04:30:15 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:30:27 <gongysh> #topic roll call
04:30:49 <tpatil> Hi
04:30:57 <gongysh> tpatil, hi
04:31:05 <YanXingAn> hi
04:31:09 <mardim_> hello
04:31:12 <gongysh> first time to hear from you.
04:31:13 <MinWookKim> hi
04:31:15 <gongysh> mardim_, hi
04:31:33 <phuoc_> o/
04:31:37 <tpatil> gongysh: I sent you an email to discuss about tacker project during Sydney summit
04:31:44 <phuoc_> nice to meet you mardim :)
04:31:49 <gongysh> tpatil, great
04:32:00 <mardim_> nice to meet you guys :)
04:32:01 <gongysh> I just thought how I contact you.
04:32:25 <MinWookKim> mardim, hello :)
04:32:37 <gongysh> mardim_, hi
04:32:48 <gongysh> could you please introduce yourself?
04:32:53 <mardim_> MinWookKim, gongysh hi :)
04:33:02 <mardim_> yes of cource
04:33:13 <mardim_> My name is dimitrios markou
04:33:25 <mardim_> and I am working currently in opnfv sfc
04:33:41 <mardim_> I am really interested in tacker
04:33:53 <mardim_> because we are using it heavilly in opnfv sfc project
04:33:59 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:mardim%2540intracom-telecom.com+status:open
04:34:20 <gongysh> mardim_ is great to work at tacker project to verify the tacker sfc feature
04:34:23 <gongysh> thanks
04:34:35 <mardim_> no problem my pleasure :)
04:34:35 <Dinesh_Bhor> Hi all
04:34:45 <gongysh> Dinesh_Bhor, hi
04:34:45 <janki> o/
04:34:54 <tpatil> Can I introduce myself?
04:35:01 <MinWookKim> Dinesh_Bhor, hi
04:35:04 <gongysh> tpatil, sure
04:35:07 <gongysh> please
04:35:36 <tpatil> I'm Tushar Patil, working on OpenStack since inception. My team is working in nova, glance, cinder projects
04:35:53 <tpatil> I'm interested in tacker to manage vCPE
04:36:00 <gongysh> tpatil, ntt, right?
04:36:14 <tpatil> gongysh: yes
04:36:26 <gongysh> nice
04:36:31 <phuoc_> tpatil, it is very good news
04:36:38 <tpatil> I'm an employee of NTT DATA and now helping NTT Labs to meet requirements using tacker
04:36:53 <gongysh> we have mentioned we will involve a VNF,  then you stepped in.
04:36:59 <gongysh> just on time.
04:37:33 <tpatil> gongysh: Towards end of the meeting , I would like to know who will attend Sydney summit.
04:37:41 <gongysh> Dinesh_Bhor, hi could you please introduce yourself too?
04:37:47 <dkushwaha> o/
04:38:00 <gongysh> dkushwaha, hi
04:38:10 <Dinesh_Bhor> I am the member of tpatil's team
04:38:40 <gongysh> Dinesh_Bhor, o, great. tpatil join us with extra HR resource.
04:38:43 <gongysh> welcome
04:38:50 <janki> tpatil, Dinesh_Bhor which location?
04:38:53 <tpatil> gongysh: Dinesh will participate in hands-on session to know about tacker during Sydney summit
04:39:07 <dkushwaha> Dinesh_Bhor, welcome
04:39:18 <tpatil> I'm working from Japan and my colleague Dinesh is working from India
04:39:20 <Dinesh_Bhor> janki: I am in pune, India
04:39:43 <janki> Dinesh_Bhor, me too :) nice to see someone local
04:40:07 <Dinesh_Bhor> janki: yeah
04:40:17 <gongysh> new comers, I, worked as neutron core member before, now is the PTL of this project. currently working for 99cloud, based in beijing
04:40:49 <gongysh> #topic Sydney summit
04:41:09 <gongysh> Next meeting is cancelled due to the summit.
04:41:38 <tpatil> gongysh: can we use voting to find out who will attend Sydney summit?
04:41:42 <gongysh> summit will have developer lounge,  hope we will go and coding together for some days.
04:41:46 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:mardim%2540intracom-telecom.com+status:open
04:42:35 <phuoc_> mardim_ Do you go to Sydney?
04:42:39 <gongysh> we have three sessions for tacker, if you are interested, please join these sessions.
