04:30:36 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:30:52 <MinWookKim> o/
04:30:55 <gongysh> #topic roll call
04:31:23 <diga> o/
04:31:31 <Dinesh_Bhor> o/
04:32:29 <gongysh> Dinesh_Bhor, diga hi
04:32:54 <diga> gongysh: hi
04:33:00 <MinWookKim> gongysh, Dinesh_Bhor, diga hi
04:33:47 <tbh> o/
04:33:51 <dkushwaha> o/
04:34:10 <diga> gongysh: kirandivekar is joining from my org today, he is a senior architect having more than 17 years of exp
04:34:14 <gongysh> dkushwaha, tbh , YanXing_an , hi
04:34:19 <diga> kirandivekar: welcome to team
04:34:20 <tbh> Hi gongysh
04:34:28 <gongysh> kirandivekar, welcome
04:34:37 <Dinesh_Bhor> kirandivekar: welcome
04:34:47 <MinWookKim> kirandivekar, welcom : )
04:34:48 <kirandivekar> hi all, kiran here...joining as new member
04:35:14 <tbh> kirandivekar, welcome to the tacker!
04:35:39 <gongysh> #topic blueprint
04:35:54 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/511991/
04:35:55 <gongysh> Implement containerized VNF in Kubernetes VIM
04:36:23 <gongysh> I have a comment on it
04:37:02 <gongysh> we have an agreement about it: first we need a pure k8s VIM
04:37:06 <diga> gongysh: yes, we almost submitted everything as per the review comment
04:37:20 <gongysh> no kury-kubernetes
04:37:32 <gongysh> no dependency on openstack env.
04:38:17 <diga> gongysh: we have to depend on kuryr
04:38:36 <diga> because kuryr only provides container networking for k8s and docker
04:38:52 <diga> and it is reliable project now in openstack ecosystem
04:39:15 <tbh> diga,kuryr provides container networking in case of openstack env
04:39:27 <diga> tbh: yes
04:40:04 <tbh> diga, but gongysh stsatement makes sense
04:40:18 <gongysh> diga, we agreed that we will provide pure k8s vim and k8s with openstack vim
04:40:35 <gongysh> in pure k8s vim, there is no need of kuryr
04:40:51 <tbh> +1
04:40:59 <diga> at the end we have provide neutron networks to k8s pods and containers
04:41:20 <diga> it is required in case of containerized VNF on k8s but not for k8s as a vim
04:42:11 <diga> Both use cases (BP's) are different
04:44:01 <gongysh> diga, you mentioned both BPs, where are they?
04:44:42 <diga> gongysh: https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/tacker-specs/specs/queens/Kubernetes-as-VIM.html
04:44:56 <diga> this one is related to kubernetes as VIM
04:45:22 <diga> the one we are talking about now is containerized VNF on k8s
04:46:34 <gongysh> it seems  https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/tacker-specs/specs/queens/Kubernetes-as-VIM.html is a k8s with kuryr
04:47:03 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/511991/  is designed based on it.
04:47:13 <phuoc_> gongsyh, we are trying to support both pure k8s and k8s with kuryr-kubernetes
04:47:56 <diga> I never looked at previous BP in detail but it was merged it last week already
04:48:04 <diga> K8s as VIM
04:48:24 <gongysh> phuoc_ then how do we known if the vim has the kuryr capability?
04:48:41 <phuoc_> actually if we don't consider to connect to VM, it is the same as pure K8S
04:49:23 <phuoc_> we can not know about it
04:49:47 <gongysh> the capability of kuryr will impact the implementation of c-VNF
04:50:16 <phuoc_> because Tacker focuses on VNFM and NFVO
04:50:31 <phuoc_> we don't care about the infrastructure too much
04:50:56 <diga> gongysh: kuryr is anyway needed for both in my opinion because without kuryr, we cannot configure the k8s pod networking
04:50:57 <gongysh> in a pure k8s, we will have no openstack in target vim
04:51:00 <phuoc_> gongysh, it is the problem we need to figure out
04:51:31 <diga> phuoc_: no, it is important to care about infrastructure otherwise we may fail in configuring c-vnf part
04:51:48 <diga> tbh: what do you think ?
