04:31:04 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:31:21 <dkushwaha> o/
04:31:24 <gongysh> dkushwaha, hi
04:31:37 <phuoc_> o/
04:31:38 <gongysh> #topic roll call
04:31:43 <gongysh> phuoc_, hi
04:32:04 <phuoc_> hi mr.Gongysh
04:32:20 <joxyuki> hi
04:32:33 <phuoc_> hi joxyuki
04:32:40 <diga> o/
04:34:18 <gongysh> tbh, YanXing_an , hi
04:34:29 <YanXing_an> hi
04:34:35 <gongysh> #topic bp
04:34:46 <gongysh> phuoc_, do you have any update for your bps?
04:35:07 <phuoc_> gongysh, I am starting in implementation
04:35:08 <phuoc_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529116/
04:35:50 <phuoc_> if you guys have time, please give me feed back in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529116/1/tacker/vnfm/infra_drivers/kubernetes/k8s/translate_inputs.py
04:36:05 <phuoc_> and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529116/1/tacker/tosca/lib/tacker_defs.yaml
04:36:22 <phuoc_> I will update the other, and document for this patch soon
04:37:43 <gongysh> phuoc_,  nice progress
04:38:20 <phuoc_> thanks
04:38:20 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529116/1/samples/tosca-templates/vnfd/tosca-vnfd-containerized.yaml
04:38:52 <gongysh> it seems there are difference between vnfds for openstack and k8s
04:39:58 <phuoc_> gongysh, I follow http://docs.oasis-open.org/tosca/tosca-nfv/v1.0/csd04/tosca-nfv-v1.0-csd04.html#_Toc482896065
04:40:21 <phuoc_> they define new type: tosca.datatypes.nfv.VnfcConfigurableProperties
04:41:18 <phuoc_> so, I try to match to new definition in TOSCA
04:41:57 <gongysh> tbh, hi
04:43:48 <gongysh> ok,  I will have a look at.
04:44:29 <gongysh> dkushwaha,  could you have a look at it too?
04:44:43 <dkushwaha> gongysh, sure.
04:44:54 <gongysh> thanks
04:45:12 <gongysh> phuoc_, do you have other bps during the cycle?
04:45:38 <phuoc_> no, I don't
04:45:47 <gongysh> ok
04:45:58 <gongysh> diga, could you please talk about the API bp?
04:46:02 <phuoc_> I and mardim will implement vnffg update
04:46:17 <gongysh> phuoc_, yes, thanks
04:47:01 <phuoc_> thank gongysh and dkushwaha
04:47:12 <diga> gongysh: okay
04:47:22 <gongysh> ok, please
04:47:43 <diga> gongysh: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/520495/
04:47:48 <diga> hello everyone
04:48:07 <diga> current approach I have taken using the falcon framework
04:48:14 <phuoc_> hi diga :)
04:48:32 <diga> I see we need only one dependancy now which falcon module
04:48:40 <diga> which is also part of openstack requirement
04:48:59 <diga> so we don't have to ask for approval for openstack requirement team
04:49:06 <diga> which is already exist there
04:49:22 <gongysh> Which frameworks are in use in Mitaka:
04:49:22 <gongysh> Falcon: 4 projects
04:49:24 <gongysh> Custom + routes: 12 projects
04:49:24 <gongysh> Pecan: 12 projects
04:49:26 <gongysh> Flask: 2 projects
04:49:26 <gongysh> web.py: 1 project
04:49:29 <diga> AS this is first patch as part of this developmenet
04:49:43 <gongysh> this is from https://www.openstack.org/blog/2016/06/openstack-developer-mailing-list-digest-20160624/
04:49:45 <diga> yes gongysh
04:49:53 <gongysh> so we will use falcon anyway.
04:49:59 <gongysh> that's fine.
04:50:00 <diga> gongysh: yeah
04:50:44 <diga> currently zuul is failing because falcon feature branch is too old, so I am working with infra team to rebase the feature branch with master branch
04:50:59 <diga> I hope this issue will get resolved by today/tomorrow
04:51:12 <phuoc_> diga, that's good
04:51:22 <gongysh> diga, we will wait for you and let the API improvement go smoothly and fast.
04:51:46 <diga> once we merge the first patch, my next target is to implement one after one api of tacker into falcon framework
04:51:57 <diga> gongysh: yes, sure
04:52:24 <gongysh> diga, thanks
04:52:33 <diga> gongysh: I understand that this is long term pending thing but anyway I am targetting this for queens release
04:52:56 <gongysh> diga, I remember that your team help with tacker openstack command
04:52:59 <diga> lets see how far we go on this if nothing major comes on the road
04:53:24 <diga> gongysh: yes, but I have now only one person working on tacker
04:53:38 <diga> currently kapil_ is working on solving bugs
04:53:48 <gongysh> ok
04:54:12 <gongysh> dkushwaha, do you have any updates on bps?
04:54:14 <diga> I am giving him enough time to solve the bugs first, then I am thinking to involve him in the tacker api framework
04:54:35 <diga> because i see so much work involved in this feature
04:54:41 <dkushwaha> gongysh, not for now.
04:54:48 <gongysh> ok
04:55:08 <gongysh> YanXingAn, do you have any to say for your bps?
