08:03:45 <joxyuki> #startmeeting tacker
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08:04:46 <joxyuki> #topic RollCall
08:04:56 <hyunsikyang> Hello All.
08:05:09 <joxyuki> hi hyunsikyang
08:05:13 <takahashi-tsc> Hello
08:05:15 <keiko-k> Hello
08:06:11 <joxyuki> ok, let's get started...
08:06:47 <joxyuki> #topic spec: event alarm
08:07:19 <joxyuki> I posted some comments on the spec https://review.opendev.org/#/c/700167/
08:07:40 <joxyuki> takahashi-tsc, do you have any query or discussion?
08:09:35 <takahashi-tsc> Not here, but there are something to consider. Basically I consider.
08:10:31 <takahashi-tsc> I replied comment, so I would be grateful if you have additional comments.
08:11:09 <hyunsikyang> I didn't check yet. I will check it too:) thanks
08:11:17 <joxyuki> yes, I saw your replay just now. Let's keep discussion on gerrit or IRC>
08:11:43 <takahashi-tsc> OK, thanks.
08:12:06 <joxyuki> #topic multi-interface for CNF
08:12:18 <joxyuki> thanks for the patch, hyunsikyang
08:12:32 <joxyuki> do you have any discussion about it?
08:12:45 <hyunsikyang> you're welcome. last time, we checked the code and got +1.
08:12:58 <hyunsikyang> So now, If you have a time, please review test code.
08:13:19 <hyunsikyang> and then we can finish it for next one.:)
08:15:01 <joxyuki> ok
08:15:40 <joxyuki> I found functional test failed.
08:15:56 <hyunsikyang> in my code?
08:15:59 <hyunsikyang> testcode?
08:16:21 <joxyuki> I don't think your code.
08:16:58 <hyunsikyang> Ah I thought you mentioned my code.
08:18:11 <joxyuki> oh, it's due to your code. You deleted tools/test-setup-default-vim.sh so devstack installation failed in functional test.
08:19:27 <joxyuki> and also tacker/test/etc/sample/local-vim.yaml.
08:19:46 <joxyuki> Do you have any reason to delete these files?
08:19:47 <hyunsikyang> Ah AM I delete it? I thought I delete it in my patch
08:19:50 <hyunsikyang> sorry.
08:20:30 <hyunsikyang> Because, last time when I upload code, it include without my intend,, so I delete it.
08:21:02 <hyunsikyang> So how can I fix it?
08:21:07 <joxyuki> NP, can you revive these file on your patch?
08:21:16 <hyunsikyang> OK
08:21:30 <hyunsikyang> I will add it in the next patch!
08:21:42 <hyunsikyang> TOday.
08:22:02 <joxyuki> you should checkout these file from master branch and submit next patchset.
08:22:15 <joxyuki> good.
08:22:48 <joxyuki> moving next...
08:23:07 <joxyuki> keiko-k, do you have your topic today?
08:23:44 <keiko-k> nothing
08:24:15 <joxyuki> #topic open-discussion
08:25:10 <joxyuki> we should suport python3 and  drop python2 support.
08:26:00 <joxyuki> I recommend you all to make your devstack on python3.
08:27:35 <hyunsikyang> ok.
08:27:37 <joxyuki> Notetaht when you do it, you need https://review.opendev.org/#/c/696227/.
08:28:28 <joxyuki> You can get the patch by doing git pull on master branch as it was already merged.
08:29:49 <joxyuki> okey, does anyone have another topic? if not, I will close the meeting.
08:30:36 <hyunsikyang> OK.
08:30:40 <hyunsikyang> thanks
08:31:04 <joxyuki> seems nothig. Thanks folks.
08:31:11 <joxyuki> #endmeeting