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19:03:55 <ttx> This is an exceptional meeting to discuss the need for general changes in the Kilo release contents
19:04:00 <markmcclain> o/
19:04:11 <annegentle_> is it really about kilo, or longer term?
19:04:11 <ttx> The thread on the ML mentions two ideas in particular which I would like to explore (feel free to suggest others)
19:04:15 <mordred> o/
19:04:21 <annegentle_> (strategic or tactical ourselves?)
19:04:26 <ttx> annegentle_: well, longer term. But we need to discuss it now for Kilo
19:04:39 <russellb> I think it's important we discuss specific suggestions here.
19:04:42 <ttx> One idea is to freeze/reduce graduation to integrated release status (and potentially more incubation) until we get our shit together on the existing projects
19:04:53 <ttx> Or as mordred said, "how do we scale our resources"
19:04:57 <mordred> wait - no
19:05:01 <russellb> how do we know when we have succesfully got "our shit together" ?
19:05:07 <mordred> I disagree with that suggestion, please don't associate me with it
19:05:19 <ttx> heh ok
19:05:19 <ttx> The second is the idea that some projects are off-track and should be stopped.
19:05:23 <ttx> or, as mordred said, "how do we ship good things"
19:05:25 <ttx> :P
19:05:29 <mordred> yes. associate me with that one
19:05:33 <ttx> The deadline is that we need to come up with the projects that will be part of Kilo by September 16
19:05:49 <ttx> And it's difficult to consider those graduation reviews until we made our minds on those questions
19:05:50 <mikal> What drives that deadline?
19:05:54 <ttx> We also have one incubation and one program request in progress, and our decision here affects the decision there as well
19:05:55 <dhellmann> summit planning?
19:06:00 <russellb> summit planning and elections
19:06:05 <mikal> Ok
19:06:09 <ttx> and PTl election deadlines as set by our charter
19:06:40 <ttx> so. maybe mordred can statr wit hthe idea he likes to be associated with
19:06:43 <mordred> so - re: the first one, I disagree beacuse I think it's based on an assumption that a large part of our shared resources scaling problems are tied to increase in projects
19:06:49 <mordred> oh, was already typing the second thing
19:07:02 <mordred> what we've seen is the opposite, really, trove and savana do not cause many problems at all
19:07:12 <mordred> whereas nova and neutron are hard and takea  lot of time
19:07:22 <annegentle_> not really a measure for share resource like docs
19:07:22 <mordred> so - while I appreciate that we should figure out cross-project scaling concerns
19:07:27 <ttx> mordred: so you think it's not the nmber of things, it's the nature of htings ?
19:07:37 <mordred> possibly
19:07:44 <mordred> but I don't think there is a direct correlation
19:07:49 <annegentle_> mordred: that's a decent framing but tough to measure
19:07:53 <mordred> or that freezing somethign will necessarily solve something
19:08:07 <mordred> so "Freeze" seem like solving a problem by inventing policy
19:08:07 <devananda> mordred: i think the scaling of test resources is a direct correlation. as these projects add more tests, we'll see an amplification of any existing instabilities
19:08:10 <mordred> and I think we have too much policy
19:08:18 <mordred> and we should just be making decisions based on sanity
19:08:31 <mordred> devananda: we ahve never experienced this being a problem ever
19:08:35 <jeblair> i think broadly speaking i'd agree with that.  adding new projects certainly can strain resources, but it does not always do so, depending on the nature of the project, and the nature of what it brings to the table
19:08:43 <mordred> jeblair: ++
19:08:52 <devananda> mordred: trove and sahara don't actually have a significant test suite in tempest yet
19:08:56 <mordred> savanna is a great example... it came with a person who became infra-core for instance
19:09:00 <mordred> sahara
19:09:01 <mordred> dammit
19:09:05 <mikal> So you don't find infra spending a lot of time hand holding new projects?
19:09:11 <mordred> mikal: not really
19:09:26 <mikal> I think that's what some people are worried about, the high infra workload
19:09:28 <devananda> mordred: huh. except ironic. I feel like every time we ask infra for resources, there's push back.
19:09:36 <mikal> But if its not new projects causing that, we're solving the wrong thing
19:09:38 <dhellmann> the oslo team has set up many new repos and test jobs this cycle
19:09:39 <ttx> so what would you consider as off-track projects ? projects that reinvent something rather than purely integrate 3rd party solutions ? and therefore bring specific complexity to the table?
19:09:42 <mordred> devananda: you are a special bunny, because your requirements are very hard
19:09:45 <ttx> mordred: ^
19:09:59 <mordred> ttx: well, can we get to some closure on this topic? this is just my opinion so far
19:10:04 <devananda> mordred: I don't think I'm that special, but thank you
19:10:34 <russellb> if new projects *were* causing strain, i'd rather raise the bar on what cross-project assistance they bring
19:10:36 <jeblair> i think what's true is that we don't have a lot of time to spend doing all the work ourselves anymore, but i also think that's less of an expectation now
19:10:37 <russellb> rather than slow them down
19:10:39 <mordred> devananda: we may not be giving you response times on requests that feel good, but I do not feel that your existence drains me
19:10:52 <jeblair> now we mostly try to work on setting new patterns so that projects can adopt them widely
19:11:01 <mordred> yah
19:11:07 <russellb> jeblair: i think you guys do an awesome job of it too :)
19:11:13 <ttx> mordred: it's definitely true that the projects which reinvent something (Marconi, Heat, Ceilometer) rather than just integrating/provisioning existing solutions are up against additional complexity
19:11:45 <devananda> mordred: ok, so which projects ARE a drain on you? I'm guessing, since it's not new ones, that you refer to nova and neutron here
19:11:58 <devananda> mordred: but I don't know if that's actually what you mean
19:11:58 <dhellmann> ttx: the issues with ceilometer right now aren't related to reinventing anything, afaik
19:11:59 <annegentle_> for docs, we have strain, but we've purposely held some projects at bay, timing wise, but also, the projects have to bring their own docs resources
19:12:01 <ttx> My belief was that they would overcome that complexity -- but maybe they were a bad idea to being with
19:12:05 <mordred> devananda: yah. nova and neutron and gate breakages are the toughest issue
19:12:20 <mordred> sometimes it's cinder that breaks the gate, one time it was swift
19:12:31 <mordred> but that's the stressful and burn-out inducing stuff
19:12:56 <devananda> ttx: ok - so it sounds like infra's concern is around stability in the "major" projects
19:13:02 <dhellmann> annegentle_: +1
19:13:11 <mordred> which leads to ...
