08:03:41 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:04:56 <yasufum> I would like to start this meeting from the topic proposed by liang.
08:05:21 <yasufum> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:06:07 <yasufum> Is it OK? liang or yoshito-ito?
08:06:17 <yoshito-ito__> Great, thanks
08:06:48 <yasufum> #topic openstack_driver_update
08:07:06 <yoshito-ito__> I added some notes after liang to clarify what is our scope
08:07:07 <yasufum> yoshito-ito: thank, please start
08:07:31 <yoshito-ito__> please find the 6th topic in the etherpad
08:08:30 <yoshito-ito__> the point is, for supporting CNF operations, we suold like to add a new argument in VnfLcmDriver.pre_instantiation()
08:09:17 <yoshito-ito__> this change forces OpenStack.pre_instantiation() to be changed to have the same arguments.
08:09:38 <yoshito-ito__> I believe this change don't break the existing logic
08:10:20 <hyunsikyang> Do you have any material for that?
08:11:02 <Liang> thanks ito-san!
08:11:02 <yoshito-ito__> Sorry I don't have.
08:11:59 <yoshito-ito__> I think the beest way is to manage the abstruct_driver of VnfLcmDriver, but it's not well managed so far.
08:12:37 <hyunsikyang> let's think about it:) I will review it
08:12:49 <hyunsikyang> I will check ehterpad:)
08:12:54 <yoshito-ito__> thank you
08:12:54 <hyunsikyang> ASAP
08:12:58 <hyunsikyang> good
08:13:48 <yoshito-ito__> liang: do you have any comments or something to add?
08:15:30 <Liang> not so much, just this change is meant to provide cnf information to store in VnfResource table
08:16:46 <hyunsikyang> thesethings are for topic 6 right?
08:16:51 <Liang> because cnf infromation is stored in addtionalParams of instantiate_request, different from openstack
08:16:56 <Liang> yes
08:17:35 <yoshito-ito__> OK, so after the review from hyunsik, let's discuss the detail in the etherpad or in the coming IRC
08:17:57 <hyunsikyang> ok. Thanks
08:18:06 <hyunsikyang> I will review it before the next meeting
08:18:07 <hyunsikyang> :)
08:18:18 <Liang> thank you hyunsi
08:18:25 <takahashi-tsc> Do you mean that you want to change the files in `tacker/vnfm/infra_drivers`? Probably, abstract_driver.py and its implementations?
08:18:59 <hyunsikyang> I have a three topics today. One things is urgent. Please give me the time to discuss!
08:19:21 <hyunsikyang> go ahead takahashi:)
08:19:26 <yasufum> hyunsikyang: ok
08:19:42 <yoshito-ito__> takahashi-tsc: yes
08:20:34 <takahashi-tsc> OK, thanks. understood. I'll consider this change is OK.
08:21:09 <yoshito-ito__> Great, thank you.
08:21:27 <yoshito-ito__> so then can we move to the topic from hynsikyang?
08:21:46 <hyunsikyang> Thanks!
08:22:01 <hyunsikyang> I will start from simple one.
08:22:41 <hyunsikyang> #topic openinfrasummit CFP
08:22:56 <hyunsikyang> I got a email for CFP.
08:23:42 <hyunsikyang> yasfum do you have any plan for it?
08:23:53 <hyunsikyang> yasufum*
08:24:30 <yasufum> yes, we are going to propose one thing
08:24:38 <yasufum> from NTT
08:24:58 <hyunsikyang> could you share it? I think we need a presentation as a tacker group
08:25:49 <yasufum> Do you mean other than project update?
08:25:55 <hyunsikyang> is it specific topic of NTT ?
08:26:01 <hyunsikyang> kinds of
08:26:13 <hyunsikyang> What presentation you proposed?
08:26:47 <hyunsikyang> usually, we decide the presentation and contents before CFP.
08:26:53 <yasufum> About a strategy of telco service provider
08:27:16 <hyunsikyang> how about update of tacker project?
08:28:22 <hyunsikyang> Are you going to present it?:)
08:28:59 <yasufum> I think we will have a session for project update.
08:29:18 <hyunsikyang> I also think that we are planning to present about tacker-fenix integration feature as a tacker side.
08:29:31 <hyunsikyang> ok. Please make it too.
