08:02:33 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:03:59 <LiangLu> hi]
08:04:25 <yasufum> There are no topics on our etherpad, and I have also nothing today.
08:04:43 <yasufum> How about you?
08:05:51 <manpreet> hi
08:06:28 <takahashi-tsc> Nothing from my side...
08:07:43 <manpreet> Hi could I raise a request for review, https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/python-tackerclient/+/782991.
08:08:59 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: Could you give another +2 to this patch if it’s OK?
08:09:18 <takahashi-tsc> Oops, sorry I'll check and give +2 if OK
08:09:27 <yasufum> thx
08:09:34 <manpreet> thank you..thats from my side
08:11:28 <yasufum> Anything else?
08:11:56 <yasufum> OK
08:13:18 <yasufum> We have happily released tacker RC1, and RC final is going to be.
08:13:57 <yasufum> Although one more patch is remained to be merged to wallaby, thank you for everyone for contributing.
08:14:15 <yasufum> I would like to close this meeting.
08:14:17 <yasufum> bye!
08:14:25 <yoshito-ito> thanks, bye!
08:14:26 <takahashi-tsc> thanks, bye
08:14:40 <ueha> thanks, bye
08:14:42 <yasufum> #endmeeting