19:13:17 <mordred> what I REALLY am concerned about is the quality of our code
19:13:26 <devananda> mordred: that
19:13:26 <ttx> dhellmann: ceilometer was rearchitected several times over  because it reinvents how to store metrics -- they may be on a good trail with time series now, but the fact is they had to rewrite themselves a number of times
19:13:29 <mordred> and that we ship good stuff that solves needed problems
19:13:37 <markmcclain> mordred: ++
19:13:51 <annegentle_> mordred: but your concern with quality has nothing to do with more and more scope? they seem related...
19:13:58 <mordred> there's a proxy battle I want to mention first - or maybe proxy battle is the wrong word ...
19:14:07 <dhellmann> ttx: no, there were schema changes, that's no the same thing. right *now* there is a rearchitecture going on for future improvements, but that's new this cycle
19:14:08 <mikal> mordred: I certainly owrry that nva has way too many open bugs, but we haven't found a way to get people to work on that yet
19:14:11 <jeblair> annegentle_: i think they are related, just not _directly_ related
19:14:11 <mordred> which is that I don't personally like telling my friends that I don't think their stuff is good
19:14:12 <ttx> mordred: how do you propose we solve that ?
19:14:17 <mordred> and I don't think any of us do
19:14:18 <annegentle_> jeblair: correlated perhaps
19:14:23 <mordred> and I like all of you people
19:14:29 <jeblair> i like you too
19:14:48 <russellb> group irc hug.
19:14:49 <mordred> so it's hard for me to say to flavio that I think marconi is a bad architecture and a bad idea, even though as a TC member I should be doing that
19:15:04 <devananda> mordred: do you see any relationship between "making the code we ship better" (ie, nova, neutron) and "adding, or not adding,, more projects to the fold" ?
19:15:27 <annegentle_> I don't think WE are judge and jury for quality necessarily, the tests and users are... but we're (TC) a governance bottle neck
19:15:31 <mordred> devananda: I don't, because the crossover isn't that great - so not adding designate will not shift any resources to improving nova
19:15:37 <dhellmann> right
19:15:46 <mordred> annegentle_: I think I would like to change that
19:15:57 <devananda> mordred: ok. so we're havign two conversations in parallel -again- :(
19:16:03 <mordred> devananda: yeah. I blame ttx
19:16:06 <devananda> heh
19:16:10 <annegentle_> mordred: I realize that, but your increase in scope of OpenStack governance is what's tough.
19:16:11 * ttx looks the other way
19:16:13 <mordred> he wouldn't let me finish topic one
19:16:23 <mordred> annegentle_: indeed. and that is an excellent
19:16:25 <mordred> point
19:16:46 <mordred> it's entirely possible that the shared resource that doesn't scale is our ability to properly judge good software that we're shipping
19:16:52 * ttx lets mordred finish his point
19:17:07 <mordred> ttx: oh, cat's out of the bag at this point
19:17:13 <annegentle_> heh
19:17:42 <mordred> but, in my view, there are general views on things that it seems most people agree with but we haven't figured out how to express
19:17:53 <mordred> the topic of how we might decide such things in the future notwithstanding
19:18:07 <mordred> jogo straw man to the
19:18:09 <mordred> gah
19:18:25 <mordred> jogo's straw man to the mailing list is a good example of this - although I dont' necessarily agree with all of it
19:18:46 <ttx> mordred: one problem is.. we tend to judge quality at graduation time, not incubation time -- and after having forced people to jum through hoops for one or two incubation cycle, just saying, sorry, not good enough, is tough
19:18:52 <russellb> so i think i heard that adding new projects isn't the big concern ... but the important issue is doubling down on quality, and dealing with projects we don't think are working out?
19:18:58 <dhellmann> I think some of jogo's assumptions are faulty.
19:19:31 <mordred> russellb: that's _my_ concern
19:19:31 <ttx> russellb: ++
19:19:36 <mikal> I think its certainly true that there are projects I have concerns with, and I am sure most other TC members have concerns about something too (not nessesarily the same project as me)
19:19:39 <russellb> OK.
19:19:40 <dhellmann> ttx: didn't we decide to be lenient on incubation to grant "credibility" to attract contributors? maybe we should revisit that
19:19:49 <annegentle_> I think that incubation should be the inclusive time, let many many many similar projects be incubated. then we hold the line at integrated so we don't pay so much "integration tax" in cross-project resources.
19:19:52 <russellb> so, let's see if we can be concrete here ...
19:19:58 <russellb> are there projects we need to have a future conversation about?
19:20:02 <devananda> I have the impression that, at this point, everyone agrees the TC has a responsibility to ensure that we're shipping good quality software
19:20:04 <russellb> some increased quality expectations for all projects?
19:20:05 <jeblair> russellb: ++.  i'd clarify that i think we should be very selective about new projects, just not say we're going to stop altogether.
19:20:05 <mordred> dhellmann: yeah, I think we focused a LOT early on on ensuring that we grow our community
19:20:11 <devananda> annegentle_: erm, no? I am pretty sure that should happen on stackforge
19:20:16 <mordred> I don't think that's actually a problem we need to actively attack now
19:20:16 <mikal> russellb: future conversation about if they're off track?
19:20:28 <russellb> jeblair: sure, i think that's always the case, and that we need to continue to refine our documentation expectations
19:20:31 <devananda> annegentle_: the point of incubation is to /start/ the process of integrating things and pick one taht other projects should integrate with
19:20:32 <annegentle_> devananda: ah yes incubation means past stackforge, right?
19:20:34 <russellb> mikal: yeah.
19:20:36 <devananda> annegentle_: right
19:20:44 <mikal> I'm not sure the concerns about projects are always about quality
19:20:46 <ttx> annegentle_: currently-incubating projects have gone through a lot to alig to our graduation requirements, so we'll have to be strong to tell them... you ticked all the boxes but we just realized this was a bad idea to begin with
19:20:49 <vishy> so perhaps this doesn’t solve the actual scaling problem, but I wouldn’t mind making the integrated release only about infrastructure projects
19:20:50 <mikal> Perhaps they're sometimes about overall direction for example
19:21:03 <devananda> vishy: ++
19:21:15 <annegentle_> but yes, we're still not seeing that lots of incubation is problematic, but that certain projects and cross-projects are problematic?
