08:01:47 <takahashi-tsc> #startmeeting tacker
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08:02:01 <manpreetk> hi
08:02:04 <hirofumi-noguchi> hi
08:02:20 <takahashi-tsc> OK, let's start the Tacker weekly meeting.
08:02:49 <takahashi-tsc> Today, we cae see 2 agenda. one is about RC2. another is my topic but just announce.
08:03:14 <takahashi-tsc> So noguchi, could you start your topic?
08:03:35 <hirofumi-noguchi> Sure
08:04:03 <hirofumi-noguchi> We have several patches for yoga. However, some of them could not meet the deadline of RC1.
08:04:21 <hirofumi-noguchi> Patches I am working on have not been merged yet.
08:04:40 <hirofumi-noguchi> So, I would propose creating RC2 as an intermediate release.
08:05:05 <hirofumi-noguchi> Can I hear community’s opinion?
08:05:22 <hirofumi-noguchi> That's all from my side. Thank you.
08:06:07 <ueha> I agree to create RC2.
08:06:14 <takahashi-tsc> First of all, you already discuss it with yasufum? If so, PTL is already agree with making RC2, and if there is no strong objection, we should create RC2.
08:07:00 <hirofumi-noguchi> Yes, I have already discuss this topic with yasfum.
08:07:52 <hirofumi-noguchi> I also heard that he is agree with this proposal.
08:08:18 <takahashi-tsc> OK, thanks. And I also agree to create RC2. So everyone, do you have any objection?
08:11:05 <takahashi-tsc> Good, so Tacker team's conclustion is, we will cireate RC2.
08:11:13 <takahashi-tsc> create RC2
08:12:09 <takahashi-tsc> Any other comments about RC2 release?
08:13:26 <ueha> In order to be able to make it in RC2(~3/18), I think we need to complete the merge to master at least by Thursday.
08:13:39 <ueha> There are some patches under review, so I'm wondering if we can make in time.
08:13:51 <takahashi-tsc> Agree
08:15:17 <takahashi-tsc> Thanks, I write your comment in Etherpad.
08:15:47 <ueha> I will check as soon as the patch is updated. There is also a Final RC, but let's do our best to complete it in RC2!
08:15:47 <takahashi-tsc> Any others?
08:16:00 <ueha> takahashi-tsc: thanks :)
08:16:58 <takahashi-tsc> If there is no more comments, we will move on next topic.
08:17:47 <takahashi-tsc> OK, but this is just annouce which I already explained last week.
08:19:12 <takahashi-tsc> Now I start to prepare to contribute O-RAN SC community. They want Tacker team to create initial commit.
08:20:21 <takahashi-tsc> I'm a little confused about what we should  commit first, I'll talk about it soon. Maybe next this meeting. Sorry I have no progress now. But I'm looking forward anyone's support!
08:20:37 <takahashi-tsc> Any comments or question?
08:22:22 <ueha> Will you create new repository on o-ran sc? or push commit to an existing repository?
08:22:55 <ueha> There are many repositories in o-ran sc github.. https://github.com/orgs/o-ran-sc/repositories
08:23:05 <takahashi-tsc> We will commit to existing repository. https://github.com/o-ran-sc/archived-smo-o2
08:23:36 <takahashi-tsc> This is still archived, but O-RAN SC said they will change status of repository.
08:24:02 <ueha> I understood, it have been already created. thanks!
08:24:40 <takahashi-tsc> Any others?
08:26:59 <takahashi-tsc> Good. then, if we have no more topic, we close today's meeting now.
08:28:03 <takahashi-tsc> Thank you so much, Let's do our best to complete the RC2 release. bye.
08:28:14 <ueha> thanks, bye
08:28:17 <manpreetk> Bye!
08:28:18 <hirofumi-noguchi> thanks, bye
08:28:23 <ma-ooyama> Thanks, bye
08:28:30 <masaki-ueno> bye
08:28:35 <takahashi-tsc> #endmeeting