08:04:56 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:05:03 <yoshito-ito> hi
08:05:28 <yasufum> hi
08:05:59 <Liang> hi
08:06:01 <masazumi-ota> hi
08:06:35 <yasufum> First of all, I have shared reserved time slots and etherpad for vPTG
08:06:46 <hyunsikyang> I got the email.
08:06:50 <yasufum> https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/Tacker-PTG-Wallaby
08:06:58 <hyunsikyang> Thx yasufum
08:07:11 <takahashi-tsc> Hi, sorry for the late...
08:07:39 <yasufum> Please add entry from yours before the vPTG
08:08:35 <yasufum> I would like also to ask to register the vPTG
08:08:54 <yasufum> as announced on ML
08:09:55 <yoshito-ito> Which part can we add our entries in the etherpad? Under "Topics:"?
08:10:44 <yasufum> Yes, as similar to the previsou vptg etherpad
08:11:18 <yoshito-ito> OK, thanks.
08:14:15 <yoshito-ito> I have a topic related to the document
08:14:47 <yasufum> OK, go ahead
08:15:06 <yoshito-ito> As I explained last week IRC, I made a sample of new index of Tacker documents.
08:15:08 <yasufum> #topic docs-update
08:15:28 <yoshito-ito> The 7th topic in https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:16:25 <yoshito-ito> If it seems OK, I will upload a patch to change the index. At the same time, we will have many TODOs to update documents especially for ETSI NFV-SOL beased implementation.
08:16:36 <hyunsikyang> good! thanks yoshito-ito
08:17:38 <yoshito-ito> I already uploaded some doc-revise patches, and will upload more after the change of index.
08:17:53 <takahashi-tsc> Index seems good, thanks!  And I start to prepare documents for CentOS and Testing document.
08:18:32 <yoshito-ito> Great! thank you. We still have many TBDs so I welcome your help!
08:19:12 <yoshito-ito> Please leave your notes on the etherpad if you have questions or comments.
08:19:27 <yoshito-ito> that's all from me, thank you.
08:19:42 <hyunsikyang> I have a two topic!
08:19:45 <hyunsikyang> today.
08:20:23 <yasufum> OK, please go ahead
08:20:46 <hyunsikyang> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/681157/
08:20:46 <patchbot> patch 681157 - tacker - Implementation Fenix plugin in Tacker - 18 patch sets
08:21:02 <hyunsikyang> Now, we are ready to merge it. Please check it again:)
08:21:16 <hyunsikyang> 2. Networking-sfc
08:22:28 <hyunsikyang> we are starting the test networking sfc function in the tacker. At first we will figure out some feature. I will update it to etherpad:)
08:23:51 <yasufum> Thanks. I will check them.
08:24:45 <hyunsikyang> thanks.
08:28:13 <yasufum> It seems there are many patches uploaded recentl, mainly from NEC.
08:28:50 <yasufum> Is there anyone required to be reviewed soon?
08:29:25 <yasufum> Or it is OK in anytime?
08:30:21 <manpreet> Just a humble request if you could please help in attaining final +2 for these two reviews "https://review.opendev.org/#/c/745624/" and "https://review.opendev.org/#/c/745630/". Thanks!!
08:30:22 <patchbot> patch 745624 - tacker-specs - Fix old link in Tacker Queens Spec - 1 patch set
08:30:23 <patchbot> patch 745630 - tacker-specs - Fix old links in Tacker Ocata Spec - 1 patch set
08:33:09 <yoshito-ito> This patch "https://review.opendev.org/#/c/739697/" need review soon because it's parent of the next patch for CNF. This is ready to merge so please review it again.
08:33:10 <patchbot> patch 739697 - tacker - Implementation Artifacts support in Tacker - 10 patch sets
08:34:54 <takahashi-tsc> I'd like you to check my bug fix because I want to know this fix way is correct or not.
08:34:55 <takahashi-tsc> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/740179/
08:34:55 <patchbot> patch 740179 - tacker - Fix: Remove wrong constraint in vnf_package_vnfd - 1 patch set
08:35:18 <yasufum> manpreet: I would like to ask other cores to review asap if possible.
08:35:38 <manpreet> Many thanks :)
08:36:34 <yasufum> yoshito-ito: I already started to review, but not complete yet because it is quite largeā€¦ sorry
08:37:19 <yoshito-ito> yasufumi: thank you.
08:38:40 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: It looks no problem after I did recheck, so I would like to give +2 after reviewing again.
08:39:05 <takahashi-tsc> yasufum Thanks!
08:41:01 <yasufum> I would like to go on the next topic if no more request for reviewing.
08:42:58 <yasufum> #topic questions-on-launchpad
08:43:52 <yasufum> We have had some questions on lanchpad, but cannot answer them yet.
08:44:04 <yasufum> link: https://answers.launchpad.net/tacker
08:44:54 <yasufum> It is almost the same situation on bugs.
08:45:29 <yasufum> Although I will try to fix them, I appreciate if you help them.
08:46:05 <yasufum> especially for users of centos :)
08:46:53 <yasufum> That is all from me, thanks
08:47:49 <takahashi-tsc> I'll continue to investigate 691071, and I can answer 692587. I'm not sure that I can investigate others...
08:48:14 <manpreet> +1 will try to contribute.
08:49:08 <takahashi-tsc> I will answer as much as possible, but I would appreciate it if someone help...
08:51:04 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: Thanks for your suggestion
08:53:20 <hyunsikyang> I also find a problem that I can help
08:53:38 <yasufum> For 692506, a bug of tacker horizon, I have already tackled similar problem in the latest commit. So, I can do something for the problem.
08:54:03 <yasufum> Thanks hyunsikyang and all.
08:55:14 <yasufum> It seems done all topics today. I would like to close this meeting if there is no other ones.
08:55:17 <yasufum> Thanks
08:55:36 <yoshito-ito> thank you. bye!
08:55:41 <manpreet> bye
08:55:48 <yasufum> bye
08:55:50 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks, bye
08:56:02 <yasufum> #endmeeting