19:21:17 <vishy> i.e. anything that is best deployed on top of iaas doesn’t belong in the integrated release
19:21:21 <mordred> vishy: I have a similarly but slightly different take - mainly because "infrastructure" is a bit vague
19:21:24 <mikal> vishy: we'll never force you to ship my blog hosting software that way!
19:21:24 <vishy> and we just do IaaS really well
19:21:37 <annegentle_> vishy: yep that's what I'm voicing as well
19:21:51 <mordred> vishy: I think I'd like to see us stop implemeting things that are data plane services
19:22:09 <devananda> openstack's mission sattement says "massively scalable" - any project applying for incubation that can not already demonstrate that it is "massively scalable"
19:22:14 <devananda> shouldn't be incubated, IMO
19:22:17 <mordred> with the notable exception of swift, because that's a thing that seems to need to exist in clouds
19:22:18 <vishy> my sniff test is that if I would be totally happy deploying something on top of nova for production use it doesn’t belong
19:22:22 <mestery> ttx: I have experience with that conversation
19:22:26 <devananda> as taht is the inflection point when we begin devotign cross-project resources to it
19:22:34 <mordred> vishy: well, thing is - it's actually rEALLY nice to not have to run mysql inside of nova
19:22:40 <devananda> and incubation is a "blessing" of a project in the eyes of the community
19:22:43 <annegentle_> is there a non-integrated place for non-iaas, non-massive now?
19:22:48 <annegentle_> (I think there's not)
19:22:59 <vishy> mordred: for performance reasons?
19:23:01 <mordred> vishy: a shared ops team can handle 10000 mysql databases well better tahn I can handle one (well, not me, I'm an expert and all)
19:23:09 <mordred> vishy: for performance, and also for operational complexity reasons
19:23:16 <mordred> but I think I'd call mysql "infrastructure"
19:23:20 <vishy> mordred: but we don’t have anything like that
19:23:35 <russellb> trove?
19:23:39 <mordred> I _could_ run it in nova, but I'd rather not worry about any of the details and just get a mysql from my cloud
19:23:47 <vishy> mordred: if you are referring to trove, it doesn’t pass my smell test
19:23:55 <vishy> mordred: i think you are missing my point
19:24:00 <vishy> i’m speaking as a deployer
19:24:01 <mordred> vishy: quite possibly :)
19:24:05 <vishy> if i go to deploy trove
19:24:06 <mordred> vishy: ah, I'm not
19:24:12 <mordred> I'm speaking as a cloud end user
19:24:15 <mordred> I do not deploy clouds
19:24:17 <mordred> I use them
19:24:22 <vishy> i’m happy to deploy it on IaaS
19:24:25 <jeblair> i made the same assumption as mordred
19:24:34 <devananda> IaaS vs PaaS ? :)
19:24:37 <mordred> no
19:24:41 <mordred> those terms are meaningless
19:24:46 <russellb> so you're saying sure, Trove should exist, but not in OpenStack proper?
19:24:47 <mordred> theya re marketing jargon that is not usefuk
19:24:55 <vishy> it is in cloud “user-space” as i think of it
19:24:55 <vishy> I still think it is super useful
19:25:04 <mordred> I'm saying that trove is more useful to me in a cloud than swift is
19:25:04 <vishy> I just don’t think it needs to be in the integrated release
19:25:14 <russellb> i think if something is useful, we should do our best to foster it
19:25:14 <vishy> cuz our scope is getting totally out of control
19:25:17 <mordred> as an end user
19:25:20 <russellb> and that thus far has been to bring it in to the release
19:25:26 <jeblair> vishy: i think there's the rub -- it is useful, and standardizing on it is useful, but it's hard to do that if it's not in openstack
19:25:33 <russellb> jeblair: ++
19:25:34 <dhellmann> jeblair: +1
19:25:36 <mordred> ++
19:25:47 <markmcclain> jeblair: +1
19:25:49 <vishy> russellb: we can’t do everything though
19:25:54 <devananda> russellb: foster - yes. include in the integrated release - maybe not.
19:25:57 <russellb> we're clearly not doing everything :)
19:26:10 <russellb> include in the release is the only thing we have, really
19:26:41 <devananda> I think there ought to be a place for trove, sahara, and other things that naturally fit "on top of" openstack from a deployer's POV
19:26:45 <russellb> I feel like this discussion is all over the map
19:26:50 <mordred> +10000
19:26:51 <vishy> that’s a problem though. I don’t think docker will ever be part of openstack but it is rapid ly becoming a standard for building applications
19:26:51 <russellb> i'm not sure what we're trying to accomplish or answer right now
19:26:52 <devananda> ++
19:26:52 <markmcclain> russellb: +1
19:26:59 <devananda> mordred: at this point i've lost track of your original point
19:27:07 <vishy> devananda: ++
19:27:07 <mordred> my point is that we're shipping crappy software in places
19:27:10 <mordred> and I want to stop
19:27:19 <russellb> agreed?
19:27:19 <russellb> heh
19:27:20 <mordred> and I don't want to do that by defining more policy
19:27:27 <russellb> any suggestions?
19:27:30 <mordred> (which is why I'm pushing back on vishy's point)
19:27:36 <dhellmann> do we need better developers instead of fewer?
19:27:42 <vishy> mordred so how do we force non-crappy software?
19:27:51 <annegentle_> "all" we have to do is get to vishy's scope, which is where I'm at too
19:28:00 <mordred> vishy: I think we need to be willing to take specific stands on specific issues rather than making policy to back us up
19:28:01 <russellb> i think it's clear everyone *wants* that, and is trying
19:28:02 <mordred> so
19:28:04 <mordred> for instance
19:28:07 <vishy> annegentle_: well imo they are different concerns
19:28:07 <devananda> mordred: your point though is about the crappiness of major projects (noav, neutron, cinder, swift are the only four you mentioned breakages of)
19:28:14 <dhellmann> annegentle_: well, I'd argue that some of the in-scope software isn't great, either, so I'm not sure that solves it.
19:28:21 <vishy> annegentle_: there was a time when nova would fit into the “crappy” category imo
19:28:28 <devananda> mordred: and you haven't addressed the wealth of recent project additions / applications
19:28:30 <mordred> I think we should reject marconi, and I think we should deintegrate ceilometer, even though I like dhellmann, and I think most of us agree with that already so we should say it
19:28:33 <annegentle_> heh vishy yeah I get that
19:28:47 <dhellmann> I do not at all agree with that.