04:52:23 <diga> I think trinath might have different understanding about this but he is not here today
04:52:24 <phuoc_> we have to support both two cases
04:53:27 <diga> gongysh: what problem you see in kuryr ? actually I dont understand it
04:53:39 <gongysh> in a k8s with openstack target vim env, we still need openstack access credentials.
04:54:20 <gongysh> diga, it is about target vim env. we need to cover pure k8s env, that is lighter than k8s and openstack env.
04:54:58 <diga> gongysh: got it
04:55:05 <phuoc_> maybe we can add some code to check if kuryr is enable
04:55:23 <diga> gongysh: okay, and you mean it should not depend on any infrastructure layer
04:55:32 <diga> gongysh: then in that case, we should not bring kuryr in this picture
04:55:36 <phuoc_> and depend on each case, we can treat them differently
04:56:16 <gongysh> phuoc_,  we still need openstack access information when we register a k8s with openstack vim.
04:58:14 <phuoc_> gongysh, I will check it again
04:58:51 <tbh> gongysh, you mean we need openstack details for accessing neutron?
04:59:58 <gongysh> tbh,  at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/511991/ ,  it reads the loadbalancer will be used.
05:00:29 <gongysh> the loadbalancer will be openstack neutron lb service
05:00:44 <gongysh> if there is no openstack information, how we can do it?
05:01:04 <phuoc_> gongysh, I updated it with Kubernetes service
05:01:34 <tbh> gongysh, yeah that's what I was referring ... agreed
05:01:36 <phuoc_> it will cover for pure k8s
05:01:57 <gongysh> ok, lets move on
05:02:19 <phuoc_> I will put detail about how to translate too
05:02:52 <diga> phuoc_: let sync before updating further
05:02:59 <gongysh> dkushwaha, hi
05:03:06 <diga> need to cover these steps
05:03:14 <dkushwaha> gongysh, hi
05:03:15 <gongysh> #topic bug triage
05:03:24 <gongysh> dkushwaha, your time
05:04:03 <dkushwaha> Currently we have total 183 open bugs
05:04:11 <dkushwaha> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-bug
05:04:28 <diga> ooops
05:04:45 <dkushwaha> 63 bugs are in progress, and most of them, no one working on that
05:05:03 <dkushwaha> i think first we needs to focus on that
05:05:53 <diga> to start with
05:06:01 <dkushwaha> there are 5 bugs with high importance
05:06:13 <diga> dkushwaha: do you have some low hanging fruits kind of bugs, then I can assign them to my team
05:06:15 <diga> ohh
05:07:10 <dkushwaha> diga yea
05:07:20 <dkushwaha> diga, https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bugs?field.tag=low-hanging-fruit
05:07:39 <dkushwaha> there are 5 bugs in that,
05:07:39 <diga> dkushwaha: I will assign those to me now
05:08:21 <dkushwaha> ok discuss high importance first
05:08:52 <dkushwaha> gongysh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1658364
05:08:52 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1658364 in tacker "DBReferenceError when Deploy or delete vnffg" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Tim Rozet (trozet)
05:09:28 <gongysh> does anyone want to pick it up?
05:10:01 <diga> if not, I will assign it to me
05:10:15 <gongysh> diga, sure, please
05:10:15 <diga> dkushwaha: who is venkatamahesh, is he working on bug
05:10:25 <diga> gongysh: okay
05:10:39 <dkushwaha> diga, on which?