04:42:54 <gongysh> who will go sydney?
04:42:56 <gongysh> +1
04:42:56 <mardim_> phuoc_, Unfortunately no
04:43:14 <mardim_> -1
04:43:20 <phuoc_> +1
04:43:22 <Dinesh_Bhor> +1
04:43:24 <MinWookKim> +1
04:43:28 <tpatil> +1
04:43:28 <gongysh> mardim_ 0
04:43:47 <mardim_> gongysh, A ok didn't know :)
04:43:51 <dkushwaha> haven't received visa yet. otherwise +1
04:43:52 <gongysh> :)
04:44:08 <YanXingAn> 0
04:44:14 <gongysh> dkushwaha.  hope you can make it.
04:44:35 <dkushwaha> gongysh, think so. :(
04:44:52 <gongysh> tpatil,  your plan is?
04:45:38 <tpatil> gongysh: We along with NTT Labs people would like to meeting tacker community to understand tacker project, future roadmap and all use cases that we can to accomplish using tacker
04:45:51 <tpatil> s/meeting/meet
04:47:00 <phuoc_> gongysh, can you prepare some document about Tacker direction? :)
04:47:36 <tpatil> gongysh: Can we decide on date and time of this meeting now or during Sydney summit time?
04:47:42 <gongysh> phuoc_, I will have for project update session.
04:47:58 <phuoc_> ahh, I see
04:48:22 <gongysh> tpatil, how about after project update session?
04:48:25 <phuoc_> hope to see you guys to discuss face to face
04:48:27 <tpatil> gongysh: We will attend all tacker related sessions to know more about this project
04:48:39 <tpatil> gongysh: Sure
04:48:44 <gongysh> ok
04:48:51 <tpatil> gongysh: Thank you
04:49:06 <gongysh> phuoc_,  could you join tacker project update session?
04:49:31 <gongysh> I will leave c-vnf for you.
04:49:45 <phuoc_> gongysh, Oh no
04:50:03 <gongysh> ok
04:50:04 <phuoc_> maybe next time, because my english is not good :)
04:50:39 <gongysh> hope we all have a good summit days.
04:50:51 <gongysh> #topic bp
04:50:58 <tpatil> Looking forward to meet you all during Sydney summit
04:51:08 <gongysh> tpatil, me too
04:51:24 <gongysh> phuoc_, please review your two specs
04:51:58 <phuoc_> in Kubernetes as VIM bp
04:52:15 <phuoc_> I have problems with connecting to VMs in devstack environment
04:52:22 <phuoc_> so will fix it soon
04:53:04 <gongysh> phuoc_, last meeting, diga said he would assign guys to have a test
04:53:37 <phuoc_> I think they are busy
04:54:06 <Dinesh_Bhor> diga might be busy with openstack-meteos
04:54:10 <phuoc_> But I will put the document for testing it if I fix the error
04:54:24 <phuoc_> The second bp, TOSCA to Kubernetes translating, I will email to Zalar and Bobh about details information
04:55:01 <phuoc_> because Heat translator doesn't have specs folder for discussion
04:55:25 <gongysh> phuoc_, we can implement it in tacker repo first. the cross project works are not easy.
04:55:38 <phuoc_> gongysh, sure
04:56:14 <phuoc_> but we can start both of them, many people align it will be welcome
04:56:20 <phuoc_> I will send email to you too
04:56:42 <gongysh> ok
04:57:30 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/511991 the spec needs more work, and we can improve it along with some small coding patches.
04:58:06 <diga> Sorry guys,, got late
04:58:07 <phuoc_> gongysh, I will break it to manage easier
04:58:25 <gongysh> phuoc_,  agree
04:59:08 <gongysh> diga, did your guys have time to test k8s devstack vim?
04:59:19 <gongysh> diga, I should say welcome first. :)
04:59:26 <diga> gongysh: We have setup ready last week
04:59:58 <gongysh> diga, nice.
05:00:00 <diga> gongysh: I will assign it to one of my friend today
05:00:06 <Dinesh_Bhor> diga: welcome..
05:00:18 <diga> Dinesh_Bhor: Hi
05:00:22 <gongysh> phuoc_, is that all from you?