19:28:47 <markmcclain> I think part of the problem with the large projects is the we've set the system up for folks to land their code in master at cost (including quality)
19:28:51 <russellb> mordred: if that's the core, we need to get to it and discuss that
19:29:00 <mordred> and I thnik we should be willing to be harsh, but individually harsh, on new suggestions
19:29:03 <dhellmann> mordred: the problems in ceilometer are being fixed this cycle
19:29:18 <mikal> The TC has also had some success at identifying specific bits of "crappy" and pushing on  them to get fixed. nova-network / neutron for example.
19:29:22 <mordred> dhellmann: that the new time-series effort is being spun up on the side indicates to me that they are not
19:29:30 <russellb> mikal: right, i feel like that has been going well
19:29:32 <mestery> markmcclain: ++
19:29:35 <vishy> if we are airing out things that shouldn’t be in, I’d point to sahara as well
19:29:40 <mikal> So we could start identifying hero projects that affect quality and push on them harder
19:29:41 <mordred> dhellmann: since one of the problems is blatantly ignoring existing good software in the space
19:29:43 <dhellmann> mordred: I'll be happy to fill you in on how wrong you are when you have time
19:29:47 <dhellmann> no, it is not being ignored
19:29:48 <mordred> dhellmann: ok!
19:29:55 <ttx> so there is the IaaS view, the IaaS+ view that doesn't include data plane except swift
19:29:55 <ttx> and the current stuiation which is mostly: if you reached the bar of quality and can pretend to be IaaS+ you're in
19:29:55 <ttx> quality being solely defines by our graduation criteria
19:29:56 * ttx is having network issues
19:29:59 <dhellmann> there is a driver API in place
19:30:20 <mikal> Although, if we're going to list things we should discuss as possibly dropping, I'm going to win friends and say that I think tripleo is concerning
19:30:42 <russellb> i think it's fine if we want to discuss specific projects, but this meeting isn't that time
19:30:55 <mikal> russellb: I agree, but felt left out
19:30:56 <russellb> folks need time to go off and write up good detail on concerns, and be able to prepare a response
19:30:58 <mordred> mikal: right. and my main point is that rather than defining IaaS or IaaS+ or whatever, we shoudl just bring those things up directly
19:31:01 <markmcclain> russellb: +1 let's put down the torches and pitchforks
19:31:03 <ttx> ok, I think I caght up, sorry network lag
19:31:05 <dhellmann> russellb: +1
19:31:06 <russellb> markmcclain: exactly
19:31:10 <mordred> russellb: ++
19:31:17 <mikal> So, backing up a bit
19:31:19 * russellb puts up a "no pitchforks or torches" sign at the door
19:31:22 <mikal> We think we have quality issues
19:31:33 <mikal> We had some success with pushing on the nova-netowrk / neutron thing
19:31:43 <mikal> Do we think that's a thing we could do more for other quality issues we see?
19:31:50 <ttx> mordred: ok, so let's discuss the forst patr -- we should not approve Maconi. Why ? because it's data plane? Or because writing a queue is hard ? Or because writing a queue in Python is stupid ?
19:31:53 <russellb> mikal: i think so
19:31:55 <ttx> first part*
19:32:01 <russellb> mikal: and i think that's perfectly in scope for the role we (TC) should play
19:32:08 <mikal> russellb: because that's a very tangible, positive thing we could do
19:32:14 <russellb> mikal: ++
19:32:30 <mordred> ttx: in my POV, all of the above, but that's just me
19:32:31 <devananda> mikal: yes. I think the TC has a responsibility to ensure the quality of the code we're shipping
19:32:32 <mikal> russellb: and which the board aint going to do for us -- we're the global oversight of quality as best as I can tell
19:32:40 <devananda> mikal: whether that is done by "strongly encouraging" projects to clean up
19:32:42 <mordred> ttx: I REALLY want to try to scale back places where we've NIH'd things
19:32:45 <dhellmann> ttx: or because there are community issues around working with the team, which seems key to fixing some of the other issues
19:32:47 <markmcclain> would it help to have an arch/code subset of TC that does a deep dive?  if so we should apply retro all project like we did w/ grad requirements
19:32:51 <devananda> mikal: or by rejecting / not accepting projects of dubios quality
19:32:53 <russellb> mikal: absolutely, technical concerns are our domain.
19:32:57 <mikal> Well...
19:33:09 <mikal> We really only have one lever -- whether or not something is integrated / incubated
19:33:15 <devananda> yep
19:33:23 <mikal> I feel like we effectively said "fix this our you're out" with the networking thing
19:33:24 <ttx> mordred: we have to decide in it's the addition of those issues that make us reject, or if it's one in particular
19:33:28 <mordred> mikal: we could write a level factory ...
19:33:32 <mikal> Which is a very very big stick, but hurtful to use
19:33:37 <mordred> mikal: ++
19:33:39 <dhellmann> mikal: yes, pushing for change is a better first step than delisting projects
19:33:41 <mikal> But we could experiment
19:33:48 <mikal> What's the next most broken thing in openstack quality wise?
19:33:55 <devananda> dhellmann: but pushing for change is only possible if we raise that threat
19:34:03 <dhellmann> devananda: no, that's not true
19:34:09 <devananda> dhellmann: i dont know of another way the TC can compel developers. what am i missing?
19:34:20 <dhellmann> devananda: some teams do not shy away from saying that their code is broken (see ceilometer) while others do (see neutron)
19:34:24 <mikal> Well... elephant in the room
19:34:33 <mikal> We represent senior devs at a large portion of the openstack companies
19:34:43 <mikal> Can you really not ring people's bosses and tell them to take a problem seriously?
19:34:47 <markmcclain> dhellmann: I've think we've acknowledge there are some broken bits
19:34:51 <mikal> Cause I would
19:35:02 <dhellmann> markmcclain: true,  it took a while to get some vendors on board with that, though
19:35:23 <mikal> Let me pick on another example for a second
19:35:27 <markmcclain> that's the issue is that we've stacked the incentives for vendors to push new code
19:35:29 <annegentle_> mikal: but the carrot is such a juicy carrot (being incubated)
19:35:29 <mikal> Nova is sad that cvells is unfinished
19:35:31 <mestery> dhellmann: Some still aren't on board, but we're doing our best.
19:35:37 <mikal> cells even
19:35:45 <mikal> So, we're going to push on that to get it fixed
19:35:50 <annegentle_> mikal: while "document cells" is not that juicy
19:35:53 <dhellmann> markmcclain, mestery : yep, it has gotten better this cycle. My point is that some teams needed less incentive, that's all.
