04:30:16 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:30:33 <gongysh> #topic roll call
04:30:34 <gongysh> hi
04:30:42 <trinaths> o/
04:30:46 <gongysh> who are you guys for tacker meeting?
04:30:55 <gongysh> trinaths, hi
04:31:07 <YanXing_an> O/
04:31:10 <trinaths> gongysh: hi,
04:31:15 <trinaths> YanXing_an: hi
04:32:22 <phuoc> hi all
04:32:38 <gongysh> lets wait until 35
04:33:18 <YanXing_an> the Sydney summit presentation voting have result´╝č
04:33:39 <gongysh> in particular for tung_doan and dharmendra
04:34:13 <trinaths> YanXing_an: august month end we might receive notifications whether in or out
04:34:41 <YanXing_an> Trinaths, ok, thanks
04:36:17 <gongysh> it seems these two guys will be absent
04:36:23 <trinaths> ok
04:36:40 <gongysh> #topic bp
04:36:54 <gongysh> YanXing_an, does your ns spec can be merged these days?
04:37:06 <gongysh> I want to release tacker server.
04:37:23 <gongysh> and need to know what I should wait for.
04:37:49 <gongysh> I thought I should wait for tung_doan and dharmendra patches.
04:38:02 <tung_doan> hi all
04:38:08 <gongysh> tung_doan, hi
04:38:20 <gongysh> just talk about your patches.
04:38:34 <gongysh> I said I wanted to release tacker server.
04:38:45 <gongysh> and wait for your commitment to your patches.
04:38:57 <gongysh> how long I should wait for your patches?
04:38:58 <tung_doan> gongysh: yep. Please let me know the deadline.. i will procedure this patch soon
04:39:04 <YanXing_an> I will try to finish it before tung_doan and dharmendra's patches, otherwise, not wait for me.
04:39:20 <gongysh> at most two weeks.
04:39:41 <tung_doan> gongysh: my main effort will be put on this week
04:40:04 <gongysh> tung_doan,  ok, thanks
04:40:10 <YanXing_an> the vnffg spec still have some issues to discuss and be confirmed
04:40:31 <gongysh> YanXing_an,  trinaths , please review closely for tung_doan's patches.
04:40:55 <tung_doan> gongysh: thanks
04:41:06 <YanXing_an> gongysh, ok, that patch is first priority
04:41:10 <gongysh> dharmendra's patches are important to us too, but he is not stable to do the contribution.
04:41:35 <tung_doan> YanXing_an: trinaths: probably pls wait after i push the new patch this week
04:41:38 <gongysh> dkushwaha, hi
04:41:39 <dkushwaha> o/
04:41:40 <YanXing_an> Hi, dhushwaha
04:41:45 <dkushwaha> sorry i amlate
04:41:54 <trinaths> ok
04:42:06 <gongysh> dkushwaha, in the end we got you.
04:42:13 <trinaths> :)
04:43:05 <gongysh> <gongysh>	dharmendra's patches are important to us too, but he is not stable to do the contribution.
04:43:23 <gongysh> I want to release tacker server in 2 weeks.
04:43:49 <tung_doan> gongysh: got it
04:43:50 <gongysh> dkushwaha, your patches about vnf monitor policies are important for this cycle.
04:44:18 <gongysh> do you have plan to finish it in these two weeks?
04:44:54 <gongysh> dkushwaha, hi
04:45:07 <dkushwaha> gongysh, i could not work much in last week,  but yes, i am hoping to complete it in couple of days
04:46:11 <gongysh> dkushwaha, ok,  let's do it with moonlight effort.
04:46:39 <gongysh> dkushwaha, I have commented your patch.
04:47:22 <gongysh> you can reply quickly, and if you need more review, you can ping me via wechat.
04:47:37 <gongysh> I can review once I got the notification.
04:47:51 <gongysh> lets merge it in this cycle.
04:48:17 <gongysh> if you have no time, let me know, I will arrange my company guy to help.
04:48:32 <dkushwaha> gongysh, sure, i will be able to check after 2 hours, and will respond/update
04:48:42 <gongysh> dkushwaha,  ok, thanks.
04:48:52 <gongysh> YanXing_an, hi
04:49:12 <YanXing_an> hi
04:49:15 <gongysh> what do you want to discuss about ns with vnffg?
04:49:36 <YanXing_an> I have researched on ns last week, tested it
04:49:46 <gongysh> nice
04:49:51 <YanXing_an> i think we have two ways to support vnffg in ns
04:50:05 <YanXing_an> the first is importing vnffg in ns, similar with vnf in ns,
04:50:29 <YanXing_an> the second is defining vnffg details in ns, I don't know which one is best.
04:50:46 <YanXing_an> What do you think?