05:00:31 <phuoc_> gongysh, yes
05:00:38 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tacker-specs
05:01:04 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/516698/
05:01:11 <gongysh> this is from mardim_
05:01:32 <mardim_> Is under construction currently
05:01:35 <mardim_> but yes
05:01:36 <diga> I didn't get time last week
05:01:45 <gongysh> mardim_, thanks for the work to verify and maintain the vnffg.
05:01:56 <mardim_> you are welcome
05:01:59 <diga> phuoc_: have you updated the spec ?
05:02:02 <mardim_> I:)
05:02:07 <mardim_> :)*
05:02:38 <phuoc_> diga, not yet, I will update on today
05:02:47 <diga> phuoc_: okay
05:02:52 <mardim_> Can I talk a bit about my spec ?
05:03:00 <phuoc_> mardim_ I think you and Yangxingan can work together
05:03:08 <gongysh> YanXingAn, hi
05:03:12 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/448109/
05:03:21 <gongysh> YanXingAn, dkushwaha , you both are on this spec
05:03:37 <gongysh> it is an old spec.
05:03:39 <mardim_> phuoc_, That will be great :)
05:03:46 <phuoc_> because two bp, It have some feature in commons
05:03:48 <mardim_> YanXingAn, hi
05:03:52 <diga> phuoc_: gongysh What we have decided on tosca parser 1. Write in tacker itself 2. handover to Heat-parser
05:04:15 <gongysh> diga, write it in tacker first.
05:04:28 <diga> gongysh: okay, got it.
05:04:56 <diga> phuoc_: I will start work on it then as discussed
05:05:13 <dkushwaha> gongysh, yea, i was keep stucking in other activities. Now resuming my Tacker work
05:05:37 <gongysh> dkushwaha, ok
05:06:03 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/510812/
05:06:10 <phuoc_> mardim_ as I know, it will be better if we make nsd
05:06:22 <gongysh> indirect-mode-vnfm
05:06:32 <mardim_> phuoc_, What is nsd ? I am new in tacker
05:06:32 <phuoc_> and then update ns, and also vnffg
05:06:33 <mardim_> :)
05:06:56 <gongysh> diga, and YanXingAn  do you have any progress for this bp?
05:07:06 <diga> gongysh: I am working with YanXing on this
05:07:18 <diga> gongysh: it seems he is not available since many days
05:07:36 <YanXingAn> I am still stucked in other works also
05:07:37 <diga> gongysh: do you know how to contact him otherwise I will take it forward then
05:07:43 <gongysh> diga, just like you,  he is asking for HR resources for tacker.
05:07:44 <diga> YanXingAn: Hey man
05:07:58 <diga> gongysh: okk
05:08:27 <YanXingAn> diga,hi
05:08:30 <diga> YanXingAn: We can have a chat after this call, lets talk and decide the flow
05:08:45 <gongysh> Enabling VNF high availability deployment and management
05:08:52 <gongysh> the author is not here.
05:09:07 <diga> gongysh: who is leading this stuff
05:09:42 <gongysh> LongKB <longkb@bka.vn>
05:10:10 <gongysh> we have promote big chunk of features
05:10:14 <YanXingAn> diga, I have a meeting after this, will contact you later
05:10:27 <diga> YanXingAn: Sure
05:10:28 <gongysh> please keep active.
05:10:42 <gongysh> those are for tacker server features
05:11:14 <gongysh> for tacker-client, we will have one big bp: to write openstack commands.
05:11:38 <gongysh> I think we have decided what to do, but there is no developer for it.
05:11:57 <gongysh> if you guys have resource for it, it is a good start.
05:12:12 <gongysh> client side has no as much logic as server side.
05:12:14 <diga> gongysh: I am starting on api-framework, can I take it along with that ?
05:12:23 <gongysh> diga, sure
05:12:44 <diga> gongysh: it seems little work for me and I can test my apis also then
05:12:57 <diga> gongysh: it is very helpful for basic function testing
05:13:25 <gongysh> diga, are you talking about new APIs?
05:13:31 <diga> gongysh: yeah
05:13:37 <gongysh> ok
05:14:00 <diga> gongysh: please assign it to me
05:14:05 <phuoc_> diga, I also want to see VMware features too
05:14:28 <diga> phuoc_: We can target that for queens 3
05:14:29 <gongysh> diga, the feature URL please
05:14:50 <janki> hey guys
05:15:21 <diga> gongysh: vmware as vim, I will submit the spec for it
05:15:30 <diga> gongysh: have registered the BP yet, will do it today
05:15:37 <gongysh> ok
05:15:51 <phuoc_> hi janki
05:15:53 <gongysh> #topic bug and coding patches
05:16:12 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tacker
05:16:27 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/516004/
05:16:37 <gongysh> this is for our CI jobs
05:16:48 <gongysh> it is to fit with new zuul3 ci system.