19:35:55 <mikal> The lever we have is removing the code
19:36:02 <mestery> dhellmann: Understood
19:36:21 <mikal> The TC could be stepping in an publicly identifying cells completeness as an issue of concern if we wanted
19:36:30 <mikal> Which would help drive resources to the problem
19:36:38 <markmcclain> so on the neutron front we've been working up a plan to incubate features long before we merge them for integrated release
19:36:42 <russellb> having 2 majorly different ways nova works is indeed sucky.
19:36:45 <ttx> mikal: sure
19:36:50 <dhellmann> mikal: do you need that "cover" for us to do that, or is the problem being addressed?
19:36:59 <mikal> dhellmann: its not a perfect example
19:37:12 <mikal> dhellmann: what I am trying to say is if the TC had identified that problem, not the nova-core team
19:37:16 <dhellmann> mikal: ok, fair enough, if you were having trouble I would agree that the TC could back you
19:37:22 <dhellmann> sure
19:37:23 <mikal> Then the TC could have gone to the PTL and ask what cover was needed
19:37:42 <mikal> "We've noticed that XXX is a big crap. What do we need to do to help you fix that?"
19:37:47 <dhellmann> that's a much saner proposal than kicking the whole project out
19:37:49 <jeblair> mikal: the board of directors is pretty much constantly saying "where can we put resources to make things better".  perhaps the tc giving them that feedback would be useful.
19:37:57 <mordred> jeblair: ++
19:37:58 <dhellmann> jeblair: ++
19:37:59 <russellb> so is this discussion about what we can do with existing projects other than kick them out?  trying to make sure we're still on topic..
19:38:03 <devananda> jeblair: ++
19:38:19 <mordred> russellb: I think it has become that - which I actually think is kinda nice
19:38:23 <mikal> russellb: I think its about working out how we identify quality issues, and then how we get them fixed
19:38:27 <ttx> mordred: I still want to understand if it's the addition of issues that would make us reject marconi, or a specific one that we would, starting from now, consider as inadmissible
19:38:29 <russellb> cool, yeah.
19:38:29 <annegentle_> to me, it's stop hiring coders and hire doc writers though... so many ways to solve the "what do we throw resources at" when you look at cross-project needs
19:38:31 <mikal> russellb: the kicking out being the nuclear case
19:38:37 <devananda> so we've gone from talking about marconi and ceilometer to cells
19:38:50 <mikal> annegentle_: so that's anotehr good example
19:38:54 <devananda> mikal: has that approach worked for marconi?
19:38:56 <mordred> devananda: I think it might be the same thing
19:38:59 <mikal> annegentle_: should the TC be pushing on PTLs to not merge undocumented features?
19:39:16 <annegentle_> mikal: thing is, some things can't be fully documented until they're in production
19:39:19 <annegentle_> mikal: but yes
19:39:31 <dhellmann> mikal, annegentle_ : +1
19:39:35 <annegentle_> mikal: we don't even have that hard of minimum requirements for docs
19:39:36 <mikal> annegentle_: so we kind of do that with docimpact (well, try)
19:39:45 <mikal> annegentle_: do we have data on the number of open docimpact bugs
19:39:45 <mikal> ?
19:39:56 <mikal> Or is the problem more systemic than that?
19:40:03 <annegentle_> mikal: yes, we have systems in place, but if "high availability" is for example the biggest need from the board, then that's docs more than features
19:40:12 <mikal> Ahhh, I get you
19:40:17 <annegentle_> mikal: it's that it's not a one-to-one code-to-doc mapping
19:40:18 <dhellmann> devananda: if a collaborative approach doesn't work with a team, that means there are other issues, and I think then it's appropriate to take the extreme measures you're proposing. but we should not reach for the eject button as a first step
19:40:19 <annegentle_> mikal: right
19:40:45 <mordred> dhellmann: ++
19:40:51 <devananda> dhellmann: i definitely agree it's not the first step, and don't think it's been used that way
19:40:55 <ttx> What I'd like out of this meeting is -- do we do any change for Kilo.
19:41:03 <mordred> I think a more and better feedback cycle is good
19:41:13 <annegentle_> I guess another way to look at it is: if we're using 800 servers for infra, and that's quota-limited, then does it make sense to limit what we integrate for other quota-limiting reasons?
19:41:14 <russellb> ttx: ++
19:41:14 <mikal> So... As a concrete proposal. Why don't we identify the three most important quality problems we see in openstack and would like fixed in kilo?
19:41:18 <devananda> mordred: and more willingness on our part to tell projects "we have serious doubt about your code"
19:41:22 <mordred> ttx: it sounds like I'm hearing "no, we should be more active in telling people how they suck and give the a chance to fix it"
19:41:24 <devananda> when, in fact, we do
19:41:25 <mordred> devananda: ++
19:41:29 <dhellmann> devananda: it is coming across right now that it is the only step people want to use
19:41:30 <russellb> mikal: yes, something like the round of what we just did, but focused on quality issues
19:41:31 <devananda> which also means
19:41:34 <mordred> like, to be VERY direct about it
19:41:37 <ttx> Do we make a decision that woul affec tthe current incubation/graduation
19:41:38 <devananda> we need to make time to seriously look into projects
19:41:41 <mordred> because it doesn't help anyone not being very direct
19:41:42 <russellb> mikal: though that's not so different from what we did ... quality was included
19:41:42 <dhellmann> mikal: ++
19:41:42 <devananda> before graduation
19:41:46 <devananda> and I would say, even before incubation
19:41:47 <annegentle_> I have to raise another cross project concern very relevant to neutron/kilo
19:41:47 <mikal> russellb: yes, but a small list for the first go at it to keep the experiement conteolled
19:42:02 * mikal can't type at 5am it seems
19:42:06 <mordred> mikal: ++
19:42:10 <russellb> mikal: understandable
19:42:20 <markmc> sorry, got the time wrong
19:42:24 * markmc looks at eavesdrop
19:42:25 <mikal> Its cool
19:42:26 <mikal> This is important
19:42:37 <mikal> Oh, I see, ignore me
19:42:40 <markmcclain> mikal: yeah that follows what I suggested earlier
19:42:47 <ttx> mordred: I'm fine with that (being very direct). But that means we still apply the same rules for Kilo incubation/integration, right?
