04:30:44 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:31:07 <gongysh> #topic roll call
04:31:10 <gongysh> hi
04:31:22 <gongysh> who are you guys here for tacker meeting?
04:32:28 <tbh_> o/
04:32:34 <tbh_> hi gongysh
04:32:36 <phuoc> o/
04:32:40 <phuoc> hi everyone
04:32:46 <gongysh> hi
04:33:19 <gongysh> we will start at  12:35
04:35:04 <gongysh> #topic bp
04:36:26 <gongysh> I have to leave after 30 mins
04:36:32 <YanXing_an> o/
04:36:34 <janki> o/
04:36:34 <gongysh> so we will have a short meeting
04:37:04 <gongysh> first thing I want to talk is bp in queens-1 milestone.
04:37:24 <gongysh> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker
04:37:41 <gongysh> phuoc, hi
04:38:05 <gongysh> service-assurance-engine is replaced by vnffg-healing and vnffg-scaling, right?
04:38:05 <YanXing_an> i will commit some BPs these days
04:38:12 <phuoc> hi gongysh
04:38:29 <phuoc> that's right
04:38:48 <gongysh> ok, I will remove service-assurance-engine and put those into queens
04:40:20 <diga> o/
04:40:42 <gongysh> phuoc, I have moved vnffg-healing and vnffg-scaling into queens
04:40:58 <gongysh> phuoc are you guys still working on them?
04:41:04 <phuoc> gongysh, thanks
04:41:34 <phuoc> We are working on that, but we have some problems need to figure out
04:42:02 <gongysh> ok, thanks
04:42:10 <gongysh> YanXing_an, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/vnffg-ns
04:42:19 <gongysh> what is the progress?
04:42:52 <YanXing_an> some delay on this
04:43:37 <gongysh> YanXing_an, we should work under moonlights to finish it.
04:44:25 <gongysh> for the bp, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/mistral-monitor-policy
04:44:44 <diga> YanXing_an, I hope nobody has started working on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/indirect-mode-vnfm
04:44:48 <YanXing_an> yeh, i will have time in these weeks
04:44:59 <diga> gongysh: YanXing_an, can i start on this ?
04:45:00 <gongysh> I will try to upload the codes these weekends.
04:45:34 <YanXing_an> diga, i just put the paper in google doc
04:45:50 <gongysh> diga, yes you can
04:45:52 <diga> YanXing_an: okay, can you share the link
04:46:05 <gongysh> diga, but I think you should investigate osm first.
04:46:10 <YanXing_an> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWj_k6Ctpr61N-GKsdfAq_YKnP83L6h7wHFKma8ahXI/edit?usp=sharing
04:46:11 <YanXing_an> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWj_k6Ctpr61N-GKsdfAq_YKnP83L6h7wHFKma8ahXI/edit?usp=sharing
04:46:11 <YanXing_an> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWj_k6Ctpr61N-GKsdfAq_YKnP83L6h7wHFKma8ahXI/edit?usp=sharing
04:46:11 <YanXing_an> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWj_k6Ctpr61N-GKsdfAq_YKnP83L6h7wHFKma8ahXI/edit?usp=sharing
04:46:11 <YanXing_an> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWj_k6Ctpr61N-GKsdfAq_YKnP83L6h7wHFKma8ahXI/edit?usp=sharing
04:46:14 <diga> YanXing_an: so that we can break out things in pieces to get started
04:46:24 <gongysh> and have a report on the google doc.
04:46:25 <diga> gongysh: okay
04:46:28 <YanXing_an> https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Nc9jV1XbodoI1uuuAU1aMrhCPWBFAAbPh2TRb5U2t8/edit?usp=sharing
04:46:28 <diga> YanXing_an: Thanks
04:46:35 <gongysh> diga,  thanks
04:46:40 <YanXing_an> two links
04:47:01 <gongysh> last week, I have put two small bps
04:47:22 <gongysh> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/split-tacker-install-from-vim-target
04:47:44 <diga> gongysh: I will go through it
04:47:58 <gongysh> hope everyone here to read it and to know what tacker system is.
04:48:14 <gongysh> what vim is.