04:50:46 <gongysh> dkushwaha, do you have idea?
04:51:17 <YanXing_an> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/448109
04:51:40 <YanXing_an> Have updated a draft patchset
04:52:16 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, i think it will be better to have vnffg in ns, instead to going through vnffg details
04:52:50 <tung_doan> dkushwaha: +1
04:53:05 <gongysh> dkushwaha, you choose first or second one?
04:53:06 <tung_doan> import vnffgd inside ns seems complicated
04:53:06 <YanXing_an> Ok, I also suggest to use the first way
04:53:18 <dkushwaha> i mean first one
04:53:59 <tung_doan> why we dont follow the second one?
04:54:16 <phuoc> I think the second option is better
04:54:21 <tung_doan> it seems ETSI standard also had the same desccription
04:54:22 <gongysh> Lets do step by step.
04:54:27 <YanXing_an> The problem is, when we create nsd, we should create vnfd, vnffgd at first.
04:54:40 <tung_doan> even the second one will be easy to do
04:55:20 <gongysh> YanXing_an, now we support create with direct descriptors to create resources.
04:55:33 <gongysh> create -> creating
04:55:43 <tung_doan> vnffg is the combinatin of VNFs.. it should be abstracted in ns. I think
04:57:12 <YanXing_an> If using the second one, we should define vnfd details in ns too. tung_doan, yes, you got the point
04:58:01 <gongysh> YanXing_an, first lets do via import vnffgd way, and also we need to do via embedded vnffgd in nsd
04:58:02 <dkushwaha> gongysh, in my openion first we should go with 1st approach as we already have stable vnffg. And then we can think to move 2nd one
04:58:22 <gongysh> dkushwaha, two minds think the same.
04:58:23 <dkushwaha> gongysh, +1
04:58:44 <YanXing_an> Ok, got it, thanks all
04:59:12 <gongysh> YanXing_an,  do you have else about NS with vnffg?
04:59:24 <YanXing_an> Nothing
04:59:31 <gongysh> ok
04:59:38 <gongysh> #topic coding
05:00:01 <gongysh> tung_doan, what do you want to talk about your two bps' coding?
05:00:22 <gongysh> I cannot see new code patches in
05:00:32 <tung_doan> gongysh: vnffg healing and scaling has some similar code
05:00:50 <tung_doan> once i finish vnffg-healing, vnffg-scaling will be done soon
05:01:06 <gongysh> tung_doan, ok
05:01:11 <tung_doan> now phuoc and I are trying to wrap two these features
05:01:32 <gongysh> look forwards to your code patches.
05:01:55 <tung_doan> gongysh: sure. really want to finish both of them this week
05:02:05 <gongysh> #topic open discuss
05:02:31 <tung_doan> dkushwaha: gongysh: could you help merge this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/493308/
05:02:31 <gongysh> YanXing_an, I think we have talked about state transition diagram before.
05:02:48 <YanXing_an> Yeh
05:02:50 <tung_doan> some tacker users are not happy because of this bug :)
05:04:19 <gongysh> YanXing_an, do you have any progress on that?
05:04:26 <YanXing_an> If so, I must draw the diagram asap.
05:04:34 <dkushwaha> tung_doan, its again horizon
05:05:15 <tung_doan> dkushwaha: right.. it is also up to ocata version
05:05:19 <tung_doan> :)
05:05:31 <gongysh> YanXing_an, you help to do it, put it into related dev doc or user guide.
05:06:01 <YanXing_an> Gongysh, ok, will do it
05:06:31 <gongysh> tung_doan, I saw you have rechecked https://review.openstack.org/#/c/470863/
05:06:33 <gongysh> it failed a test case.
05:06:39 <gongysh> do you have any idea for it?
05:07:40 <tung_doan> gongysh: ah. i think if we recheck again it will work :) multi-vdu testing sometime gets failed :)
05:08:11 <YanXing_an> tung_doan, :)
05:08:25 <gongysh> ok
05:08:44 <tung_doan> just like weather :)
05:09:31 <gongysh> children's face :)
05:09:50 <YanXing_an> haha
05:10:32 <gongysh> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-queen-grooming
05:11:01 <gongysh> lets thought it about new features in queen cycle.
05:11:13 <gongysh> thought -> think
05:11:54 <dkushwaha> any update on sydny topic selection ?
05:12:16 <gongysh> after the tacker server release, we will have one virtual meeting.
05:13:03 <gongysh> I will send out the ptg meeting announcement via openstack dev mail list today.
05:14:32 <YanXing_an> If we have the meeting link, please broadcast it at first time
05:18:06 <gongysh> ok
05:18:35 <gongysh> thats my all.
05:21:14 <gongysh> thanks
05:21:18 <gongysh> #endmeeting