19:42:54 <devananda> dhellmann: i think, for some projects, after a few cycles of not making headway / seeing what appear to be the same problems, folks feel like that is the only resort left
19:43:17 <jeblair> ttx: our incubation rules are a minimum guideline; i never thought the understanding was if you check the boxes, you're in
19:43:19 <dhellmann> devananda: yep, but I disagree that that applies to some of the projects that were proposed to be kicked out
19:43:24 <ttx> mordred: also it seems a bit far away from "data plane is a bad idea"
19:43:27 <mordred> ttx: yes - except I think ultimately, for my money, we need to be willing to go past the rules a little bit when we're looking at things
19:43:30 <ttx> jeblair: ++
19:43:52 <mordred> ttx: we may get tehre - "data plane is a bad idea" is just another arbitrary policy
19:43:58 <ttx> mordred: the requirements ALWAYS were the consensual and predictable rules
19:44:02 <ttx> not a set of checkboxes
19:44:04 <markmcclain> jeblair: right but that message isn't universally understood in the community
19:44:14 <ttx> that communicates minimal expectations, not ALL of them
19:44:20 <ttx> otherwise we don't need to vote
19:44:31 <mordred> yes. but to markmcclain's point, that consistently gets missed in this community
19:44:43 <ttx> It's still OK to say "NO, just because"
19:44:47 <mordred> yes
19:44:54 <devananda> dhellmann: fair. I think we should have a discussion about each project
19:45:08 <dhellmann> blueprint approval is another case where a minimal policy isn't understood to be reversable
19:45:10 <dhellmann> devananda: ++
19:45:12 <ttx> It will piss off people, but we are all adults
19:45:27 <ttx> the TC can also get its share of hate mail, like pTLs!
19:45:33 <devananda> ttx: is it ok to just say no? I think there's a sense of "well, if they check all the boxes, we have to accept them"
19:45:39 <mordred> ttx: perhaps we should be clear that we're willing to piss people off
19:45:44 <dhellmann> ttx: we need to make sure it's not a constantly moving target, too, though
19:45:46 <mordred> devananda: I think we need to make it clear to people that it's ok
19:45:47 <ttx> devananda: definitely not imho
19:45:51 * reed fills in a request for asbestos suits
19:45:54 <russellb> mordred: if there's consensus that it's for the best for openstack, sure
19:45:55 <mordred> for us to just make a judgement call
19:45:57 <devananda> ttx: and so people are looking for a policy to uphold, rather than have to make a decision, because not everyone has the time to invest in learning/assessing a project for themselves
19:46:20 <annegentle_> reed: I'm allergic
19:46:38 <annegentle_> here's the thing though.
19:46:42 <russellb> we should probably make sure some subset is doing a deep dive on *every* project we look at ...
19:46:44 <ttx> devananda: I think it will be hard to come back to a project today and tell them the whole idea was bad to begin with.
19:46:47 <russellb> instead of assuming it happens
19:46:47 <devananda> it turns out, diggign into a project that you didn't write and haven't deployed, deeply enough to decide "this is good" or "this is bad" is not often possible
19:46:53 <devananda> and I think the only way we can do that
19:46:58 <markmcclain> russellb: +1
19:46:59 <ttx> because we incubated them on the premise that they were interesting
19:47:05 <jeblair> russellb: ++; also, i don't think it has to just be the tc
19:47:08 <devananda> is get feedback from major operators (ie, our employers) about what works
19:47:10 <devananda> and what doesn't
19:47:12 <russellb> jeblair: true
19:47:20 <russellb> but we need to be more clear that it's happening
19:47:22 <devananda> which is why, on the ML, I suggested we set the bar to integration to be "is in production at scale"
19:47:25 <annegentle_> for docs, I still document horizon, even though it's not IaaS. If I freed up those doc resources, would neutron be better documented? I'm not picking on those projects but just pointing out the priorities we're forcing by not narrowing scope.
19:47:29 <jeblair> some folks who are not in the tc have provided some really good feedback on new projects, and i appreciate that very much
19:47:36 <russellb> jeblair: ++
19:47:44 <dhellmann> jeblair: ++
19:47:48 <markmcclain> jeblair: ++
19:47:57 <mordred> jeblair: ++
19:47:59 <devananda> jeblair: yes. I think we need that feedback.
19:48:00 <dhellmann> devananda: ++ on getting feedback from operators
19:48:11 <devananda> jeblair: I dont think we can make decisions without it, in fact
19:48:21 <mordred> well, I think we _can_
19:48:27 <annegentle_> heh
19:48:29 <mordred> I think we can make negative decisions without it
19:48:32 <dhellmann> annegentle_: maybe we should have the board talk to companies to hire more writers to work with your team?
19:48:35 <mordred> positive decisions are harder to make without it
19:48:36 <devananda> sorry. i mean not well informed ones :)
19:48:48 <mordred> devananda: I can make a decision that something is a bad idea with an operator
19:48:58 <mordred> but blessing a thing without some proof points is much harder
19:49:03 <devananda> right
19:49:05 <annegentle_> dhellmann: yes, board members are quite willing, but it's still the scope problem and ratio of coders-who-dont-document
19:49:14 <ttx> Do we also agree that we can't remove from the integrated release wihtout some form of failure to meet some conditions we've set?
19:49:22 <russellb> ttx: ++
19:49:25 <mordred> ttx: ++
19:49:29 <annegentle_> ttx: wait, parsing double negative.
19:49:32 <jeblair> ttx: i don't agree with that :)
19:49:42 <annegentle_> ttx: we have integrated and core projects that are not iaas
19:49:43 <devananda> ttx: can you offer a strawman of such a failure of such a condition?
19:49:50 <ttx> jeblair: we can still have unreasonable conditions :)
19:49:55 * devananda returns to formulating thoughts before typing quickly
19:49:57 <dhellmann> I think we could remove them, but I think it would be a terrible idea to do it.
19:50:00 <ttx> devananda: sure
19:50:00 <russellb> devananda: IMO, failure to fill major gaps identified in project review
19:50:14 <jeblair> ttx: i think we can be arbitrary and capricous -- however, i think the suggested approach of trying to focus on specific quality issues with specific projects is the approach we should take.
19:50:22 <mordred> jeblair: ++
19:50:22 <dhellmann> jeblair: ++
19:50:24 <mordred> yes. that
19:50:31 <russellb> we review a project, identify gaps, expect a plan to fix it ... if that doesn't happen, removal seems like a reasonable thing to consider at that point
19:50:36 <mordred> can and should are good words
19:50:37 <devananda> russellb: is "not usable at a scale > 100 nodes" a sufficient gap?
