08:07:01 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:07:14 <hyunsikyang__> Hi all again.
08:07:26 <takahashi-tsc> Hello
08:07:29 <yasufum> hi
08:07:42 <Hiep_MQ> Hi
08:08:56 <JangwonLee__> hi
08:08:59 <yasufum> hi
08:10:02 <yasufum> I think there are two topics today from takahashi-san.
08:10:20 <yasufum> is there any other topic?
08:10:31 <tpatil> I have two more topics
08:10:49 <keiko-k> want to talk about vPTG for Victoria
08:10:49 <tpatil> one is review request: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/693290
08:10:50 <patchbot> patch 693290 - tacker - Support short notation for artifacts definition - 2 patch sets
08:11:01 <hyunsikyang__> Yes. I also want to discuss about networking sfc
08:11:15 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, my 1 topic is networking-sfc
08:11:21 <hyunsikyang__> Good:)
08:11:23 <tpatil> another: Functional tests are failing as default VIM is not registered.
08:12:09 <takahashi-tsc> My another topic is about updating wiki
08:12:39 <ueha> Hi all, nice to meet you. I'm Ayumu Ueha from Fujitsu.
08:12:40 <ueha> I'm interested in Tacker and will be joining Tacker project.
08:12:40 <ueha> Thank you!
08:12:59 <yasufum> hi, nice to meet you
08:13:13 <keiko-k> ueha hello, welcome in!
08:13:18 <tpatil> ueho: Welcome!!!
08:13:23 <takahashi-tsc> Hi, welcome to Tacker
08:13:38 <hyunsikyang__> welcome
08:14:01 <yasufum> OK, totally 4 topics, networking-sfc, wiki, patches, and vPTG.
08:14:20 <yasufum> Could you start from the 1st one?
08:14:31 <takahashi-tsc> Before discussion , can we use etherpad tfor long-term discussion?
08:14:32 <Liang> Hi there, this is Liang Lu from Fujitsu, same to ueha, I am also interesting in Tacker and NFV, and I am willing to join tacker project!
08:14:39 <takahashi-tsc> https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:14:59 <keiko-k> Liang hello! welcome
08:15:02 <takahashi-tsc> I think we can use etherpad freely, what do you think about using above etherpad?
08:15:03 <yasufum> welcome Liang
08:15:18 <tpatil> Liang: Welcome!!!
08:15:30 <takahashi-tsc> Welcome!
08:16:17 <hyunsikyang__> welcome!
08:17:29 <hyunsikyang__> What is the first topic today?
08:17:52 <yasufum> networking-sfc
08:18:32 <hyunsikyang__> Ok. takahashi, could you explain detail of networking sfc issue?
08:18:52 <takahashi-tsc> OK, as I write in etherpad Neutron members look for networking-sfc's volunteer.
08:20:04 <hyunsikyang__> what feauter we are developing?
08:20:06 <takahashi-tsc> I think Tacker use networking-sfc. So I want to know that anyone want to continue to use and maintain networking-sfc.
08:20:15 <slaweq> hi
08:20:27 <slaweq> I see You are talking about networking-sfc project
08:20:28 <yasufum> hi
08:20:40 <hyunsikyang__> Hi
08:20:48 <slaweq> in general the issue with this is that we almost don't have maintaners of it
08:21:06 <slaweq> so neutron cores are doing their best to keep project more or less healthy
08:21:09 <slaweq> but nothing else
08:21:44 <hyunsikyang__> humm.. last time, tacker use it for SFC in openstack, and also used it for ODL integration.
08:22:17 <hyunsikyang__> After that, we don't have any feature which is related with it.
08:23:16 <hyunsikyang__> So, takahasi-tsc, They need someone to maintain it?
08:24:10 <takahashi-tsc> I think Neutron want to know our opinion. If no one want to maintain sfc, we should tell it to Neutron members.
08:24:37 <takahashi-tsc> Tacker team's opinion.
08:24:39 <hyunsikyang__> is it independant project now?
08:25:03 <hyunsikyang__> humm.  As a perspective of tacker, it needs for networing management.
08:25:44 <takahashi-tsc> Now networking-sfc is sub project of Neutron, but if no one maintain, the project move out of Neutron.
08:26:48 <hyunsikyang__> what is the mean of 'the project move out of Neutron.'?
08:27:12 <hyunsikyang__> just remove and remain the features?
08:27:47 <hyunsikyang__> So, It means that we should find new topic and do it.. right?
08:29:32 <takahashi-tsc> Hmm... I do not know detailed mean of "move out"...
