16:00:56 <sripriya> #startmeeting tacker
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16:01:10 <sripriya> hello tackers!
16:01:16 <stn2> hi
16:01:18 <sripriya> #topic Roll Call
16:01:24 <tbh> o/
16:01:28 <diga> o/
16:01:32 <s3wong> o/
16:01:34 <n-harada> o/
16:01:44 <stn2> o/
16:01:46 <spzala> o/
16:02:43 <sripriya> tbh: diga s3wong n-harada stn2 spzala: hi!
16:02:49 <tung_doan> hi all
16:02:56 <KanagarajM> hi
16:03:07 <sripriya> tung_doan: KanagarajM : hi!
16:03:29 <sripriya> i have no announcements to make, but welcome back everyone!
16:04:13 <sripriya> hope you all had a great summit and it was great meeting you fellow tackers at the summit!
16:04:33 <sripriya> #chair tbh
16:04:35 <openstack> Current chairs: sripriya tbh
16:04:43 <sripriya> #tbh s3wong
16:04:48 <sripriya> #chair tbh s3wong
16:04:49 <openstack> Current chairs: s3wong sripriya tbh
16:05:08 <sripriya> here is the agenda for today
16:05:26 <sripriya> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Tacker#Meeting_Nov_7th.2C_2016
16:05:55 <sripriya> since we have spzala here, let us start the topics from the reverse order
16:06:09 <spzala> sripriya: :)
16:06:12 <spzala> thanks
16:06:13 <sripriya> #topic VDU targets scaling policy - nested templates
16:07:08 <sripriya> KanagarajM: spzala we discussed this topic in cross project design session
16:07:29 <sripriya> spzala: i believe we now have support in HT for supporting nested templates
16:07:31 <spzala> Cool, sorry I missed it
16:07:50 <spzala> though thanks to tbh and bobh I have some idea on the discussion
16:07:54 <spzala> sripiray: that's correct
16:07:58 <KanagarajM> sripriya, sure.
16:08:03 <spzala> sripriya: sorry type
16:08:11 <spzala> ahh.. typo
16:08:17 <KanagarajM> sripriya, spzala whats up :)
16:08:33 <spzala> you can tell not fully recovered yet :)
16:08:41 <sripriya> KanagarajM: since you implemented the scaling policy, are there any pending items from HT side which they need to take care of?
16:09:03 <spzala> so with the multiple template support, I guess the expected support is API driven access to those templates
16:09:27 <sripriya> spzala: :-)
16:09:35 <spzala> KanagarajM: we have this patch in progress, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/342675/3
16:09:48 <spzala> :-)
16:09:55 <sripriya> spzala: looking
16:10:09 <KanagarajM> sripriya, spzala , i am planning to strip of the logics from tacker once HT implement as expected
16:10:22 <KanagarajM> spzala, sure. i will look into this patch
16:10:43 <sripriya> spzala: can you brief a bit about this patch?
16:10:45 <spzala> not quite clear patch yet but as part of it, we should have an object to access translator vs a flat output
16:11:25 <spzala> sripriya: :) ^^  Mathiue is working on it, and I also had comment to update the commit message with more detail for folks to understand the changes
16:11:58 <spzala> sripriya: but overall as I mentioned instead of flat output of yaml file there will be an object to access templates
16:12:31 <spzala> it will create a new method that which outputs a map of filenames and their content
16:12:38 <sripriya> spzala: okay, will the object contain the yaml file?
16:13:08 <spzala> you can access a single or multiple yaml files (in case of autoscaling) with it
16:13:56 <spzala> KanagarajM: sripriya: is that something will work for Tacker? or you have a different need or approach
16:14:13 <spzala> (suggest different approach)
16:14:26 <sripriya> spzala: okay, we will now need to handle the individual files from the object in Tacker
16:14:35 <KanagarajM> spzala, when nested tmpl is generated, it could be accessed via python api from HT
16:15:17 <spzala> KanagarajM: true, that's what it's will be after the patch changes are merged
16:15:36 <KanagarajM> once its ready, i am planning to migrate the tacker to adhear to the new change in HT
16:15:58 <sripriya> spzala:  is the scaling patch based on the heat resource group?
