08:02:56 <yasufum> #startmeeting tacker
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08:04:09 <yasufum> We have two topics on etherpad.
08:04:11 <yasufum> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting
08:05:06 <yasufum> But first one was already discussed in previous meeting.
08:05:16 <yasufum> So, can we start from second one?
08:06:52 <yasufum> w-juso: are you joining?
08:07:37 <w-juso> yes, I have one topic.
08:07:45 <yasufum> #topic About FT for multi-tenant support
08:08:01 <w-juso> Please check line 46 of Etherpad.
08:09:36 <w-juso> I'm implementing the multi-tenant support( https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker-specs/+/787135 )
08:13:34 <yasufum> done?
08:13:41 <w-juso> For this implementation, I'm not sure how to create FT.
08:15:11 <w-juso> I have two issues.
08:15:41 <w-juso> FT has not test code for multi-tenant.
08:18:00 <w-juso> It is difficult to check which notificaiton is not sent.
08:19:27 <w-juso> Because of the above, I want to create the FT code in a separate patch.
08:19:55 <w-juso> What do you think?
08:24:21 <yasufum> Could I confirm the two issues?
08:28:07 <yasufum> The point is to separate patches of adding multi-tenant support and its FT codes?
08:30:02 <w-juso> yes
08:30:47 <w-juso> There are a lot of changes to be done in this FT.
08:33:48 <yasufum> I think we should not merge any update without test basically.
08:35:09 <yasufum> And I don’t understand why the reason for your patch.
08:36:24 <yasufum> The reason is just huge amount of lines expected?
08:36:38 <yasufum> Or any difficulties other than that?
08:38:53 <w-juso> ok,  I want to check not sent notifications, but implementation is difficult.
08:39:48 <yasufum> I roughly understand what you want to change, and I wonder what we should test is, for example, reject a request of different tenant_id or so.
08:41:22 <yasufum> Anyway, could you share your test code as WIP first if possible?
08:41:58 <yasufum> It’s no need to be completed.
08:43:33 <yasufum> Is there any comment, everyone?
08:43:44 <takahashi-tsc> In my understanding, his concern is about notification testing. His change is *not* to send some notification, and it is difficult to implement checking some notificatin is not sent.
08:44:50 <takahashi-tsc> At least, current FT does not include such testing. It needs some new framework. Probably need to update fake_xxx
08:45:11 <takahashi-tsc> I'm not sure how to implement now...
08:47:41 <w-juso> yes, takashi-san understanding is correct.
08:47:55 <ueha> I don't know much about subscription, is it possible to register multiple subscriptions with different tenant_id, and check if that only one subscription is received in FT?
08:48:29 <yasufum> Do we need to make a decision for sepaarting it or not today?
08:48:48 <yasufum> w-juso: What do you think?
08:49:20 <w-juso> no need to descision.
08:50:12 <yasufum> Any plan for schedule?
08:51:36 <w-juso> We can discuss in next meeting in ditail.
08:52:28 <yasufum> I think we decide it is just a bit early because your spec is not merged, and your update is still WIP.
08:53:05 <yasufum> Thanks. It’s welcome to share the details.
08:53:14 <yasufum> for us.
08:53:32 <w-juso> ok, thanks.
08:56:16 <yasufum> Any other comment?
08:56:17 <w-juso> That's all from my side.
08:56:46 <yasufum> got it, thanks.
08:58:01 <yasufum> Is there any topics, or asking reviewing?
09:02:09 <yasufum> takahashi-tsc: there are several patches waiting for another +2 remained :)
09:02:30 <yasufum> Thanks for your help.
09:03:06 <takahashi-tsc> Yes... Ill hurry to review them.
09:03:18 <yasufum> Before closing this meeting, I would like share about the next vPTG.
09:03:43 <yasufum> I have updated etherpad for Yoga
09:03:54 <yasufum> #link: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-yoga-ptg
09:04:42 <yasufum> I think three days is enough considering previous our vPTGs, but we can have extra slot if it’s not enough.
09:05:12 <yasufum> Please let me know if you need to have an extra slot.
09:07:18 <yasufum> As announced on ML, you need to register from here to join.
09:07:23 <yasufum> #link https://openinfra-ptg.eventbrite.com/
09:07:40 <yasufum> Thanks
09:08:48 <yasufum> Seems done all for today.
09:08:59 <yasufum> Thank you for joining.
09:09:08 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks!
09:09:09 <yasufum> bye
09:09:18 <ueha> thanks, bye
09:09:22 <w-juso> thahks, bye
09:09:27 <hirofumi-noguchi> thanks, bye
09:09:31 <yasufum> #endmeeting