08:03:07 <dkushwaha> #startmeeting tacker
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08:03:23 <dkushwaha> #topic Roll Call
08:03:38 <dkushwaha> who is here for Tacker weekly meeting?
08:03:59 <bhagyashris_> O/
08:04:08 <dkushwaha> hi bhagyashris_
08:04:15 <bhagyashris_> Hi
08:04:17 <phuoc> o/
08:04:24 <dkushwaha> phuoc, hi
08:04:53 <phuoc> dkushwaha, bhagyashris_ hi :)
08:06:01 <dkushwaha> seems no more members available
08:06:09 <dkushwaha> #chair phuoc
08:06:10 <openstack> Current chairs: dkushwaha phuoc
08:06:18 <joxyuki> hi, I'm late
08:06:33 <dkushwaha> joxyuki, hello
08:07:20 <dkushwaha> #topic BPs
08:08:01 <phuoc> about force delete BP
08:09:04 <dkushwaha> phuoc, have you pushed any patch? If so link please
08:09:06 <binh_> Hi
08:09:08 <phuoc> I uploaded 2 patch sets: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/620381 and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/620385
08:09:51 <dkushwaha> phuoc, great
08:10:15 <phuoc> we can start with client first, and I can update in Tacker server later
08:11:14 <dkushwaha> phuoc, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/620385/1/tacker/api/v1/base.py
08:11:42 <dkushwaha> phuoc, in #397
08:11:53 <dkushwaha> what body will have?
08:13:05 <phuoc> dkushwaha, body likes {'vnf': {'attributes': {'force': True}}}
08:13:57 <phuoc> you can see it here, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/620381/2/tackerclient/tacker/v1_0/vnfm/vnf.py
08:16:07 <dkushwaha> phuoc, sounds good
08:16:39 <dkushwaha> phuoc, do you have plan to push patch, resource specific or combine patch for all
08:16:40 <dkushwaha> ?
08:17:12 <dkushwaha> like VNF, VNFFG
08:17:36 <phuoc> I prefer separate them into 3 parts
08:18:35 <dkushwaha> phuoc, fine. Ok I will update the spec accordingly
08:20:09 <dkushwaha> moving on
08:20:40 <dkushwaha> BP Mistral workflow monitoring
08:20:51 <dkushwaha> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486924/
08:21:14 <dkushwaha> phuoc, regarding your comment
08:22:03 <dkushwaha> Do you mean to use new context (i.e. generate_tacker_service_contex) for monitoring ??
08:23:24 <phuoc> https://github.com/openstack/tacker/blob/master/tacker/context.py#L180
08:23:47 <phuoc> I think you can update it like this way
08:25:16 <phuoc> because I see in your patch, some parameters are fixed
08:25:48 <dkushwaha> phuoc, yea, i have to remove those hardcoded values.
08:26:57 <dkushwaha> but I am not sure, how generate_tacker_service_contex will be helpful here
08:27:38 <phuoc> removing hard coded is fine to me
08:28:02 <dkushwaha> ok, I will re-look my patch again, and will fix your comments
08:29:13 <dkushwaha> moving on
08:29:32 <dkushwaha> bhagyashris_, do you have something to discuss ?
08:29:52 <bhagyashris_> yes
08:29:54 <bhagyashris_> Thank you dkushwaha, joxyuki and phuoc for your response regarding HealVnfRequest data http://paste.openstack.org/show/735705/  .
08:30:08 <bhagyashris_> Now I will start the implement of vdu_autoheal monitoring policy action according to the request data mentioned in reference link.
08:30:29 <bhagyashris_> One thing would like to propose here is Should we use versioned object for HealVnfRequest data.
08:31:29 <dkushwaha> bhagyashris_, what is mean by "version object" ?
08:33:27 <joxyuki> I don't think so, because API has its version in URI
08:34:49 <bhagyashris_> I mean version object means https://github.com/openstack/oslo.versionedobjects/tree/master/oslo_versionedobjects
08:34:50 <tpatil> dkushwaha: What Bhagyashri is suggesting is instead of passing dict everywhere let's start using oslo Versioning objects
08:35:30 <tpatil> dkushwaha: We can start using oslo_versionedobjects for HealVNFRequest
08:36:02 <dkushwaha> tpatil, is there any related link? kindly share the same
08:36:16 <dkushwaha> i needs to look into that
08:36:22 <phuoc> I didn't tried it, so I want to see how it works
08:36:54 <tpatil> In nova project it is used widely
08:37:07 <bhagyashris_> Currently all the core projects are using the Oslo versioned objects https://github.com/openstack/nova/tree/master/nova/objects
08:38:28 <dkushwaha> phuoc, any suggestion on that. ^^
08:38:54 <dkushwaha> tpatil, bhagyashris_ I will check first and then let you know
08:39:12 <phuoc> I think we can do that way
08:39:28 <joxyuki> I will check it too.