19:50:42 <ttx> devananda: mordred was mentoining deintegrating ceilometer. I don't think we can do it wthout ceilometer failing to meet the goals of a corrective action plan
19:50:49 <annegentle_> Here's what's happening now though... couple of examples. Ceilometer is highly concerned at the docs teams reviews, thinking WE will prevent them from graduating.
19:50:51 <dhellmann> and, frankly, those quality issues should not just apply to code, but how well the team is actually integrated with the rest of the project
19:50:52 <mordred> ttx: I think we CAN
19:51:04 <annegentle_> Same for neutron. As if the docs team is preventing them from graduating.
19:51:05 <mordred> ttx: I think it's clear we SHOULD try to do somethign else
19:51:10 <annegentle_> THIS is what concerns me.
19:51:23 <annegentle_> the docs team cannot be responsible for a team's pass or fail.
19:51:28 <annegentle_> it's the team's responsibility
19:51:34 <russellb> annegentle_: ++
19:51:36 <ttx> mordred: ok
19:51:37 <mordred> annegentle_: ++
19:51:40 <ttx> sure we CAN anything
19:51:44 <markmcclain> annegentle_:+1
19:52:10 <dhellmann> all of the cross project teams have what amounts to a pocket veto of any initiative of another team, though
19:52:12 <russellb> ttx: agree with your earlier comment about corrective action plan, that's the sane approach to these things IMO
19:52:22 <ttx> My point is, we SHOULD keep ceilometer in Kilo because they didn't fail at any challenge we communicated to them
19:52:26 <mordred> ttx: I think we need to make it very clear that we CAN ... it's important because one day we may actually need to do it, and I don't think we want to spend a ton of time talking about whether we followed our own process first if we do
19:52:30 <annegentle_> dhellmann: true, quality standards and so on
19:52:59 <dhellmann> annegentle_: well, if I write bad docs that's my fault, but if you don't have enough resources to review what I write is that my fault? yours? someone else's? (I don't think it's yours)
19:53:00 <mordred> dhellmann: that pocket veto is not nearly as strong as you might think ... I've tried and failed to use it several times
19:53:13 * dhellmann looks longingly at his cross-project testing patch to ifnra
19:53:42 <annegentle_> dhellmann: reviews are also the team's responsibility especially for technical (cross project teams can't know everything about every project, unpossible)
19:54:01 <annegentle_> dhellmann: that applies for infra and test too as far as I can tell
19:54:11 <markmc> there's a sense of urgency here that I understand for evaluating graduation request
19:54:26 <annegentle_> ttx: can you list again the requests coming in?
19:54:27 <ttx> mordred: ack
19:54:27 <ttx> OK, time check, 7 min left
19:54:28 <ttx> do we need an extra exceptional meeting before condering incubations/graduations
19:54:28 <ttx> or does this clarify what we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do ?
19:54:28 <markmc> not quite clear where it's coming from on the potential for de-integration
19:54:32 <dhellmann> annegentle_: I can't +2 anything in infra or docs, though. I can review changes, but I can't actually move the work forward without help.
19:54:36 <devananda> annegentle_: we've had several patches languish in -infra for month(s) with +1's from ironic cores
19:54:38 <russellb> markmc: ++
19:54:43 <devananda> annegentle_: so i dont entirely agree there
19:54:51 <russellb> maybe the urgency on that part wasn't intentional?
19:54:58 <markmc> like, I do think we should always be open to de-integration discussions
19:54:58 <ttx> OK so.. incubation: Manila. New program: rally. Graduation: Ironic, Marconi, Barbican (Designate is a bit young)
19:55:04 <markmc> feel the way was always open
19:55:23 <devananda> mordred: so as much as new projects aren't breakign the gate, they are bottlenecked on -infra to progress, eg. with test harnesses in devstack/tempest/config
19:55:29 <mordred> yup
19:55:37 <markmcclain> I don't think incubation in general should be held up
19:55:48 <mordred> I feel like that provides a natural and non-policy based gating function
19:55:50 <jeblair> devananda: i don't want to ignore you if you have an issue to raise, but i think pursuing that discussion right now would be a distraction.  can we resume that in -infra after this meeting?
19:56:00 <markmcclain> ttx: for graduation should we get a subset of folks to dive through the programs that want to graduate?
19:56:08 <markmc> has this discussion radically changed how we'll approach the graduation discussions?
19:56:08 <ttx> markmcclain: we should still only incubate stuff we think is a good idea
19:56:17 <markmcclain> ttx: yes
19:56:20 <devananda> jeblair: sure. i dont mean to bring it up - merely responding to annegentle_'s comment and an earlier one from mordred.
19:56:21 <ttx> not just the ones tha thave a devstack job
19:56:27 <russellb> markmc: radically?  no, not for me
19:56:31 <annegentle_> devananda: dhellmann: that's why the scope and priorities matter so, so much to us.
19:56:32 <russellb> not sure it's changed it at all for me
19:56:36 <ttx> markmc: I would say no
19:56:37 <markmc> we should always be open to evolving our requirements, but is there something more going on this time around ... ?
19:56:39 <markmc> ok
19:57:00 <mordred> devananda: I have no idea how he does it, but SergeyLukjanov joining and taking an active part in infra for non-sahara things was kinda huge ... and tips some scales in his favor in terms of making sure sahara is taken care of
19:57:02 <russellb> care even more about quality before graduation?
19:57:11 <russellb> is that the concrete thing?
19:57:18 <devananda> russellb: i would hope so, yes
19:57:19 <ttx> markmc: I think it's clearer that the requirements are just the minimal checkboxes the project has to tick, but it still needs to convince enough TC memebrs that it's good
19:57:24 <mordred> if more projects wound up providing an infra person who did more than just care about that project, it would be AMAZING
19:57:27 <devananda> russellb: though i have always cared about that
19:57:28 <markmc> russellb, I think that's just a sign that we're learning
19:57:33 <annegentle_> devananda: dhellmann: we are a quota-limited gate and there are even more docs reviewers than infra
19:57:34 <russellb> markmc: agreed
19:57:36 <ttx> I always thought like that, so it doesn't change my approach
19:57:38 <jeblair> have a little more confidence that saying no is 'okay' :)
19:57:40 <jeblair> mordred: ++
19:57:44 <russellb> i hope we learn and refine our expectations every cycle
19:57:45 <markmc> ttx, yeah, same
19:57:52 <dhellmann> annegentle_: "quota-limited"?
