04:32:16 <gongysh> #startmeeting tacker
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04:32:41 <gongysh> #topic roll call
04:32:51 <phuoc> o/
04:33:11 <gongysh> phuoc, hi
04:33:39 <phuoc> gongysh, hi
04:34:15 <gongysh> Chinese is still in sprint festival holidays.
04:34:53 <phuoc> it is so long, I think :)
04:35:16 <gongysh> today is the last day.
04:35:31 <phuoc> ahh
04:36:00 <gongysh> phuoc, it seems there are just you and me online for meeting.
04:36:14 <dangtrinhnt> hi
04:36:32 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt, hi
04:36:43 <gongysh> could you please introduce yourself?
04:37:23 <dangtrinhnt> Ah, I'm just new to tacker and currently a Master student next to Phuoc's labs :D
04:37:40 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt, great. welcome.
04:38:08 <gongysh> #topic bp
04:38:09 <gongysh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/538586/7
04:38:09 <dangtrinhnt> But, I have some experience (5 years) working as System admin and dev. Just come back to school for researching.
04:38:24 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt, cool.
04:39:17 <gongysh> phuoc, this is a good feature addition.
04:39:49 <phuoc> gongysh, its from mardim suggestion
04:40:19 <phuoc> I think we can have some feature after that
04:40:53 <gongysh> phuoc, mardim said if tacker can work to remove exiting flow classifier.
04:42:13 <phuoc> yes, we can do that with updating VNFFG
04:42:52 <phuoc> I have other feature about VNFFG, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/540209
04:43:39 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt, could you please add osc commands of tacker, just like this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/540000/
04:44:02 <phuoc> currently, everytime user create a VNFFG, Tacker will create new port-pair, port-pair-group
04:44:40 <phuoc> in my patch, new port-chain can reuse the existing port-pair-group
04:45:03 <dangtrinhnt> gongysh, yes I could. But to verify you asked me to update the current tacker client?
04:45:31 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt,  convert other tacker commands into osc tacker commands.
04:45:47 <dangtrinhnt> ok, got it.
04:46:10 <gongysh> phuoc, please reply mardim's comments https://review.openstack.org/#/c/538586/7
04:46:50 <phuoc> gongysh, I got it and answer him later
04:47:09 <gongysh> phuoc, it seems you are intested in vnffg,  we have a bp which is not implemented.
04:47:23 <gongysh> ns with vnffg
04:48:23 <phuoc> gongysh, I will look at it
04:48:30 <gongysh> phuoc, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/vnffg-ns
04:48:35 <dkushwaha> o/
04:48:40 <dkushwaha> sorry for late
04:48:43 <gongysh> dkushwaha, hi
04:48:55 <dangtrinhnt> gongysh, phuoc, talking about vnffg, how about this one: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/sfc-vm-container?
04:48:57 <phuoc> dkushwaha, hi
04:49:07 <dangtrinhnt> dkushwaha, hi
04:49:16 <dkushwaha> hello everyone :)
04:49:23 <phuoc> dangtrinhnt, I will support to do it :)
04:50:16 <dangtrinhnt> phuoc, I'm looking for the vnffg support for the containerized vnf, did we implemented it?
04:51:34 <phuoc> dangtrinhnt, I think we can do it, by using kuryr-kubernetes
04:52:12 <dangtrinhnt> phuoc, I think I can give you a hand on this.
04:52:16 <gongysh> phuoc, we can have a new feature bp to support kuryr-kubernetes
04:52:46 <gongysh> and then do https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tacker/+spec/sfc-vm-container
04:54:16 <phuoc> gongysh, thanks for your suggestion
04:54:22 <dangtrinhnt> gongysh, agree.
04:56:00 <gongysh> dkushwaha, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486924/
04:56:40 <gongysh> dkushwaha, when will you continue that task?
04:56:48 <dkushwaha> gongysh, oh, my long pending task :(
04:57:14 <dkushwaha> gongysh, will do now on priority
04:57:32 <gongysh> dkushwaha, our tacker-server is still a point of failure when we have monitor features.
04:58:05 <gongysh> dkushwaha,  thanks
04:58:31 <dkushwaha> gongysh, right, it should be completed soon
04:58:43 <gongysh> dkushwaha, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/545435/
04:59:09 <gongysh> dkushwaha, do you have reply to Tung Doan's comment?
