08:02:38 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:03:54 <yasufum> Do you have a topic today other than patch review?
08:04:11 <takahashi-tsc> I think we should talk about testing failure...
08:04:38 <yasufum> You have suggested a fix for the issue, right?
08:05:12 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, and I write summery in Etherpad
08:05:21 <takahashi-tsc> https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:05:27 <takahashi-tsc> L6-
08:05:41 <yasufum> #topic failure-in-ft
08:07:15 <yasufum> I do not know about ut failure…
08:07:20 <takahashi-tsc> We face 2 troubles now. 1st is about pip, 2nd is about Gnocchi.
08:07:42 <JangwonLee> hi
08:07:59 <Liang> hi
08:09:31 <takahashi-tsc> Error is "Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement oslo.serialization===4.0.1".,   and log said "Looking in indexes: https://mirror.dfw.rax.opendev.org/pypi/simple, https://mirror.dfw.rax.opendev.org/wheel/ubuntu-20.04-x86_64"
08:09:58 <takahashi-tsc> And no 4.0.1 in https://mirror.dfw.rax.opendev.org/wheel/ubuntu-20.04-x86_64/oslo-serialization/
08:10:39 <takahashi-tsc> I think we should report to someone, e.g. oslo members.
08:10:44 <takahashi-tsc> What do you think?
08:10:47 <yasufum> For gnocchi, I and gmann reported bug report, but no response from the team yet.
08:11:21 <yasufum> Agree. We should make a report.
08:13:32 <yasufum> By the way, do you know why some patches has no failure for UT, such as https://review.opendev.org/#/c/748969/ ?
08:13:33 <patchbot> patch 748969 - tacker - Support Flow of the Get Operation Status - 6 patch sets
08:14:48 <yasufum> Is it happed in all patches?
08:15:16 <takahashi-tsc> In job's log, "Found oslo.serialization python package installed" I'm not sure but already installed.
08:15:46 <takahashi-tsc> I think, the error occurs in new ubuntu20 node.
08:17:31 <takahashi-tsc> it does not happen in all patches, but I found that same error happen in some other project patch.
08:17:49 <yasufum> Umm, a bit strange…
08:19:01 <yasufum> Anyway, it seems better to make a report first.
08:19:12 <takahashi-tsc> Yes, I'll report soon.
08:20:19 <takahashi-tsc> Next is abouy Gnocchi. First yasufum, thank you for reporting.
08:20:58 <takahashi-tsc> Gnocchi has retired, so I'm concerned that it may take a long time to resolve. We need some workaround.
08:21:32 <takahashi-tsc> My suggestion is removing install Ceilometer. https://review.opendev.org/#/c/751965/
08:21:33 <patchbot> patch 751965 - tacker - [WIP] Temporarily remove ceilometer install - 1 patch set
08:22:15 <takahashi-tsc> Removing only Gnocchi seems difficult. And I've checked that Tacker can run without Ceilometer in my local env.
08:23:17 <takahashi-tsc> The problem is we cannot test some features. e.g. EventAlarm and Fenix plugin.
08:24:01 <takahashi-tsc> However testing recover is top priority, so I suggest above. What do you think?
08:24:36 <yasufum> Sure. All of functional tests cannot run now is quite critical.
08:24:50 <yoshito-ito> I agree to drop Ceilometer temporarily.
08:25:16 <masazumi-ota> I agree too.
08:25:26 <hyunsikyang> Hi I am late.
08:25:35 <JangwonLee> Then, how can we guarantee new features related with alarm?
08:25:38 <yasufum> Hi
08:27:24 <yoshito-ito> hi hyunsik, now we are discussing how to fix the FT failure due to Gnocchi.
08:27:56 <hyunsikyang> Hi yoshito-ito
08:28:14 <yoshito-ito> I think this is important for you because of Fenix-plugin support.
08:28:17 <takahashi-tsc> Hi hyunsik, See https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting  L13-
08:28:19 <hyunsikyang> Yes. It makes some error when zuul run test.
08:28:25 <hyunsikyang> Hi
08:28:28 <hyunsikyang> takahashi
08:30:10 <yoshito-ito> If we remove Ceilometer installation in FT temporarily, we cannot test monitoring related functions. but I think it's better to fix FT ASAP.
08:30:20 <JangwonLee> yes. As like my situation, we need to check features in new env.
08:31:01 <JangwonLee> But, I also agree removing is fatest way.
08:32:10 <hyunsikyang> I am not sure that who maintain the gnnochi now..