05:16:53 <janki> phuoc_, hello
05:16:59 <gongysh> I am doing it
05:17:19 <gongysh> so code patches will be held until it is merged.
05:17:47 <phuoc_> janki, I see you have experiment with Kubernetes
05:17:50 <YanXingAn> VMware can integrate with openstack,then we still use heat to deploy on VMware
05:17:58 <diga> gongysh: if we have still some bugs open (low hanging fruits), I will assign it to someone in my team
05:18:03 <phuoc_> I will send email to you about next patch too :)
05:18:15 <diga> YanXingAn: Yes, but I never thought of it yet
05:18:30 <janki> phuoc_, not much..
05:18:50 <phuoc_> I think you can change the bp https://review.openstack.org/#/c/511991/ too
05:18:54 <YanXingAn> diga, ok, it’s another way
05:18:55 <diga> YanXingAn: we need vmware api support in heat which needs to be thought of
05:19:07 <gongysh> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker
05:19:26 <gongysh> diga, if you find bugs, I think you can comment on them
05:19:42 <diga> gongysh: Sure
05:19:51 <gongysh> we need resources to fix tacker bugs
05:20:09 <gongysh> some teams are doubting tacker project status recently
05:20:30 <Dinesh_Bhor> I can take up some bugs.
05:20:37 <gongysh> next meeting, I will assign some time for bug review.
05:20:47 <gongysh> Dinesh_Bhor, please
05:21:37 <diga> gongysh: what people are doubting of ?
05:21:37 <gongysh> you guys, please mark the bugs, which you think should be discussed during meeting.
05:21:45 <phuoc_> sometime, I think we should answer the question from new guys in Tacker IRC too
05:22:17 <gongysh> phuoc_, yes
05:22:44 <gongysh> I will set up an IRC proxy, so that I can go the message even I am offline.
05:22:55 <gongysh> go/got
05:23:10 <gongysh> #topic open dicussion
05:23:13 <diga> we have less time left, I want to introduce one of my team mate from my company
05:23:23 <gongysh> yes
05:23:30 <diga> kapil will work on tacker queens release
05:23:45 <gongysh> I think you have done this last meeting
05:24:10 <diga> gongysh: last time, I introduced mohsin
05:24:12 <gongysh> kapil, hi
05:24:20 <mardim_> kapil hi
05:24:28 <kapil> hi gongysh
05:24:28 <gongysh> diga. one more developer
05:24:28 <phuoc_> kapil hi
05:24:30 <gongysh> welcome
05:24:32 <Dinesh_Bhor> kapil: hi
05:24:36 <diga> gongysh: yes
05:24:49 <kapil> hi phuoc
05:25:09 <gongysh> diga, how about taking tacker openstack command bp?
05:25:11 <diga> kapil: welcome to tacker, Hoping for your good contribution
05:25:29 <diga> gongysh: yes, I am also thinking the same for him
05:26:03 <diga> gongysh: I will ask kapil to create launchpad and gerrit account today
05:26:22 <janki> gongysh, we were to talk about bug triaging in this meeting
05:26:23 <kapil> thank you everyone
05:26:40 <gongysh> janki, yes
05:26:40 <kapil> hi dinesh
05:27:24 <gongysh> who want the responsibility to triage the bug?
05:27:31 <gongysh> we can take in turn.
05:27:50 <gongysh> I will put you at bug driver team
05:27:51 <dkushwaha> gongysh, I will do
05:28:01 <janki> gongysh, i can do it
05:28:40 <gongysh> ok
05:29:08 <gongysh> dkushwaha, you first, until next meeting, it means two weeks.
05:29:29 <gongysh> and we will have 20 mins for bug review at each tacker meeting.
05:29:45 <gongysh> after that, janki takes for one week.
05:29:45 <dkushwaha> gongysh, agree
05:29:52 <gongysh> and  then is me.
05:30:03 <gongysh> again is dkushwaha .
05:30:09 <gongysh> thanks
05:30:24 <gongysh> #endmeeting