04:59:32 <dkushwaha> gongysh, ok
05:00:11 <dkushwaha> gongysh, actually i could not found any way to do it in devstack, we needs to code cange in devstack
05:00:12 <gongysh> phuoc, don't forget the reno note in all patches.
05:00:43 <dkushwaha> gongysh, phuoc will respond on my patch
05:00:51 <phuoc> gongysh, I will do that
05:01:13 <gongysh> dkushwaha, what do you mean 'code change in devstack'?
05:01:20 <dkushwaha> gongysh, phuoc, I will respond on my patch
05:01:31 <gongysh> dkushwaha, ok
05:01:45 <gongysh> #topic open discussion
05:02:02 <phuoc> gongysh, I have some problem with eventlet
05:02:26 <phuoc> because Tacker's wsgi is using eventlet
05:02:31 <dkushwaha> gongysh, Queen release already cut-off. right?
05:02:47 <gongysh> dkushwaha, yes
05:03:00 <phuoc> can we support others for wsgi?
05:03:29 <gongysh> dkushwaha, https://github.com/openstack/tacker, you can see the stable/queens branch.
05:04:54 <gongysh> phuoc, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/520495/
05:05:09 <dkushwaha> gongysh, yes
05:05:56 <dkushwaha> gongysh, so we are moving patch in Rocky?
05:06:17 <gongysh> dkushwaha, yes, we are in rocky cycle now.
05:06:29 <gongysh> I will update the lauchpad site for it.
05:06:45 <dkushwaha> gongysh, ok
05:07:30 <gongysh> any thing else?
05:07:31 <dkushwaha> gongysh, ah, its typo. I mean so are we moving  cluster related patchs in Rocky?
05:08:29 <gongysh> cluster feature is not finished at queens, so we have to do it to Rocky.
05:08:38 <dkushwaha> gongysh, ok
05:09:25 <gongysh> lets wrap up today's meeting: phuoc will add a feature bp kuryr-k8s
05:09:41 <gongysh> dkushwaha will work on mistral monitor
05:10:40 <dkushwaha> gongysh, Do we have PTG?
05:10:41 <gongysh> I will review the patches.
05:11:38 <gongysh> lets decide at next meeting.
05:11:54 <gongysh> dkushwaha, I think we should have one.
05:12:07 <gongysh> for rocky cycle.
05:12:21 <dkushwaha> ok, openstack PTG date is 26 Feb to 2nd March
05:12:45 <gongysh> dkushwaha, will you be there?
05:13:03 <dkushwaha> gongysh, no
05:14:11 <gongysh> dkushwaha, could you help to open a ehterpad page for us to register rocky ptg topics?
05:14:28 <dkushwaha> gongysh, sure
05:14:32 <dkushwaha> will do it
05:14:34 <gongysh> dkushwaha, thanks
05:15:41 <gongysh> dkushwaha,,  put it at tacker channel if done.
05:15:53 <dkushwaha> gongysh, ok
05:15:56 <gongysh> phuoc, dangtrinhnt , do you have something to talk?
05:16:18 <phuoc> not for now
05:16:18 <dangtrinhnt> gongysh, about eventlet
05:16:46 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt, do you have any problems about eventlet?
05:17:07 <gongysh> since we have oslo messages used, we cannot remove it.
05:17:08 <dangtrinhnt> phuoc and I was planning to replace it with something else 'cos the lib is incompatible with k8s
05:18:05 <dangtrinhnt> evenlet seems to mess with the multiprocessing of k8s: https://github.com/eventlet/eventlet/issues/147
05:20:45 <dangtrinhnt> gongysh, should we go back to the tacker channel now? Is the meeting over?
05:21:08 <gongysh> dangtrinhnt, do you have done research if we remove evenlet?
05:21:36 <dangtrinhnt> gongysh, Yes, but only on the wsgi part, not oslo messages.
05:22:15 <gongysh> it is not easy to remove evenlet in a openstack project.
05:22:59 <phuoc> gongysh, we will try to investigate about that
05:23:05 <dangtrinhnt> yes, agree.
05:23:11 <gongysh> ok, thanks.
05:23:21 <gongysh> anything else?
05:23:51 <gongysh> thanks everyone.
05:23:55 <gongysh> #endmeeting