16:15:58 <spzala> KanagajM: sripriya: having an object we can add more apis as well to access programmatically
16:16:08 <sripriya> spzala: agree
16:16:13 <spzala> KanagaraM: that sounds good.
16:16:24 <spzala> sripriya: yes, that's true
16:17:03 <spzala> sripriya: depending on how you use TOSCA policies in TOSCA yaml, you can have a translated template with Heat AutoScalingGroup or Senlin resource
16:17:07 <sripriya> spzala: i thought HT used the scaling policy/scaling group to create the resources
16:18:04 <spzala> sripriya: ^ the translation will be to Heat resources either ASG or Senlin related
16:18:55 <spzala> sripriya: I have this doc update created yesterday https://review.openstack.org/#/c/394673/
16:19:21 <spzala> sripriya: to help little bit on what to expect with autoscaling translation
16:19:35 <sripriya> spzala: okay, it is clear now
16:19:57 <spzala> sripriya: cool
16:19:58 <sripriya> spzala: so scaling is supported for both senlin and auto scaling group
16:20:12 <sripriya> spzala: thanks for the doc link
16:20:16 <spzala> sripriya: that's true
16:20:27 <spzala> sripriya: yrw
16:21:35 <sripriya> KanagarajM: i guess once this is merged,  i think in tacker we can implement multiple policies with this feature right?
16:22:07 <sripriya> spzala: any rough estimate on when this will be merged since tacker is dependent on this patch
16:22:09 <spzala> KanagarajM: once the merge conflict is resolved for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/342675/3 if you can please review it that would be great.
16:22:28 <KanagarajM> spzala,  sure
16:22:52 <KanagarajM> sripriya, yes hope so. i need to see how HT will expose the feature
16:23:04 <spzala> sripriya: I actually just talked to Mathiue this morning and we have that discussion in the patch itself, we are shooting for around two weeks
16:23:14 <spzala> KanagarajM: cool, thanks!!
16:23:47 <sripriya> KanagarajM: spzala: thanks!
16:24:08 <spzala> sripriya: yrw
16:24:51 <sripriya> spzala: while you are here, i wanted to ask quickly on NSD support in TP, we touched a bit on the NFV profile 1.0 for NSD to integrate VNFFG
16:25:03 <sripriya> spzala: in tacker design session
16:25:26 <spzala> sripriya: sure
16:25:51 <sripriya> spzala: i remember trozet (who implemented the VNFFG feature) discussed about the inconsistency in tosca doc vs what is implemented in TP
16:26:16 <trozet> hi sripriya
16:26:18 <spzala> sripriya: ahhh..
16:26:36 <sripriya> spzala: did you happen to have more information on this?
16:26:38 <spzala> sripriya: trozet: it would be great if you can open a bug against TP with detail on it
16:26:40 <sripriya> trozet: hello!
16:27:03 <sripriya> trozet: i was just discussing with spzala on NSD support for VNFFG
16:27:47 <sripriya> trozet: spzala: we plan to implement NSD in this current cycle, and right now node types for VNFFG are hosted in tacker's nfv defs
16:28:03 <spzala> sripriya: trozet: a bug with more on current inconsistency would be very helpful
16:28:12 <sripriya> trozet: feel free to provide more information on this
16:28:15 <sripriya> spzala: sure
16:29:17 <sripriya> trozet: as spzala requested, please create a bug for this in TP, hopefully we can move the node types from Tacker to TP
16:29:39 <spzala> sripriya: trozet: great, we will fix it with priority or please feel free to provide/update solution if you can
16:29:57 <trozet> sripriya, spzala: is "TP" tosca parser?
16:30:07 <sripriya> spzala: thanks
16:30:10 <spzala> trozet: that's true
16:30:11 <sripriya> trozet: yes :-)
16:30:12 <spzala> :-)
16:30:31 <spzala> TP and HT .. lol
16:30:43 <spzala> can be confusing
16:30:58 <sripriya> spzala: it will be great if you can let us know any significant features coming up on this cycle
16:31:20 <trozet> spzala, sripriya: i think i fixed one bug already
16:31:33 <sripriya> trozet: link?
