04:33:59 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:34:09 <gongysh> diga, thanks
04:34:12 <YanXing_an> o/
04:34:16 <diga> gongysh: :) NP
04:34:21 <phuoc_> o/
04:34:22 <gongysh> the new mac pro's keyboard is wierd.
04:34:26 <longkb_> o/
04:34:28 <MinWookKim> o/
04:34:33 <diga> o/
04:35:35 <gongysh> Today, we will have a short meeting.
04:35:43 <gongysh> #topic bp
04:36:10 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/501792/
04:36:11 <patchbot> patch 501792 - tacker-specs - Support Kubernetes as VIM in Tacker
04:36:22 <gongysh> phuoc_, hi
04:36:34 <phuoc_> gongysh, hi
04:36:46 <gongysh> I have a comment about the NFV resource template using k8s template.
04:36:59 <phuoc_> I saw it
04:37:14 <gongysh> I think we should still use previous nfv resource template, and do k8s translator.
04:37:31 <gongysh> so that we can have a unified tosca template for both vnf and c-vnf.
04:37:48 <phuoc_> but currently, K8s translator is not implemented
04:38:03 <gongysh> phuoc_, we should have it in our own project.
04:38:08 <phuoc_> and there are some problems
04:38:22 <gongysh> I mean implement the translator our own at tacker repo.
04:38:27 <phuoc_> example Kubernetes have many templates for their resources
04:38:56 <phuoc_> I want to do it but it have many issues need to figure out
04:39:30 <phuoc_> I will contact to mr Sidhar and find the good solution for it
04:39:32 <gongysh> phuoc_, this is the way we should do. please consider refactoring the spec.
04:39:52 <phuoc_> gongysh, I got it
04:40:14 <phuoc_> IMO, Tacker should implement c-VNFM for managing c-VNF
04:40:20 <longkb_> Hi, about the bp https://review.openstack.org/#/c/502216/
04:40:20 <patchbot> patch 502216 - tacker-specs - Enabling VNF high availability deployment and  man...
04:40:38 <gongysh> longkb_, welcome to tacker meeting
04:40:46 <longkb_> I and xuan0802 want to enable HA for VNF deployment
04:40:59 <gongysh> to promote the spec,  you need active involvement.
04:41:22 <longkb_> We make a comparision between some direction https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1lNezvekxTs4wDjCtfdpPkVZfUuLcPSBzExPV1lpT2d4/edit?usp=sharing
04:41:40 <longkb_> could you guy put a comment on the Google docs file :)
04:41:59 <gongysh> and do you have any idea about how to implement it?
04:43:12 <longkb_> I plant to deploy the VNF as Active-Active or Active-standby redundancy model :)
04:44:34 <gongysh> longkb_,  even with your proposal, you will need a poc implement to get the spec merged.
04:46:04 <gongysh> longkb_, It is good to have it implemented in tacker repo which will allow us to have great control.
04:46:12 <longkb_> Ok. I will try to make a code for review ASAP.
04:46:54 <gongysh> longkb_, the spec's idea is itself fine.
04:47:17 <longkb_> Thanks gongysh :)
04:47:36 <MinWookKim> Hello, Please could you see a comment on my blueprint?https://review.openstack.org/#/c/505466/
04:47:37 <patchbot> patch 505466 - tacker-specs - Zabbix Plugin for Application Monitoring in Tacker...
04:48:39 <gongysh> MinWookKim, hi
04:48:45 <gongysh> welcome into tacker
04:49:07 <MinWookKim> gongysh, Hello :)
04:49:12 <YanXing_an> MinWookKim, welcome
04:49:28 <gongysh> YanXing_an,  could you track this spec?
04:49:32 <MinWookKim> YanXing_an, Hello :)
04:49:35 <longkb_> Welcome to Tacker, MinwooKim :)
04:50:14 <MinWookKim> longkb_, Hello Nice to meet you :)
04:50:14 <gongysh> YanXing_an, helo
04:50:30 <YanXing_an> gongsh, ok, i will review this patch these days
04:50:31 <diga> MinWookKim: Welcome to Tacker!
04:50:49 <MinWookKim> diga, Hello thanks a lot :)
04:51:09 <gongysh> #topic document
04:51:35 <gongysh> as you know, we will have to manage our document since the refactor of openstack doc.
04:52:11 <gongysh> so you guys can find time to write document about tacker.
04:52:50 <gongysh> I have two patched merged: 1. to install tacker via kolla, 2. separate tacker with target vim.
04:53:02 <YanXing_an> MinWookKim, it's useful to monitor vnf at app level
04:53:23 <gongysh> next will be 1. openstack target vim installation in kolla way.
04:53:40 <gongysh> 2.  tacker horizon usage
04:54:17 <gongysh> if you guys are interested in these tasks, you can pick.
04:54:35 <MinWookKim> YanXing_an, Thanks a lot. I will improve this proposal
04:55:04 <gongysh> #topic open discussion
04:55:28 <gongysh> YanXing_an, I forgot your bp: ns with vnffg
04:56:01 <phuoc_> gongysh: for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/505602/, I think we should merge it soon
04:56:02 <patchbot> patch 505602 - tacker - Index block_storage_usage_guide doc
04:56:41 <YanXing_an> gongysh, i am writing the specs about indirect mode vnf and VeVnfm reference point, ns-vnffg is still coding
04:58:23 <diga> gongysh: we need sometime for writing spec, because there is lot of study involved in indirect vnf feature
04:58:43 <gongysh> YanXing_an, diga yes
04:58:59 <diga> gongysh: i believe we will cordinate in between and will come up with base spec till next meeting
04:59:59 <diga> gongysh: because there are lot of thing are unclear yet, need to investigate more
05:00:53 <diga> gongysh: this is large feature
05:01:17 <YanXing_an> yeah
05:01:37 <gongysh> agree
05:01:40 <diga> gongysh: I appreciate YanXing_an for his thought to proposing this feature
05:02:10 <gongysh> YanXing_an, but please make the essential feature work first. ns vnffg
05:03:09 <YanXing_an> gongysh, ok, got it
05:03:20 <gongysh> anything else?
05:04:13 <gongysh> 30 secs count down
05:04:27 <diga> nothing from my side
05:04:41 <phuoc_> we should check it https://review.openstack.org/#/c/505602/
05:04:42 <patchbot> patch 505602 - tacker - Index block_storage_usage_guide doc
05:05:02 <gongysh> phuoc_, have commented.
05:05:07 <phuoc_> user can have doc and use block storage in Tacker :)
05:05:38 <phuoc_> gongysh, my mistake :)
05:06:14 <gongysh> ok. if nothing, we can end today's meeting. please make active contribution. thanks
05:06:20 <gongysh> #endmeeting