01:00:50 <fungi> #startmeeting tc
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01:00:56 <mnaser> o/
01:00:58 <fungi> #topic Office Hour
01:00:59 <zaneb> oh it's that time
01:01:24 * fungi is already a touch sleepy
01:02:09 <mnaser> #chair zaneb mnaser
01:02:14 <mnaser> i cant do that can i
01:02:27 <fungi> #chair zaneb mnaser
01:02:28 <openstack> Current chairs: fungi mnaser zaneb
01:02:35 <fungi> now you could but it would be redundant
01:02:38 <zaneb> lol
01:02:51 <mnaser> :)
01:04:28 <zaneb> no more reviews from our alleged bot came in today
01:05:51 <fungi> i still owe everyone a summary of points from last thursday's office hour around icla vs dco, implications on sso, et cetera. haven't forgotten, just haven't gotten to it yet
01:07:58 <pabelanger> o/
01:08:03 <mnaser> #chair pabelanger
01:08:04 <openstack> Current chairs: fungi mnaser pabelanger zaneb
02:00:57 <zaneb> \o it's been real
02:01:08 <fungi> #endmeeting