05:11:24 <diga> I assigned it to me
05:12:02 <diga> dkushwaha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1648327
05:12:02 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1648327 in tacker "Name of the key in vnf-show command to be modified" [Low,In progress] - Assigned to Digambar (digambarpatil15)
05:12:22 <dkushwaha> diga, i am not sure venkatamahesh working on, i observed he is in almost all openstack components ;)
05:12:40 <diga> dkushwaha: hahah
05:13:05 <dkushwaha> gongysh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1668838
05:13:05 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1668838 in tacker "add vnffg functional tests" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Jimmy.Ye (jimmy.ye)
05:13:33 <gongysh> YanXing_an, is Jimmy still on tacker?
05:13:38 <dkushwaha> this seems good to go,and essential
05:14:37 <diga> dkushwaha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1663082
05:14:38 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1663082 in tacker "novaclient tenant_id deprecation warning in ./prepare_functional_test.sh" [Low,New] - Assigned to Hari (hosingh000)
05:15:57 <diga> dkushwaha: what is status of this, i saw the status is fix committed
05:16:46 <dkushwaha> diga, i could not found its patch, may be i needs to check more git logs
05:17:08 <diga> dkushwaha: okay, I will also take a look at it
05:17:42 <dkushwaha> gongysh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1691363
05:17:42 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1691363 in tacker "VNF should not be allowed to delete separately, if part of an active NS" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to dharmendra (dharmendra-kushwaha)
05:17:42 <diga> dkushwaha: thank you, I will target to complete these bugs in this week only
05:18:44 <dkushwaha> gongysh, i am working on this one, hopefully will submit patch before next week meeting
05:18:49 <gongysh> dkushwaha, you are the owner of this bug.
05:18:55 <gongysh> thanks
05:19:28 <dkushwaha> gongysh,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1656997
05:19:28 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1656997 in tacker "possible invalid custom node " [High,In progress] - Assigned to Tung Doan (tungdoan)
05:19:52 <dkushwaha> gongysh, not sure about this one, will it be abandon or valid
05:20:53 <gongysh> dkushwaha, I will have a look at it
05:21:02 <dkushwaha> gongysh, sure
05:21:48 <dkushwaha> gongysh, other than these bugs, there are some bugs reported by "Manik Bindlish"
05:22:31 <dkushwaha> he is working with me in Tacker/NFV Poc related activities
05:23:37 <gongysh> is he working in tacker team?
05:24:09 <diga> yes
05:24:11 <gongysh> will he fix the reported bugs?
05:24:16 <diga> guys we have less time left
05:24:28 <dkushwaha> gongysh, yes, but mostly involved him for Tacker Testing activities
05:25:00 <gongysh> ok
05:25:02 <dkushwaha> gongysh, he will start code contributing in Tacker too
05:25:10 <gongysh> great
05:25:23 <diga> gongysh: can you brief us about Tacker demo and what is communities take on tacker in going ahead
05:25:33 <gongysh> dkushwaha,  thanks for the bug triage.
05:25:37 <dkushwaha> gongysh, one bug i would like to discuss is https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1716831
05:25:37 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1716831 in tacker "No handling when updating with wrong value(disk size) for VNF updation" [Undecided,Confirmed] - Assigned to Manik Bindlish (manikbindlish)
05:25:46 <phuoc_> dkushwaha, it is nice
05:25:56 <diga> gongysh: I hope you had interaction with TC members and other PTL in the summit
05:26:15 <diga> dkushwaha: I appreciate your effort in bug triage
05:26:29 <gongysh> diga, not yet, but I will commit some time for it.
05:26:50 <dkushwaha> gongysh, whenever we update vnf with wrong data, it goes success, but actually no update
05:27:07 <gongysh> dkushwaha, got it
05:27:09 <dkushwaha> what should be the behavior in that case
05:27:46 <gongysh> dkushwaha, with wrong data, we can raise exception and return message to end users.
05:28:41 <gongysh> dkushwaha,  could you continue the triaging the job?
05:28:52 <dkushwaha> gongysh, yes sure
05:29:09 <gongysh> dkushwaha, thanks
05:29:29 <gongysh> lets code to reduce the bugs.
05:29:50 <gongysh> thanks everyone
05:30:19 <gongysh> #endmeeting