04:56:21 <gongysh> ok, seems YanXingAn  is still at their company meeting.
04:56:28 <gongysh> #topic bug
04:56:42 <gongysh> first bug is about CI system
04:56:57 <gongysh> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1739342
04:56:58 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1739342 in tacker "tacker ci does not support tls_proxy service enabled" [High,In progress] - Assigned to yong sheng gong (gongysh)
04:57:17 <gongysh> it seems our tacker CI job does not support tls proxy
04:57:31 <gongysh> I have an quick fix to disable the tls proxy first.
04:57:49 <gongysh> and need some time to investigate how we support tls proxy.
04:57:57 <phuoc_> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1719841
04:57:57 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1719841 in tacker "vim configuration does not allow the INSECURE property" [Medium,Triaged] - Assigned to Taseer Ahmed (taseer94)
04:58:05 <phuoc_> I see many people meet that bug
04:59:27 <gongysh> ok, let fix it in that bug
04:59:46 <gongysh> https://launchpad.net/~taseer94
05:00:02 <gongysh> he is not active,  then I will try to fix it.
05:00:36 <gongysh> who knows Taseer Ahmed (taseer94) ?
05:01:12 <phuoc_> he is from opnfv-sfc project
05:01:30 <gongysh> ok
05:02:12 <gongysh> dkushwaha, do you have any other bug to talk?
05:02:19 <gongysh> to discuss
05:02:57 <dkushwaha> gongysh, not worked in that part in last week.
05:03:27 <gongysh> ok, if you have time, please keep an eye on the bug reports.
05:03:38 <gongysh> #topic open dicusssion
05:03:45 <dkushwaha> gongysh, sure, will do.
05:04:20 <dkushwaha> gongysh,  i have some points to discuss regarding heat stack
05:04:33 <gongysh> dkushwaha, sure, please
05:05:11 <dkushwaha> gongysh, we are doing some PoC regarding resource reservation in Tacker
05:05:26 <gongysh> en
05:05:34 <dkushwaha> gongysh, so we are integrating Tacker-Blazor for that
05:06:13 <phuoc_> dkushwaha, that sounds good
05:06:40 <dkushwaha> gongysh, in some cases we needs to update the heat stack, but as of now we can not update heat stack in vnf-update operation
05:07:23 <dkushwaha> gongysh, i want to know the approach how we can update it?
05:08:22 <gongysh> dkushwaha, what do you mean the resource reservation related to heat stack.
05:08:52 <gongysh> do you have devise a way to do it in pure heat environment?
05:09:31 <gongysh> can you paste tacker-blazor url here too?
05:10:07 <phuoc_> dkushawaha, I think we can call e.g. heat stack update to update vnf
05:10:59 <dkushwaha> gongysh, i am not sure, i can paste link here, as it private for now, but my team started drafting spec for that
05:12:56 <gongysh> dkushwaha, to do it, the steps are: first devise a way to do in pure heat way, and then do integration on tacker. maybe we need to update tacker codes to do it.
05:14:06 <joxyuki> hi all, I am working tacker-blazar with dkushwaha.
05:14:06 <dkushwaha> gongysh, once a vnf deployed, we create reservation in blazor side, and then needs to update vnf with that reservation data. which requires update
05:14:56 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, could you please explain
05:15:06 <joxyuki> yes, to create a VM using reserved resource, heat stack need to know reservation-id in HOT.
05:16:18 <gongysh> joxyuki, that's good.
05:16:23 <joxyuki> gongysh, what do you mean "device" exactly?
05:16:58 <gongysh> device is old term for vnf?
05:17:16 <gongysh> device is old term for vnf.
05:17:24 <joxyuki> i see, thax
05:17:27 <joxyuki> thanks
05:17:44 <gongysh> previously, tacker is service vm manager.
05:18:32 <gongysh> joxyuki, so you seq is: vnfm -> nfvo: reserve resource
05:18:54 <gongysh> vnfm -> instantiate vnf with reservation id.
05:19:47 <joxyuki> gyngysh, no.
05:20:37 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, sorry for interrupting, but i think you interpreting  "devise" as "device"
05:21:18 <joxyuki> 1) user-> tacker: vnf-create, 2) user -> blazar: reservation, 3) user->tacker: input reservation-id
05:21:39 <joxyuki> yes, devise -> device
05:22:26 <gongysh> joxyuki, 1) user -> tacker: vnf-create will create vms on target openstack, why do you still need to do 2)?
05:23:28 <gongysh> I think the sequence is to be: a) user -> blazar: reservation b) user-> tacker: vnf-create with reservation-id
05:24:25 <joxyuki> gongysh, could you see https://youtu.be/a1loFExpjb0 ? this is our use case.
05:25:19 <gongysh> joxyuki, ok, I will have a look
05:25:28 <joxyuki> gongysh, this is a use case need reservation for short term events such as  sports match.
05:25:54 <gongysh> joxyuki, glad to know your team is trying to use tacker.
05:27:24 <gongysh> joxyuki, keep in touch at tacker channel
05:27:29 <gongysh> thanks everyone
05:27:32 <joxyuki> gongysh, yes, keep in touch.
05:27:42 <gongysh> #endmeeting