16:31:52 <spzala> sripriya: sure I will be updating on it. On the same line, from Tacker side any new feature requests can be documented or opened up a blueprint that would be great
16:32:03 <trozet> spzala, sripriya: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/321312/
16:32:20 <spzala> trozet: I guess that was some long time back
16:32:49 <sripriya> spzala: right
16:33:11 <trozet> sripriya, spzala: i think the problems we faced with VNFFG were centered around that we are not providing a full NSD to TP
16:33:18 <spzala> sripriya: yup, so if it's already fixed that's great
16:33:38 <trozet> sripriya, spzala: so when we provided a VNFFG with members, TP had no idea where the VNFD and VL definitions were
16:33:46 <trozet> sripriya, spzala: so it would error
16:34:16 <sripriya> trozet: does substitution mapping help here?
16:35:07 <trozet> sripriya: i'm not sure.  I think we just need to implement full NSD in tacker and then see what we hit with TP
16:35:14 <spzala> sripriya: I doubt
16:35:33 <sripriya> trozet: spzala okay
16:35:35 <spzala> I agree .. sub mappings is more general abstraction
16:37:24 <sripriya> trozet: okay, are you dependent on the NSD spec which dkushwaha is working on
16:38:30 <trozet> sripriya: my thought was leave vnffg as it is and add the NSD layer on top of it.
16:38:43 <trozet> sripriya: then parsing NSD will just result in VNFM calls and the vnffg NFVO calls
16:40:00 <sripriya> trozet: i'm trying to see how we can identify the NSD requirements for VNFFG to let TP know on the gaps
16:40:18 <sripriya> trozet: NSD spec is going to take some time to implement
16:40:50 <trozet> sripriya: it should be fairly easy right?  All the underlying pieces are there, just more up front parsing and calls to existing methods
16:42:07 <sripriya> trozet: well NSD spec needs mistral integration and we plan to build a workflow generator for the same
16:42:44 <sripriya> trozet: it may be go through few more iterations even though the actual NSD feature implementation is straight forward
16:45:17 <sripriya> trozet: the more i think of this, we can try to have a version 0.1 without the mistral support and see where we stand, we can then continue to iterate over the feature to bring in mistral support hopefully with minimal impact
16:46:20 <sripriya> moving on to next topics...
16:46:24 <tbh> sripriya, I think that's the better approach
16:46:38 <sripriya> dkushwaha, mike_m ping?
16:46:46 <sripriya> tbh: yes
16:47:55 <sripriya> i do not see them here in the channel, i will sync up with them offline
16:48:28 <sripriya> #topic Barcelona Summit Roundup
16:49:01 <sripriya> thank you for attending the tacker design sessions, we had some good discussions around specific topics we outlined in the etherpad
16:49:11 <sripriya> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-ocata-summit
16:49:44 <sripriya> the etherpad is updated with high level notes that were captured in the design sessions
16:50:09 <sripriya> i plan to send a ML summary as well on the design sessions soon
16:51:57 <sripriya> did anyone have followup questions based on the discussions we had in the summit?
16:53:02 <sripriya> i think the major action item for supporting VMware infra as a VIM in tacker is to refactor our VIM module
16:54:04 <sripriya> currently we have openstack keystone related attributes exposed at the API level, we need to revisit that to make it more generic and consumable for any VIM
16:55:04 <sripriya> on the other topics, esp. on containers, we need to evaluate further on zun or go with specific container plugins
16:55:40 <sripriya> tbh: did you want to add more on this?
16:56:18 <tbh> sripriya, regarding zun, I think they are planning to redesign the container-create process
16:56:41 <sripriya> tbh: i see, is this on the API level?
16:57:08 <tbh> sripriya, nope, mostly implementation part
16:57:34 <tbh> sripriya, I couldn't see the API changes in the design
16:57:39 <sripriya> tbh: okay
16:58:14 <sripriya> tbh: let us continue to evaluate further on zun project and see if we can consume it in tacker
16:58:23 <tbh> sripriya, sure
16:58:26 <sripriya> #topic open discussions
16:59:04 <sripriya> folks, please continue to review and contribute on the minor RFEs as we chug along for these major features in ocata cycle
16:59:13 <sripriya> it is a wrap for today
16:59:21 <sripriya> thanks for joining the meeting
16:59:30 <sripriya> #endmeeting