08:02:56 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:03:55 <yasufum> We have two topics for today as in our etherpad.
08:04:00 <yasufum> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:04:50 <yasufum> Pls tell me if you have other ones.
08:05:14 <yasufum> First one is just a reminder. So, start from this one shortly.
08:06:13 <yasufum> We have dicusssed to join heat-translator and tosca-parser because we need to drive them for tacker itself.
08:07:00 <yasufum> We already listed up candidates of cores from tacker team.
08:07:19 <yasufum> So, we are ready to start again the discussion with PTLs.
08:07:56 <takahashi-tsc> As I wrote in etherpad, I sent email to Bob. I think we can start to discuss again.
08:08:06 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: thanks for driving the discussion.
08:09:14 <yoshito-ito> Do we have any patches to be merged soon in heat-translator or tosca-parser?
08:09:54 <yoshito-ito> I believe we don't. Except for the case we found a new bug.
08:10:36 <yasufum> May be nothing from our team.
08:10:41 <takahashi-tsc> I think nothing is remained now...
08:11:09 <yoshito-ito> Great, thanks.
08:11:09 <yasufum> However, there several patches no merged yet for both project.
08:11:35 <yasufum> some of them are bug fixes.
08:11:54 <yasufum> So, I think it might cause a problem if it is not merged.
08:12:19 <yasufum> possibly
08:15:03 <yasufum> If no other comments, go to the next topic from ogaken
08:15:16 <yasufum> #topic Discussion with ETSI NFV IFA/SOL
08:16:05 <yasufum> ogaken: can you start?
08:16:08 <ogaken> yes
08:16:55 <ogaken> It's related to item#3 on etherpad, feedback to ETSI NFV.
08:17:29 <ogaken> I will have a discussion with IFA/SOL WG members next week or the week after next.
08:18:02 <ogaken> The topic is SOL014 compliant resource control and the purpose are;
08:18:52 <ogaken> 1. To share our implementation based on ETSI NFV, focusing on VNF deployment as VM with LCM operation user data
08:19:22 <ogaken> 2. To discuss the challenges in our implementation.
08:21:18 <ogaken> Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
08:24:09 <yasufum> it looks great
08:24:20 <takahashi-tsc> Sounds good. And if possible I'd like you to share a little detailed contents.
08:26:18 <yasufum> I hope they will be interested in our project, and make a good relationship with for future cross-project. For example, TST or so
08:27:58 <ogaken> As for sharing our implementation, I will introduce how the stack is generated from BaseHOT, VNFD and request parameters by using user data.
08:30:24 <yasufum> :)
08:30:26 <ogaken> Also, I'll introduce examples of BaseHOT and user data on Tacker official document and appeal that Tacker documentation for users is ready.
08:31:11 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks, Standards members are probably interested in implementation. Sharing implement is good for both team.
08:32:13 <ogaken> As for feedback of challenges from our implementation experience, the topics are;
08:33:07 <ogaken> 1. Where to store "stack UUID" is not specified in ETSI NFV.
08:35:02 <ogaken> 2. Tacker creates one stack corresponding to the entire VNF instance, but it has not been confirmed whether appropiate or not.
08:35:57 <ogaken> 3. "userData" specified in IFA005/006 has not been specified in SOL014 yet.
08:36:57 <ogaken> 4. Who prepares BaseHOT and user data.
08:39:01 <ogaken> Some of them have already discussed in IFA/SOL, and so I want to encourage the discussion to proceed.
08:40:01 <yasufum> understand
08:40:18 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks, I agree that we need such concrete discussion.
08:40:52 <yoshito-ito> As ogaken mentioned, our documents are improving. Thanks everyone. I'll try to update the status of topic in etherpad.
08:45:27 <yasufum> thanks
08:46:04 <yasufum> If no more comments, or topics for today, I would like to close this meeting.
08:47:42 <yasufum> good
08:47:55 <yasufum> bye
08:47:59 <takahashi-tsc> thanks, bye
08:48:21 <yasufum> #endmeeting