15:01:55 <mnaser> #startmeeting tc
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15:02:05 <mnaser> #topic rollcall
15:02:08 <gmann> o/
15:02:09 <ricolin> o/
15:02:11 <diablo_rojo__> o/
15:02:13 <mnaser> o/
15:02:17 <mugsie> o/
15:02:28 <mnaser> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TechnicalCommittee
15:03:05 <mnaser> i count 4 names and an (on time) jungleboyj making it 5
15:03:14 <jungleboyj> :-)
15:03:17 <mnaser> #topic Follow up on past action items
15:03:29 <jungleboyj> Didn't have to get the kids to school today.
15:03:34 <mnaser> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc/2020/tc.2020-12-03-15.00.html
15:03:44 <jungleboyj> Can't wait until Ian can drive himself.
15:03:47 <mnaser> haha :)
15:04:03 <mnaser> mnaser change all reference of meeting time to go towards eavesdrop for single source of truth <= i've removed all references (or as much as i can) and relinked them to eavesdrop
15:04:11 <mnaser> that way, we won't have any confusion if we play in the time for the future
15:04:34 <mnaser> if anyone sees any, i'd appreciate fixing them (or sending them my way!)
15:04:47 <jungleboyj> ++
15:04:49 <mnaser> mnaser remove openstacksdk discussions for future meetings <= done
15:05:17 <mnaser> mnaser send email to ML to find volunteers to help drive goal selection <= that's a TODO on me.  i will draft up and send the email out today.
15:05:29 <mnaser> #action mnaser send email to ML to find volunteers to help drive goal selection
15:05:31 <gmann> +1.
15:05:32 <mnaser> for follow up :)
15:05:38 <mnaser> next up, gmann complete retirement of searchlight & qinling
15:06:04 <gmann> that is close, repo cleanup and governance patches are merged
15:06:21 <mnaser> nice.  any project-config patches left at this point or?
15:06:22 <gmann> I left with few dependencies one left which are up and under review
15:06:25 <akahat> o/
15:06:32 <gmann> no project config patch left
15:06:38 <gmann> #link https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:%22retire-searchlight%22+status:open
15:06:49 <gmann> #link https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:%22retire-qinling%22+status:open
15:07:07 <gmann> one system config is there if you can have look.
15:07:21 <mnaser> ok awesome, i don't have infra-root but maybe we can ask clarkb or fungi nicely :P
15:07:34 <gmann> i see will ping them
15:07:45 <mnaser> gmann: do you think we should keep it as an action item for next time to track or you feel like it should be marked as 'done' ?
15:08:29 <gmann> mnaser: we do not need as governance patch is merged only thing is projects need to merge the already up patches for usage ermoval
15:08:31 <gmann> removal
15:09:04 <mnaser> ack, do you want us to track progress as an action item for next week just to see if we can help you drive this or feel its fine?
15:09:08 <fungi> i'll take a look at the system-config change now
15:09:37 <gmann> mnaser: either way is fine, tracking with AI will be more clear.
15:09:42 <mnaser> i agree :)
15:09:51 <gmann> fungi: thanks, these two https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/764573 https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/764553
15:09:55 <mnaser> #action gmann complete retirement of searchlight & qinling
15:10:05 <mnaser> so many diablo_rojo's in here :P
15:10:09 <diablo_rojo__> I am behind in my retirement of karbor, but I should have some patches up in the next couple days
15:10:14 <diablo_rojo__> Lol sorry
15:10:23 <diablo_rojo__> So many laptops
15:10:25 <mnaser> ok awesome, no worries, i'll keep it as an AI to track
15:10:35 <diablo_rojo__> Yes please :)
15:10:38 <mnaser> #action diablo_rojo complete retirement of karbor
15:10:51 <mnaser> and finally mnaser remove project retirement from agenda -- that's gone to clean up the agenda now
15:11:08 <mnaser> #topic W cycle goal selection start
15:11:27 <gmann> We should change this to X cycle goal
15:11:33 <mnaser> very much so, lol
15:11:43 <diablo_rojo__> Agreed lol
15:11:48 <mnaser> #undo
15:11:48 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #topic W cycle goal selection start
15:11:52 <mnaser> #topic X cycle goal selection start
15:12:10 <mnaser> so -- it's a bit on me having not sent the email to seek volunteers for this
15:12:22 <gmann> yeah,
15:12:35 <mnaser> the action item is still there and i'll send that out today, but does it make sense to keep it as an open discussion item to track the progoress (i think it makes more sense than action items)
15:12:36 <gmann> also there is nothing in proposed directory so it may take time
15:12:58 <gmann> Secure RBAC also not yet ready to be community goal.
15:13:01 <mugsie> yeah, and the etherpad doesn't have a huge selection of ... achivable goals :/
15:13:15 <gmann> true
15:13:21 <mugsie> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/community-goals
15:13:37 <mnaser> i think perhaps a small reminder that we don't have to do a community goal for every release.  and maybe it makes sense for us to say .. im sure our contributors are tired, and even more since covid
15:14:00 <mnaser> so maybe skipping a community goal for sanity and letting our developers push time towards a feature they want to drive or something that they might _enjoy_ doing a bit more than say, privsep ;)
15:14:12 <mugsie> yeah.
