08:02:55 <joxyuki> #startmeeting tacker
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08:03:08 <joxyuki> #topic Roll call
08:04:54 <keiko-k> hello
08:05:03 <joxyuki> hi keiko-k
08:07:27 <hyunsikyang> Hi
08:07:45 <hyunsikyang> keiko-k
08:07:48 <hyunsikyang> and Jo
08:07:53 <keiko-k> hello
08:07:58 <joxyuki> hi
08:09:29 <joxyuki> let's start.
08:09:48 <joxyuki> #topic spec
08:10:17 <joxyuki> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/591866/
08:10:38 <joxyuki> it almost looks good. I can put +2.
08:11:10 <joxyuki> I can put +2 soon after this meeting.
08:11:44 <joxyuki> and series of implementation patches are being uploaded.
08:12:54 <keiko-k> Thanks
08:13:11 <joxyuki> I will start to review them except WIP patches.
08:13:49 <joxyuki> next,,,
08:14:21 <joxyuki> hyunsikyang, do you have anything to talk about your patches?
08:14:35 <joxyuki> hi, takahashi-tsc
08:14:35 <hyunsikyang> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/674761/
08:14:45 <hyunsikyang> I replied your comment.
08:14:46 <takahashi-tsc> Hello, sorry for late.
08:14:55 <hyunsikyang> Please see check it again.
08:15:12 <hyunsikyang> IMO, now tacker doesn't have testing for C-VNf.
08:15:31 <hyunsikyang> ANYWAY, Please see my comment.
08:15:48 <hyunsikyang> I hope this pathck will merge at this stage.
08:17:48 <joxyuki> ok, I will check it.
08:18:08 <hyunsikyang> thanks
08:18:27 <joxyuki> I think we can remain tests for kubernetes driver for future work.
08:18:59 <hyunsikyang> YES. It also good Idea
08:19:53 <joxyuki> next,
08:19:58 <hyunsikyang> In this round, I want to merge two patches.. and staring another one:)
08:20:48 <joxyuki> noted.
08:20:59 <joxyuki> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/700167/
08:21:15 <joxyuki> takahashi-tsc, do you have anythink to talk about your spec?
08:23:03 <takahashi-tsc> I think remaining topic is "constraint", I'm checking my spec and existing code of "Alarming".
08:25:10 <joxyuki> yeah, parameters under "condition" are not clear for me also.
08:25:21 <takahashi-tsc> I reply the comment later. In my understanding, "constraint" in Alarming definition is just description, and actual constraint should defined as other attributes.
08:25:24 <takahashi-tsc> https://github.com/openstack/heat-translator/blob/2ceec3b348bb034935284033bde3c3be51f54651/translator/hot/tosca/tosca_policies_monitoring.py#L67
08:26:07 <takahashi-tsc> I will consider the definition of event alarm based on the above.
08:27:23 <joxyuki> umm..., it looks bit strange.
08:28:30 <joxyuki> But if you think that code is feasible, I don't care about it anymore.
08:28:31 <takahashi-tsc> I agree... I think we should also change current metric alarming definition...
08:28:58 <joxyuki> ok
08:30:27 <joxyuki> next https://review.opendev.org/#/c/696819/
08:31:11 <joxyuki> PTL already put +2. If you have a time, please review it. Any comments and queries are welcome.
08:31:56 <joxyuki> next...
08:32:02 <joxyuki> #topic python3
08:32:09 <joxyuki> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/703579/
08:32:40 <joxyuki> Tomi reported a trouble on installing tacker-horizon on python3.
08:32:52 <hyunsikyang> Yes. I got same error.
08:33:20 <joxyuki> As you can see discussions on the patch, work around for this problems is changing /usr/bin/python simlink to python3.
08:33:47 <joxyuki> please be aware of this work around.
08:33:50 <hyunsikyang> yes. It also one of the solution.
08:35:31 <joxyuki> hyunsikyang, do you think we should merge this patch instead of changing the simlink?
08:36:39 <hyunsikyang> umm... I think this patch can solve this problem temporary...
08:38:04 <hyunsikyang> Now in master
08:38:21 <hyunsikyang> version,
08:38:30 <hyunsikyang> python3 is default.
08:39:05 <hyunsikyang> So, It make a pytone3 env when it install... but only this manage.py make a error.
08:39:34 <joxyuki> Yes, we only support python3 so we can merge it.
08:39:35 <hyunsikyang> IMO, There is another bug.
08:41:53 <joxyuki> What bug?
08:42:22 <hyunsikyang> Just Guess
08:42:38 <hyunsikyang> Bucause only mange.py make a error.
08:43:00 <hyunsikyang> If you are ok, I think it needs for current error.:)
08:44:19 <joxyuki> Actually I got the same error caused by script in neutron during devstack installation.
08:45:36 <hyunsikyang> is it also python3 problem?
08:45:53 <joxyuki> Yes. Regarding these errors, it depends on your python2 environment whether errors occur of not.
08:46:10 <joxyuki> s/of/or/
08:47:09 <joxyuki> If your python2 environemnt satisfies requirements of an script, you won't get a error.
08:48:47 <joxyuki> So, what I am saying is that we may get these errors dpending on python2 environemnt even if we merge the patch.
08:49:47 <joxyuki> To solve this, all shebang, including other project, need to be changed to python3 from python.
08:50:36 <joxyuki> This is why I recommend the work around for now.
08:51:54 <hyunsikyang> I don't know what project use pythone2 until now... , but if we think that pythone3 is default, it is now problem even we change shebang of the manage.py.
08:52:09 <hyunsikyang> Can we test it again with this patch?
08:52:53 <hyunsikyang> and it doesn't make a error, we can use it workaround solution. What do u think?
08:54:09 <hyunsikyang> or just abandon it and change the link.. now chaos of version of python.kkk
08:55:37 <joxyuki> what do you mean "we can use it workaroud solution"?
08:56:10 <hyunsikyang> this patch if it doesn't make a error.
08:58:06 <joxyuki> I think we should abondone this patch for now. But if the all community starts to change shebang, I will re-open it.
08:58:18 <hyunsikyang> Okie:)
08:58:28 <hyunsikyang> thank your for your concern!
08:58:38 <joxyuki> not at all.
08:59:05 <joxyuki> time is running out. close the meeting. thanks team!
08:59:10 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks
08:59:13 <hyunsikyang> see you:)
08:59:22 <joxyuki> #endmeeting