08:29:35 <slaweq> it's exactly how takahashi-tsc said, if there will be nobody who wants to maintain it, we will probably deprecate it some day and move out of stadium
08:29:46 <slaweq> so it then will be in x/ namespace
08:29:51 <slaweq> as unofficial project
08:30:01 <yasufum> I see
08:30:05 <slaweq> but for now we didn't plan it (yet) for networking-sfc
08:30:19 <yasufum> btw, is there any deadline for making our decision?
08:30:20 <slaweq> we are doing something like that for neutron-fwaas currently
08:30:37 <slaweq> yasufum: we don't have any strict deadlines
08:30:55 <slaweq> but we will review list of stadium projects during Virtual PTG
08:31:09 <hyunsikyang__> OK. I also considered what is the best for it. Personally, I think it needs for tacker.
08:31:50 <slaweq> and for sure we will first announce it on ML so You will have some time to do some actions if needed :)
08:32:46 <yasufum> OK. Unfortunately, it seems we have enough time today. We would like to continue the discussion in tacker IRC or etherpad.
08:33:01 <yasufum> sorry, not enough time
08:33:07 <hyunsikyang__> OK. let's move to the second noe.
08:33:08 <hyunsikyang__> one
08:33:53 <yasufum> slaweq, I would like to share our conclusion asap
08:34:57 <yasufum> 2nd topic is about updating wiki, right?
08:35:02 <yasufum> takahashi-san
08:35:40 <takahashi-tsc> OK,  it is simple proposal. can I update wiki as follows? and doyou have any other idea?
08:36:32 <takahashi-tsc> Meeting/Tacker Page every week, Add URL of important docs,   Add URL of meeting etherpad page
08:36:47 <takahashi-tsc> As I write on Etherpad
08:37:19 <takahashi-tsc> I already start to update Meeting/Tacker agenda page every week.
08:37:19 <hyunsikyang__> and update member too:)
08:37:33 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, I agree > members
08:38:32 <takahashi-tsc> If you have some idea, please write in etherpad.
08:38:39 <yasufum> pls confirm about “current members”?
08:38:39 <hyunsikyang__> ok thanks.
08:39:28 <tpatil> Agree++
08:41:46 <tpatil> Can we move to the next topic?
08:41:53 <hyunsikyang__> yes!
08:42:02 <yasufum> sure
08:42:09 <tpatil> Need review : https://review.opendev.org/#/c/693290
08:42:09 <patchbot> patch 693290 - tacker - Support short notation for artifacts definition - 2 patch sets
08:42:30 <tpatil> It's about adding support short notation
08:43:59 <tpatil> Is it possible to merge it first in master and then back port it to stable/ussuri branch?
08:44:17 <tpatil> I would like to know your opinion
08:45:19 <yasufum> Sorry, this review was included in my TODO, but not yet.
08:45:32 <yasufum> I agree to merge
08:45:45 <yasufum> and do the review soon
08:45:53 <tpatil> Ok, Thanks
08:46:17 <tpatil> Second point I would like to discuss is about VIM registration by tacker devstack plugin
08:46:28 <tpatil> This patch https://review.opendev.org/#/c/722209/, fixes this problem partially
08:46:29 <patchbot> patch 722209 - tacker - Fix create custom Mistral action (MERGED) - 6 patch sets
08:46:39 <tpatil> but we still see the functional tests are failing on gate job
08:49:04 <tpatil> My observation is, after devstack finishes OpenStack installation, I can register VIM successfully but somehow VIM0 is not set as default VIM by setup-default-vim role. I'm checking this problem.
08:49:22 <tpatil> Just want to know if anyone else is also looking into this issue?
08:50:18 <yasufum> I have not yet actually
08:50:58 <yasufum> do you have any solution for the issue?
08:51:41 <tpatil> Not yet, checking the logs and trying to find out the cause. It appears that default vim is already registered so it's not allowing VIM0 to be registered.
08:52:03 <tpatil> I will continue trouble shooting this issue
08:52:45 <yasufum> thanks!
08:53:14 <tpatil> That's all I wanted to bring up in today's meeting. Thank you.
08:53:58 <yasufum> so move on to the final topic, vPTG
08:54:21 <keiko-k> I proposed this topic, but you can ignore me
08:54:35 <keiko-k> I tried to ask the ether pad url and date but
08:54:41 <keiko-k> I found it
08:55:16 <keiko-k> Later I will add my proposal  for vPTG
08:55:26 <keiko-k> to vPTG etherpad
08:55:37 <yasufum> OK
08:56:22 <yasufum> If you have other topics today, I would like to close this meeting.
08:56:39 <yasufum> and continue discussion for networking-sfc later
08:57:53 <takahashi-tsc> Not from me. I think we can close.
08:58:09 <yasufum> ok thanks
08:58:12 <yasufum> bye
08:58:18 <takahashi-tsc> thanks
08:58:30 <yasufum> #endmeeting