the templates
16:43:25 <tbh> sripriya, yes we need to modify the templates for now and it happens at VDU level
16:43:49 <janki> sripriya, we would also need a template converter IMO
16:43:59 <vishwanathj> it also depends on whether the underlying image is a VM or container, right?
16:44:04 <tbh> sripriya, AFAIK we can't enable multiple virt drivers  in one compute, correct me if I am wrong
16:44:18 <sripriya> tbh: janki; also we will need new node types defined for containers
16:44:32 <sripriya> tbh; yes
16:44:46 <vishwanathj> do we today have a node type for VMs?
16:45:25 <tbh> vishwanathj, we by default assume VMs as nodes as of now
16:45:28 <janki> sripriya, node type won't change. It will still be a VDU I think
16:45:37 <sripriya> vishwanathj: we have VDU node type which is a VM
16:46:08 <vishwanathj> janki that's what I was thinking, the image of a VDU could be of container or VM...anyway needs further thought
16:46:34 <sripriya> tbh: janki okay, i think we have a good number of agenda items to explore further and get feedback from the wider community
16:47:12 <sripriya> tbh: janki: thanks for providing some initial starters, please add these points to the etherpad link
16:47:14 <janki> sripriya, vishwanathj the only difference should be about the template and placing the vdu. in this case template could be a dockerfile and placed on container supproted host/server
16:47:24 <janki> tbh ^^
16:47:32 <diga> I think we should do more study on container integration
16:47:48 <diga> Zun is still in early stage
16:48:30 <tbh> janki, I think  Dockerfile may not be the required format
16:48:47 <sripriya> team, we also have nsd mistral integration, em interface topics pencilled in for one of the work sessions
16:48:53 <tbh> diga, yes accepted, and kuryr is supporting magnum I believe not zun
16:49:02 <diga> Yes
16:49:33 <sripriya> nsd mistral integration - we have challenges in translating tosca template to mistral workflows
16:50:29 <sripriya> em-interface - i know mike_m is driving that, there are few points added to that topic in etherpad on some challenges that need to be addressed
16:50:39 <diga> tbh: it will be good to go with Magnum as it has networking and storage support
16:50:50 <mike_m> sripriya: will be updating that as well.
16:51:42 <sripriya> let us continue to drive these interesting discussions on to the summit and get them kick started for ocata :
16:51:57 <sripriya> mike_m: thanks
16:52:11 <vishwanathj> yup, very interesting topics, looking forward to those discussions at the summit
16:52:22 <tbh> diga, magnum has it's own drawbacks from tacker point of view :)
16:52:31 <sripriya> tackers, are there any other topics you wanted to discuss related to summit or any general questions?
16:52:51 <diga> All the best for you all! Enjoy @ Summit
16:53:51 <sripriya> alright, i think it is a wrap for today!
16:54:00 <diga> sripriya: just one request,
16:54:05 <sripriya> diga: shoot
16:54:20 <diga> sripriya: try to update the etherpad
16:54:32 <diga> Will follow that
16:54:48 <sripriya> diga we will try to be as diligent as possible in updating the etherpad :-)
16:55:01 <diga> Sure
16:55:04 <diga> Thanks
16:55:20 <janki> see you guys at the summit, bye
16:55:22 <sripriya> thanks team, great discussions lined up for the summit!
16:55:28 <sripriya> see you all at the summit. viajes seguros!
16:55:40 <sripriya> #endmeeting tacker