08:30:41 <hyunsikyang> Can I add tacker-fenix integration presentation? If you agree I will propose it as a tacker group.
08:31:29 <yasufum> I think it is good.
08:31:44 <yasufum> Anyway, I have not heard that we had shared each of topics for CFP before that.
08:32:28 <yasufum> If it is required, sorry for missing my sharing…
08:32:30 <hyunsikyang> humm.. usually, PTL make a presentation topic and share it.
08:32:35 <hyunsikyang> Never mind.
08:32:40 <hyunsikyang> I just asking
08:33:07 <hyunsikyang> anything is good:)
08:33:42 <hyunsikyang> After you registration of presentations (NTT one and project update) Please share it later;)
08:33:58 <yasufum> OK, thnaks.
08:35:05 <hyunsikyang> If I can help you, I will help.
08:35:17 <hyunsikyang> second topic is tacker-fenix integration.
08:35:19 <hyunsikyang> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/681157/
08:35:19 <patchbot> patch 681157 - tacker - [WIP]Implementation Fenix plugin in Tacker - 14 patch sets
08:35:39 <hyunsikyang> We updated new patch and we will reupdate it at this night.
08:35:43 <hyunsikyang> Please review it.
08:35:55 <hyunsikyang> Fenix PTL reviewed it.
08:36:08 <hyunsikyang> So we are wating review from tacker team.:)
08:37:36 <hyunsikyang> Third one is networking-SFC, last PTG, we are discuss about networking-SFC. But, I am not sure what is the role of manager of networking-sfc.
08:37:41 <yasufum> OK. Could you remove  “WIP” before, to show it is ready for reviewing?
08:37:51 <hyunsikyang> WE will remove it today.
08:38:05 <hyunsikyang> I just want to share current status of it.
08:39:57 <yasufum> The role of manager is defined in neutron’s doc
08:40:51 <hyunsikyang> Last time, I said my team will cover it. But I am not sure where can we start it.
08:41:59 <yasufum> We need to start review the patches.
08:42:25 <yasufum> There are some patches are still remained
08:42:39 <hyunsikyang> OK I will check it first, and ask it to you:)
08:42:40 <hyunsikyang> Thx
08:42:57 <takahashi-tsc> I think just we should review. and now, networking-sfc pep8 checking seems broken. FIxing it is also needed.
08:43:52 <hyunsikyang> takahashi-tsc could you share pep error to me?
08:44:21 <takahashi-tsc> https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/build/4412a0ead9b243a283c827fd259492a6
08:44:48 <takahashi-tsc> Same error is occurred in my local env.
08:45:15 <takahashi-tsc> I try to fix it now.
08:45:45 <hyunsikyang> I will list up networkinf sfc related patches and review it
08:48:07 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: I also have similar problem.
08:48:15 <yasufum> I appreciate if you fix it
08:48:30 <takahashi-tsc> Sure, I try it.
08:49:12 <yasufum> hyunsikyang: The role of manager, called as lieutenant, is described here
08:49:18 <yasufum> #link https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/pike/contributor/policies/neutron-teams.html
08:50:16 <hyunsikyang> Thanks. Are you appointted me as a lieutenant
08:50:16 <hyunsikyang> ?
08:50:58 <takahashi-tsc> https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/latest/contributor/policies/neutron-teams.html
08:51:29 <hyunsikyang> thanks takahashi-tsc
08:51:33 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: sorry, it is wrong
08:51:50 <takahashi-tsc> This shows that lieutenant is Dhar... we should ask to change it.
08:52:51 <yasufum> Before that, we need to make some contributions, as +1 reviewer
08:53:08 <hyunsikyang> ok.
08:53:19 <takahashi-tsc> ok
08:54:23 <yasufum> Is there any other topic, or wrap it up today?
08:54:54 <hyunsikyang> nothing from my side.
08:56:31 <yasufum> Thanks. We will have a discussion for infra_driver later.
08:56:55 <yasufum> yoshito-ito: please announce about it on tacker IRC, how to proceed
08:57:08 <yasufum> after this meeting
08:58:06 <yasufum> Thank you for joining. Bye
08:58:25 <yoshito-ito__> bye
08:58:28 <masazumi-ota> bye
08:58:32 <yasufum> #endmeeting