08:02:58 <dkushwaha> #startmeeting tacker
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08:03:15 <dkushwaha> #topic Roll Call
08:03:49 <dkushwaha> who is here for Tacker weekly meeting ?
08:06:17 <joxyuki> hi
08:06:26 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, hi
08:07:34 <cao_bin> hi
08:07:53 <dkushwaha> cao_bin, hi
08:09:33 <dkushwaha> Seems no more friends available today :)
08:12:06 <dkushwaha> ok lets start a brief meeting..
08:12:16 <dkushwaha> #topic Announcements
08:13:39 <dkushwaha> This time we have only Project update and project onboarding session in berlin summit
08:13:45 <dkushwaha> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/berlin-2018/summit-schedule/global-search?t=tacker+-+
08:14:42 <dkushwaha> Stein1 milestone is in next week.
08:14:49 <dkushwaha> #link https://releases.openstack.org/stein/schedule.html
08:14:58 <YanXing_an> hi
08:15:21 <dkushwaha> We needs to focus on specs to finish them asap
08:15:28 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, hi
08:16:52 <dkushwaha> #topic bp/mistral-monitor-policy
08:17:17 <dkushwaha> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486924/
08:17:56 <dkushwaha> I resumed my work in this, but facing some design related issues in conductor
08:18:22 <dkushwaha> I will update patch with raw code today
08:18:58 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, and all needs your help to review the patch
08:20:00 <joxyuki> dkushwaha, what is the problem?
08:20:36 <YanXing_an> dkushwaha, both li_jia_le and i are busy on projects these weeks
08:21:51 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, conductor is running as service and in action part, conductor not able to fatch mistralclient with error ¨service catalog is empty¨
08:22:20 <dkushwaha> as of now i tried hardcoded workaround, but will change them further
08:22:30 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, ok
08:23:30 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, i will update the patch today with current code
08:23:36 <joxyuki> ok
08:23:53 <joxyuki> I will have a look it.
08:23:58 <dkushwaha> #topic bp/force-delete-resources
08:24:05 <dkushwaha> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/602528/
08:24:07 <YanXing_an> dkushwaha, you mean conductor can not invoke mistral's api using client?
08:24:15 <dkushwaha> no update on this week.
08:24:24 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, right
08:25:25 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, and i am not thinking to the same approach as we used for shared vim
08:26:11 <dkushwaha> needs suggestions on that from you folks
08:26:48 <dkushwaha> #topic bp/vdu-auto-healing
08:26:50 <YanXing_an> is it due to the "service" context can not access the keystone to get the endpoint?
08:27:17 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, i have just commented on patch
08:27:26 <dkushwaha> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/603558/
08:28:16 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, yes, and at the same time project_name is empty while creating new tocken
08:29:03 <joxyuki> dkushwaha, I think existing `respawn` action are useful.
08:29:22 <joxyuki> So I want to remain it as is.
08:30:30 <joxyuki> `respawn` action can be a last resort of trouble-shooting.
08:30:49 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, do you have any usecase/plan for that?
08:32:40 <joxyuki> umm,,, no idea for now...
08:32:48 <YanXing_an> why we need conductor invoke mistral? I think tacker-server will create a workflow to mistrial to monitor vnf, and conductor only do action, such as "respawn"
08:33:35 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, ok lets keep it for now.
08:35:16 <joxyuki> ok
08:36:47 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, when we call ¨call_vnf_policy_action¨, it runs under conducter context  and call execute_action
08:37:26 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, lets wait to update patch today
08:37:46 <dkushwaha> It will be clear to discuss on that
08:38:53 <YanXing_an> dkushwaha, ok, i need some time to understand that usecase :)
08:39:15 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, yup sure
08:40:05 <dkushwaha> #topic OpenDiscussion
08:40:59 <dkushwaha> cao_bin, hi
08:41:14 <dkushwaha> could you please introduce yourself
08:43:46 <cao_bin> hi, i am from chinamobile, YanXing_an's colleague
08:44:25 <dkushwaha> cao_bin, great :)
08:44:29 <YanXing_an> cao_bin, expecting on your first patch
08:44:30 <joxyuki> hi cao_bin :-)
08:44:37 <cao_bin> ok
08:45:07 <cao_bin> hi, joxyuki
08:46:32 <dkushwaha> we are looking volunteer to help help test cases addition in tacker
08:47:06 <dkushwaha> It will be great help if somebody can work on that
08:48:10 <dkushwaha> this is complete from me for this week.
08:48:33 <cao_bin> i'm glad to do it
08:48:34 <dkushwaha> YanXing_an, joxyuki do you have some other topics to discuss?
08:49:27 <dkushwaha> cao_bin, Thanks for raising your hand. It will be really great help
08:50:24 <cao_bin> It's my pleasure
08:52:14 <dkushwaha> Ok, Thanks Folks..
08:52:48 <dkushwaha> closing this meeting now
08:52:56 <dkushwaha> #endmeeting tacker