08:40:09 <tpatil> The drawback of dict is you don't know what attributes are present in HealVNFRequest or a VNF. If you convert it to oslo versioned object, it will be clear
08:41:02 <tpatil> For now, we suggest to implement it for HealVNFRequest and in future we can implement it for all cases
08:42:12 <phuoc> it's fine to me
08:42:29 <tpatil> phuoc: Thanks
08:42:38 <joxyuki> tpatil, do you have an exmple of other case?
08:42:53 <tpatil> VNF dict, it's a big one
08:43:30 <joxyuki> OK, got it.
08:43:39 <dkushwaha> bhagyashris_, tpatil sounds good as other core projects also using the same. so it seems fine to me.(although in between i will explore it and let you know in case of any query)
08:43:44 <tpatil> VNFD, Triggers etc etc
08:44:48 <dkushwaha> binh_, hi
08:44:49 <bhagyashris_> dkushwaha, joxyuki phuoc: ok. Thank you :)
08:45:57 <binh_> hi
08:46:24 <binh_> I'm research
08:46:34 <joxyuki> binh_, hello
08:46:37 <binh_> Im same lab with phuoc
08:46:38 <dkushwaha> binh_, welcome to Tacker team. Could you please introduce yourself
08:46:43 <binh_> Nice to meet you guys
08:47:12 <binh_> I'm currently a research of DCN lab at Soongsil university
08:47:13 <phuoc> binh_ is my colleague
08:47:21 <phuoc> he have an idea about service graph https://docs.openstack.org/networking-sfc/latest/contributor/ietf_sfc_encapsulation.html
08:47:23 <dkushwaha> binh_, nice.
08:47:37 <phuoc> I hope you guys can help him to finish that feature :)
08:48:02 <binh_> yeah, thank you all :D
08:48:21 <binh_> my full name is Nguyen Hiep Binh
08:48:28 <binh_> you can call me binh
08:49:13 <binh_> I intent to implement branching and joining SFC path
08:49:47 <binh_> base on networking-sfc ietf encapsulation as Phuoc mention above
08:50:04 <dkushwaha> binh_, phuoc will it go in Tacker side or networking-sfc?
08:50:42 <binh_> It's will go on Tacker side and call networking-sfc
08:50:49 <binh_> api
08:50:58 <dkushwaha> binh_, i see
08:51:15 <binh_> We need define some template to call that APIs
08:52:27 <dkushwaha> binh_, Have you drafted any doc etc?
08:54:11 <binh_> I will upload the spec on next week or next next week
08:54:21 <dkushwaha> binh_, cool
08:55:43 <dkushwaha> binh_, good to see you in Team, and welcome once again.
08:56:27 <dkushwaha> moving on
08:56:33 <binh_> i will inform you guys when it finish
08:56:37 <binh_> ok thank you
08:56:53 <dkushwaha> #topic Open Discussion
08:57:22 <phuoc> I have a patch to update SFC encapsulation https://review.openstack.org/#/c/620680
08:57:36 <phuoc> need some reviews on that patch, thanks :)
08:58:42 <dkushwaha> phuoc, Ok, I will review it
08:59:02 <phuoc> thank you
08:59:34 <dkushwaha> I am thinking to land CSAR package BP in Stein
08:59:40 <dkushwaha> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/582930/
09:00:16 <dkushwaha> I seems owner is not available now a days
09:00:37 <dkushwaha> So hopefully, I will start working on that byt next week
09:00:48 <phuoc> that's great
09:00:55 <joxyuki> dkushwaha, great
09:01:41 <dkushwaha> Thats all from my side
09:01:46 <dkushwaha> Do we have something more to discuss?
09:02:42 <phuoc> thanks
09:02:49 <phuoc> nothing from me
09:02:58 <dkushwaha> ok, Thanks all.
09:03:10 <dkushwaha> Closing this meeting for now
09:03:17 <dkushwaha> #endmeeting