08:08:42 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:09:29 <hyunsikyang> Hi
08:09:32 <yasufum> hi
08:09:34 <yoshito-ito> hi all
08:09:36 <takahashi-tsc> Hi
08:09:42 <yasufum> I think we have two topics today
08:10:28 <yasufum> Patches including specs, and feedback to ETSI NFV from takahashi-tsc
08:10:57 <hyunsikyang> Could you share the link?
08:11:09 <yasufum> which one?
08:11:22 <keiko-k> Hi
08:11:41 <hyunsikyang> Patches including specs, and feedback to ETSI NFV from takahashi-tsc  --> this one
08:12:06 <hyunsikyang> isn't it a topic of today?
08:12:15 <yasufum> patches or feedback, or both
08:12:16 <yasufum> ?
08:12:55 <hyunsikyang> ah I thoght you mentioned it for review.
08:13:02 <hyunsikyang> Don't care.
08:14:02 <yasufum> I hope you will review specs and add +1 if you agree to proceed it to implement.
08:14:18 <hyunsikyang> OK.
08:14:22 <takahashi-tsc> OK
08:15:06 <hyunsikyang> Usually, when we mention specific spec, we share the link:) It it good for review!
08:15:21 <hyunsikyang> What is the topic today?
08:15:57 <takahashi-tsc> Sorry but some of my spec is WIP, I'll complete them soon...
08:17:03 <yasufum> I understand
08:17:31 <yoshito-ito> Do we have a target deadline for it?
08:19:02 <yoshito-ito> because we may have few feedback and it makes difficult to start implementations
08:20:15 <hyunsikyang> yasufum, if you finish the first review for yoshito-ito, could you share the spec for review every meeting?
08:20:26 <takahashi-tsc> In my understanding, there is no official deadline. But I think we should make some our own deadline. Someday in July?
08:20:27 <hyunsikyang> We have so many things.
08:21:02 <hyunsikyang> So, we should focus on specific spec and review together in a short period.
08:21:35 <yasufum> Yes. We do not have as tacker team, but you can ask to be reviewed.
08:22:28 <hyunsikyang> yasufum, what is the topic today?
08:23:00 <yasufum> From me, asking reviewing and confirm the status.
08:23:05 <hyunsikyang> coud you mention the topic using #-topic??
08:23:15 <yasufum> And get feedback hopefully.
08:23:31 <yasufum> It is not a specific topic
08:24:05 <yasufum> If you have specific topic, you can use topic tag.
08:25:24 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc and yoshito-ito, is it OK to complete review your patches in July, or before?
08:25:31 <hyunsikyang> I don't have specific topic today...
08:25:53 <hyunsikyang> yoshito-ito, if you finish the spec, I will reivew it soon.
08:26:17 <yoshito-ito> OK, thanks
08:26:22 <hyunsikyang> :)
08:31:18 <takahashi-tsc> I think it is OK that my 3 specs review is complete in July... But anyway, I clarify the deadline for each patch.
08:32:03 <yasufum> OK
08:32:57 <yasufum> Other than specs, I would like to have reviewing from yours for these patches.
08:33:06 <yasufum> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/734784/
08:33:13 <yasufum> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/733721/
08:33:21 <yasufum> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/735500/
08:34:07 <yasufum> last one is already reviewed by takahashi-tsc, thanks
08:34:28 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, our team start to review these patches.
08:35:45 <yasufum> thanks
08:35:59 <yasufum> If you do not have comments anymore, go to the next topic
08:36:28 <yoshito-ito> For the first patch (https://review.opendev.org/#/c/734784/), Ueha is also submitting a patch to tosca-parser
08:36:46 <yoshito-ito> so it's better to see the status in tosca-parser, too
08:36:56 <yoshito-ito> just a comment for the sharing status
08:38:05 <yoshito-ito> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/735311/
08:38:19 <yoshito-ito> pls go to the next topic
08:38:49 <ueha> thanks yoshito-san!
08:39:27 <takahashi-tsc> Sure, we also review tosca-parser patch.
08:40:22 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: is it ready for discussion today? https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:41:56 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, please see L26-53. I wrote my opinion about what we request to ETSI NFV-TST.
08:42:19 <yasufum> #topic etsi-nfv-tst
08:43:04 <takahashi-tsc> My opinion is members who make specification (ETSI NFV members) should also make API test. So I'd like to ask it to TST.
08:44:20 <yasufum> i agree
08:44:50 <takahashi-tsc> TST already make some API test using Robot framework, but I want to improve coverage. So first, I ask increase Response code coverage.
08:45:26 <takahashi-tsc> Is there any comment about it, i.e. L31-40?
08:46:12 <takahashi-tsc> I think all tests for 2xx and 4xx are TST's role. 5xx is difficult..
08:46:46 <yoshito-ito> I agree.
08:47:13 <yoshito-ito> At least, we need a coverage info in TST codes.
08:47:58 <yoshito-ito> now we need to read through the souce to check the coverage
08:47:58 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, TST said just "All APIs are covoerd". but it is not enough.
08:49:03 <takahashi-tsc> We need more detailed coverage info. So I will propose the 1 view point "Response Code" and my opinion.
08:50:24 <takahashi-tsc> OK, so I'd like to get Tacker teams comment about response code coverage. And I also want is there any other view point of coverage?
08:51:34 <takahashi-tsc> I wrote Input Parameter coverage. Is there any other point?
08:52:28 <keiko-k> How about "response header"?
08:55:18 <keiko-k> According to SOL002/003, while response, "Location" info HTTP header.
08:55:42 <keiko-k> "Location" should be available in HTTP header with response code
08:56:28 <takahashi-tsc> OK, i find such description in Spec document.It is possible as viewpoint.
08:57:01 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks!
08:58:23 <takahashi-tsc> I think we have no time today... So please write your comment in etherpad.
08:59:04 <yasufum> thanks
09:00:13 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: Do yo think when do we fix our requirements for TST?
09:01:35 <takahashi-tsc> About coverage, I want to decide by next this weekly meeting. But I think we do not have to make perfect request. I want to continue to discuss.
09:02:18 <takahashi-tsc> So at next week, I want to decide what I propose to TST. TST meeting is on 30th June.
09:03:07 <yasufum> OK, make an agreement in next meeting. I would like to add my comment
09:03:37 <yasufum> Thanks for leading this activity
09:04:30 <yasufum> If you do not have any other topic, close this meeting.
09:05:14 <yasufum> seems nothing. thanks for joining today.
09:05:17 <yasufum> bye
09:05:20 <takahashi-tsc> bye
09:05:23 <yasufum> #endmeeting