08:32:22 <hyunsikyang> So, it is not easy to fix by them.
08:33:16 <hyunsikyang> at first, we remove the ceilmeter form testing and test that it works well first.
08:33:58 <takahashi-tsc> In parallel, we should consider how to guarantee new features if Gnocchi is not fixed...
08:34:07 <hyunsikyang> yes.
08:36:04 <manpreet> takahashi-tsc just to add, are we considering barbican migration issue as well, https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2007732 seems this is also a blocker reported by gmann.
08:38:15 <yasufum> Thanks manpreet for sharing.
08:38:19 <takahashi-tsc> Hmm... Tacker use barbican too, so some trouble may occur.
08:40:50 <takahashi-tsc> OK, I made new section "9. Testing failure due to other projects" in etherpad. And I'll update it if something happen.
08:41:05 <yasufum> Thanks
08:42:25 <takahashi-tsc> I proceed with workaround and consider how to resolve completely. I'm glad if you write some comment in etherpad.
08:42:26 <yasufum> We have no choice but to ignore FT if this issues cannot be fix for considering the deadline of this release, but try to do the best first.
08:42:59 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: thank, I will do that.
08:45:41 <yasufum> Can we go to the next topic? I have one thing to ask you agree for patch review.
08:45:52 <takahashi-tsc> Sure
08:46:00 <yasufum> #topic patch-review
08:47:28 <yasufum> As you may know, release final of tackerclient was 11th, but we have for patches remained for waiting another +2.
08:48:11 <yasufum> I have asked other cores to give +2, but no reponse.
08:49:16 <yasufum> This patches look good to me for merging.
08:49:38 <yasufum> And we have no time to wait anymore actually.
08:50:09 <yasufum> So, I would like to merge them wihtout another +2 if possible, and if you agree.
08:50:15 <yasufum> What do you think?
08:50:53 <yasufum> link: https://review.opendev.org/#/q/project:openstack/python-tackerclient
08:50:55 <hyunsikyang> I didn't check it could you share
08:50:58 <hyunsikyang> thanks
08:51:36 <yasufum> Just information, all of project other than tacker and cindre agree to proceed the final.
08:52:11 <yasufum> So, we are last of two project cannot complete yet…
08:52:34 <yasufum> link: https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:victoria-client-lib+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
08:53:27 <yoshito-ito> I appreciate it. I agree.
08:54:20 <takahashi-tsc> I also agree to merge.
08:54:42 <JangwonLee> I agree too
08:55:13 <masazumi-ota> I agree too
08:55:50 <yasufum> Oops, there is one more patch from Donghun I do not review yet, but it looks good and feels no problem.
08:56:01 <yasufum> So, five patches totally.
08:56:12 <yasufum> Thanks everyone to agree.
08:56:28 <hyunsikyang> yes that is one of the rechecking works for networking-sfc.
08:57:12 <yasufum> OK, thanks
08:58:21 <yasufum> Do you anyone have a comment for asking to review your patches?
08:58:56 <Liang> yes, I have patches want to be reviewed
08:59:24 <Liang> may I share them here?
08:59:39 <yasufum> It is better for us
09:03:00 <Liang> I'm sorry.....is that means I could go on ?
09:03:12 <yasufum> Yes
09:05:27 <yasufum> Or we can find your patches later.
09:05:52 <Liang> Thanks, one of them is cnf support for tacker, Mr.yasufum and Mr.Ito have already share their comment on it, and I would like to ask guys here to have a review
09:05:55 <Liang> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/746691/
09:05:56 <patchbot> patch 746691 - tacker - Implementation CNF with VNFM and CISM in Tacker - 6 patch sets
09:06:33 <Liang> Sorry for taking time... just one more minute!
09:07:05 <Liang> another one is Artifact Files support for tacker, same condition with above one
09:07:06 <Liang> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/739697/
09:07:06 <patchbot> patch 739697 - tacker - Implementation Artifacts support in Tacker - 14 patch sets
09:08:03 <Liang> they will be ready for review in tomorrow noon, sorry we are deleting some useless test data now.
09:08:23 <Liang> and sorry for taking time again, that is all
09:08:32 <yasufum> Thanks
09:09:16 <yasufum> Is there other comments? or close this meeting today
09:10:20 <yasufum> OK, thanks for joining. Bye
09:10:23 <yoshito-ito> Bye!
09:10:27 <masazumi-ota> bye
09:10:27 <takahashi-tsc> thanks, bye
09:10:36 <yasufum> #endmeeting