08:09:49 <dkushwaha> #startmeeting tacker
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08:10:11 <dkushwaha> #topic Roll Call
08:10:38 <dkushwaha> Who is here for Tacker meeting?
08:12:34 <YanXing_an> hi
08:12:51 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an: hi
08:16:12 <YanXing_an> dkushwaha, seems other guys are trapped in registration
08:16:39 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an: yea, seems so. :)
08:17:14 <dkushwaha> we can wait for some time, and then we can close today meeting.
08:18:57 <YanXing_an> li_jia_li is online, you changed your nick name :)
08:19:09 <YanXing_an> li_jia_le, hi
08:19:17 <li_jia_le> hi
08:19:21 <dkushwaha> li_jia_le: hi
08:22:00 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an: li_jia_le do we have something to discuss?
08:23:29 <YanXing_an> dkushwaha, have rocky released?
08:24:43 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an: I have to learn these thing, and how to do that, so I need help of gongysh for those things.
08:25:10 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an: i hope, it not released yet
08:26:19 <longkb> o/
08:26:25 <YanXing_an> dkushwaha, ok
08:26:36 <dkushwaha> longkb: hi
08:26:38 <YanXing_an> longkb, hi
08:26:39 <li_jia_le> longkb hi.
08:26:47 <longkb> long time no see :D
08:27:13 <dkushwaha> longkb: :)
08:28:40 <YanXing_an> longkb, do you know dkushwaha is our new PTL?
08:28:48 <longkb> Wow
08:28:57 <longkb> congrat dkushwaha
08:29:09 <longkb> I hear that from Phuoc
08:29:20 <dkushwaha> longkb: Thanks :)
08:30:19 <longkb> We are in R-2
08:30:42 <longkb> so Rocky will be released in the next two weeks, right?
08:31:44 <dkushwaha> longkb: yes, but i needs to understand the process first.
08:32:39 <dkushwaha> longkb: do you have something to discuss ?
08:33:32 <dkushwaha> otherwise, i am thinking to close today's meeting.
08:33:33 <longkb> I am making plan the the S cycle :D
08:33:50 <longkb> +1 dkushwaha
08:34:03 <dkushwaha> longkb: great, looking for your support :)
08:34:09 <longkb> I will show my plan later
08:34:20 <longkb> Congratulation again :)
08:34:49 <dkushwaha> alright folks. Closing this meeting
08:34:54 <dkushwaha> Thanks all
08:34:58 <dkushwaha> #endmeeting