04:48:32 <gongysh> tacker can be installed from its managed vim.
04:49:03 <gongysh> that is the essential part the BP want to say.
04:49:15 <diga> okay
04:49:22 <gongysh> tacker can be installed independent from its managed vims.
04:49:57 <gongysh> another small bp is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/kolla-deploy-tacker
04:50:42 <gongysh> which will help new comers to set up a tacker system easily.
04:51:19 <gongysh> you guys can have a tacker system with this document quickly.
04:51:30 <gongysh> it is stabler than devstack way.
04:52:30 <gongysh> one new bp: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/containerised-vnfs
04:52:41 <longkb_> o/
04:52:43 <gongysh> I have reviewed
04:53:18 <phuoc> janki, gongysh: I will make a new bp for K8s as VIM, separate with this one
04:53:19 <diga> gongysh: lots of BPs for queens :)
04:53:26 <gongysh> janki, maybe you can first write a doc about how to set up a k8s first.
04:53:51 <phuoc> If the process is good, containerised vnfs bp is the next step
04:54:04 <janki> gongysh, lets first emphasis on writing the bp..
04:54:07 <phuoc> for supporting k8s type of c-VNF
04:54:30 <gongysh> phuoc, so your k8s vim is the first step, and then we will have containerised-vnfs.
04:54:53 <janki> gongysh, yes, exactly
04:55:01 <gongysh> ok
04:55:05 <janki> phuoc, ^
04:55:51 <phuoc> janki, we need more meeting to define all requirements :)
04:56:08 <gongysh> please keep active involvement, make the job forwards.
04:56:14 <janki> phuoc, can you reply to our mail suggesting a time?
04:56:42 <gongysh> #topic open discussion
04:57:05 <phuoc> janki, sure I will do it asap :)
04:57:29 <gongysh> talk something if you have
04:57:41 <janki> phuoc, ack..
04:57:55 <diga> gongysh: I believe call for paper for next summit is opened
04:58:13 <gongysh> what summit?
04:58:20 <gongysh> you mean vancouver summit?
04:58:36 <diga> yeah
04:59:27 <gongysh> diga, do you have link?
05:00:13 <diga> I got a mail on cinder maillist, may be we shoiuld keep an eye on these things
05:00:43 <diga> gongysh: will send me details, it was just a mail, need to find a link
05:00:55 <gongysh> diga,  ok, thanks
05:01:10 <diga> gongysh: welcome!
05:01:44 <diga> gongysh: just one questions, how we can debug tacker if we install using kolla
05:02:18 * gongysh search kolla documentation
05:02:42 <gongysh> diga, https://docs.openstack.org/kolla-ansible/latest/user/kolla-for-openstack-development.html
05:03:11 <diga> gongysh: okay, will go througith
05:03:56 <gongysh> diga,  need this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/497544/1
05:04:06 <diga> gongysh: okay
05:04:37 <gongysh> I will write a doc about it.
05:05:00 <diga> yeah
05:05:38 <gongysh> anything else?
05:06:01 <diga> nothing from my side
05:06:09 <gongysh> YanXing_an, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504758/
05:06:10 <diga> YanXing_an: I will ping you seperately
05:06:20 <gongysh> I have updated the doc
05:06:25 <gongysh> please have a look at it.
05:06:56 <YanXing_an> ok
05:07:11 <YanXing_an> diga, ok
05:07:45 <gongysh> hi guys, it seems tacker is coming into container time, so please get some skills of docker and k8s.
05:08:30 <phuoc> gongysh, that's right :)
05:08:32 <gongysh> kolla and kolla ansible is also coming into our skill scope.
05:08:41 <phuoc> I will look at kolla too
05:09:05 <gongysh> 2 mins to go
05:09:07 <diga> gongysh: I worked on kolla sometime back :)
05:09:25 <gongysh> diga, so please review our kolla doc.
05:09:33 <diga> gongysh: yeah
05:09:45 <phuoc> I have to quit, see you ~
05:09:56 <gongysh> ok, thanks everyone, please keep reviewing and contribution
05:10:00 <diga> bye
05:10:07 <gongysh> #endmeeting