19:58:10 <ttx> but yeah, it's OK to say no
19:58:15 <devananda> russellb: do we have any more concrete means to guage the technical fitness of incubating projects, though?
19:58:17 <dhellmann> mordred: ++ to projects providing contributors to the cross-project teams
19:58:18 <ttx> we definitely said NO a lot more in the past
19:58:20 <mordred> also, we've in this meeting tested vocally the idea of ejecting somethign and it seems that folks generally feel we should engage with the projects before doing so
19:58:32 <devananda> russellb: I think I'd like to see that. and I think I've proposed one, but it hasn't gotten much traction
19:58:36 <dhellmann> mordred: ++
19:58:59 <markmc> I don't think the conversation has made me necessarily more inclined to say no to any of these projects than I was before, though
19:59:13 <markmc> trying to figure out what the conclusion here is
19:59:13 <dhellmann> devananda: link?
19:59:19 <ttx> mordred: yes, but I think the "no data plane" idea sets a hard limit
19:59:19 <markmc> doesn't help that I suck and missed most of it :(
19:59:21 <annegentle_> dhellmann: as in, you have a quota of this many doc changes can get in
19:59:29 <mordred> ttx: I'm not sure we agreed to that
19:59:32 <russellb> i don't know the conclusion either FWIW
19:59:36 <mordred> ttx: nor did it seem to resonate with anyone
19:59:42 <dhellmann> annegentle_: you limit how many changes a person can make?
19:59:51 <ttx> mordred: should that be a guideline of yours, or try to be a common rule ?
19:59:55 <annegentle_> dhellmann: we do, because we have few reviewers
19:59:57 <jeblair> mordred: i'd agree with that assesment; but i think the points that you made around that will influence my thinking about marconi
20:00:11 <russellb> the question at the beginning was, what should we do about upcoming graduation requests?
20:00:13 <mordred> ttx: it will be a guideline of mine ... but I will try for it to not be an arbitrary one
20:00:16 <russellb> anyone have a summary of changes to that?
20:00:21 <russellb> if any?
20:00:22 <dhellmann> annegentle_: ok, it seems like there may be better ways to deal with that but I don't have the full background
20:00:28 <annegentle_> dhellmann: ok, sure
20:00:30 <russellb> we're about out of time here
20:00:35 <ttx> mordred: it's easier to not incubate data plane things than to reject their graduation.
20:00:35 <mordred> russellb: I believe we have none, other than an assertion that it's ok for us to say no just because
20:00:42 <mordred> ttx: that is true
20:00:59 <ttx> which is why I'd like us to explore it as a "integrated release" rule
20:01:09 <russellb> mordred: ok, sure, fine with me.  :)
20:01:13 <jeblair> one other thing from ttx's original email that we haven't fully explored: we _do_ need more overall project focused infra/qa/docs people
20:01:14 <mordred> ttx: I'm just very wary of more explicit rules
20:01:18 <mordred> jeblair: ++
20:01:24 <russellb> any team waiting for this room?  we're over time
20:01:27 <devananda> dhellmann: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-August/042962.html
20:01:28 <jeblair> i've tried to not focus on that because i think the urgency around this issue is the integration questions
20:01:40 <jeblair> and i don't think they are strictyl correlated.  but it's still an issue we should work on
20:01:53 <markmc> ttx, fwiw, I don't know what "no data plane" means, doesn't immediately resonate - maybe as a I catch up with the backlog it will become clear
20:01:53 <ttx> russellb: normally no
20:02:00 <ttx> OK, so .. no need for a meeting on Monday?
20:02:02 <dhellmann> jeblair: you should really consider requiring liaisons; it has done wonders for oslo (though not perfect)
20:02:14 <jeblair> dhellmann: yeah, i've been mulling that around since your post
20:02:15 <annegentle_> dhellmann: oh yes, I was going to reply to your ML post that we do teh same in docs with varying success
20:02:19 <annegentle_> liaisons
20:02:40 <dhellmann> jeblair: I'd be happy to chat if you'd like
20:02:41 <annegentle_> and, having an infra-focused docs contributor has done WONDERS
20:02:44 <devananda> +1 to all the major cross project efforts requiring a liasion
20:02:49 <jeblair> dhellmann: thanks
20:02:55 <ttx> I think we generally need more people that care about the project as a whole but who live at project-level.
20:02:58 <jeblair> annegentle_: yes indeed!
20:03:04 <annegentle_> :)
20:03:20 <ttx> Those people take on security bugs, take on gate issues, take on project management...
20:03:21 <dhellmann> ttx: yes, but that can be tough to balance
20:03:28 <devananda> and I'd set that bar at incubation. if you aren't ready to contribute to infra and oslo, the team isn't diverse enough to incubate yet
20:03:31 <ttx> take on liaisons
20:03:44 <dhellmann> devananda: I think you're on to something there.
20:03:44 <annegentle_> I sense there could be a metric of "most cross-project drag" for all programs
20:03:48 <russellb> ttx: we do need more ... we're burning out the ones we have
20:03:56 <ttx> russellb: ++
20:03:58 <annegentle_> neutron would be high. Barbican, who knows? How would we know?
20:04:22 <annegentle_> sorry, I know we're over time.
20:04:23 <ttx> basically I think we ave enough people on the vulnerability management team... but not enough people htat would work on a security patch
20:04:31 <ttx> yep sorry
20:04:43 <ttx> OK, so .. no need for a meeting on Monday?
20:04:44 <devananda> dhellmann: you mean re: liasons, or the email/link i posted?
20:04:49 <russellb> no meeting is fine with me
20:04:54 <ttx> back to our regular schedlue on Tuesday ?
20:04:55 <dhellmann> devananda: liaisons (I'll read the email after)
20:04:56 <jeblair> ttx: agree no monday meeting is necessary
20:04:58 <russellb> let's take ideas to the list if any more come up
20:05:00 <annegentle_> ttx: if we've concluded we're staying the course, then no need for a meeting
20:05:14 <ttx> satying on course and it's ok to say NO
20:05:22 <annegentle_> I'll post an idea about "cross project drag" to the ML
20:05:28 <annegentle_> there's got to be some measure
20:05:33 <ttx> OK thanks everyone
20:05:34 <devananda> ttx: regular meeting on tuesday? if so, I wont plan on attending as I'll be somewhere on the road at that point
20:05:50 <ttx> devananda: sure. You may want to give proxies in case things come to a vote
20:05:58 <devananda> ack
20:06:00 <ttx> We'll probably do Rall ynew program
20:06:06 <ttx> #endmeeting