15:14:12 <mnaser> (disclaimer: i think privsep is great but maybe not the most exciting thing to work on)
15:14:32 <mugsie> or we tried a "stablisation" cycle in the past, that might be a good breather goal?
15:14:36 <gmann> yeah, that is totally fine.
15:14:43 <jungleboyj> Given how burned out everyone seems to be mnaser 's idea isn't bad.
15:15:00 <ricolin> mugsie, that will make a fine goal indeed
15:15:05 <fungi> cycle goal: try not to make things worse ;)
15:15:09 <mnaser> mugsie: that's pretty neat, i mean, we can just leave it open and ask folks to update the proposed goal page with something they worked on
15:15:23 <mugsie> I like that :)
15:15:24 <gmann> +1. goal can be 'spend goal-work time with your family and firend' :)
15:15:25 <mnaser> so that its sort-of a show-and-tell "hey we FINALLY got around doing X"
15:16:19 <mnaser> kinda thinking of thinking the community goal this time around maybe being your '20% time'
15:16:36 <mnaser> and if that doesn't produce anything, that's also fine.  times are hard :<
15:16:51 <gmann> and this can encourage teams to do more progress on OSC and RBAC stuff too
15:17:21 <mnaser> perhaps we can link out to the popup teams and the goals that are not selected
15:17:21 <gmann> otherwise popup teams does not get much attentions from projects side
15:17:27 <gmann> mnaser: +1
15:17:34 <mnaser> and say that you could totally help with that
15:17:49 <gmann> yeah good idea.
15:18:00 <mnaser> this is an awesome idea i think
15:18:06 <mugsie> +100
15:19:01 <mnaser> i will try to summarize some of these ideas, being like either: 1. use this time to rest and relax, no need to do something, 2. use this time to finish up this really cool thing you've been trying to find time to, and share with us to recognize or 3. check out these existing goals / popup teams that might interest you if you want to invest time in something different/new
15:19:37 <mnaser> (all 3 can be what the stabilize 'goal' is)
15:20:28 <mnaser> how do we feel about above ^ before i blast to ML? :)
15:21:02 <jungleboyj> I like it.
15:21:04 <gmann> +1, one suggestion to move popup team one as 1st :)
15:21:19 <jungleboyj> +1
15:21:19 <mugsie> sounds great to me
15:21:24 <ricolin> mnaser, assume we will keep collecting new idea for goals along side with these three idea?
15:21:28 <mugsie> (in any order :D )
15:22:10 <mnaser> of course
15:22:13 <mnaser> that's a good addition
15:22:18 <ricolin> mnaser, super:)
15:22:29 <mnaser> ok so after all my not sending that email was a 'happy accident'
15:22:31 <mnaser> :P
15:22:42 <mnaser> ok, moving onto next
15:22:45 <mnaser> #topic Audit and clean-up tags (gmann)
15:22:49 <jungleboyj> Sometimes things happen for a reason.  :-)
15:23:06 <gmann> we can remove the zero upgrade one as it is merged.
15:23:25 <mnaser> #topic Audit and clean-up tags (gmann)
15:23:32 <mnaser> #undo
15:23:32 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #topic Audit and clean-up tags (gmann)
15:23:35 <gmann> for API tag, doc patch is merged. thanks mugsie for pushing that. I will start the ML to encourage projects to start apply for that tag
15:24:04 <gmann> mnaser: may be we can track only API one for now to know how projects are progressing on this
15:24:28 <gmann> I am sure manila is interested, may be gouthamr will raise patch soon
15:24:43 <gouthamr> +1
15:25:23 <mnaser> ok so should we keep this action to discuss on progress of getting projects in
15:25:25 <mnaser> or split it out to action items?
15:25:55 <gmann> I think action is fine to know how many projects want/do not want and what next we can do on this tag
15:26:33 <mnaser> gmann: maybe an action item is announcing the tag and seeing if projecst have interest in 'applying' ?
15:27:10 <gmann> mnaser:  I will say to keep 'Audit and clean-up tags' only and we will have each tag one by one to audit carefully
15:27:17 <gmann> so that we cover each tag this time
15:27:17 <mnaser> sounds good
15:27:38 <mnaser> ok, trying to be mindful of our time
15:27:41 <mnaser> maybe we can flush this quickly
15:27:45 <mnaser> #topic X cycle release name vote recording (gmann)
15:27:57 <mnaser> smcginnis: happen to be around? do you see access to the results or we have to disclose?
15:28:15 <mnaser> (implying that i would .. remember mine)
15:28:31 <jungleboyj> :-)
15:28:40 <gmann> :)
15:28:48 <jungleboyj> It would be good if we had the results as I don't totally remember my vote.
15:29:19 <mugsie> #link https://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_7e6e96070af39fe7
15:29:24 <ricolin> we do have the result link
15:29:25 <gmann> does organizer get the vote results may be fungi knows?
15:29:26 <ricolin> ^^^
15:29:36 <mnaser> that's what i'm curious about
15:30:03 <mugsie> (the CIVS email has the link to the results page)
15:30:15 <gmann> mugsie: ricolin yeah but it does not have individual vote results
15:30:16 <fungi> civs doesn't provide individual voter choices unless you set that option when creating the poll, otherwise votes are anonymous
15:30:23 <gmann> ohk
15:30:24 <mnaser> ahhh, ok, so we really need to remember our choices
15:30:58 <gmann> and only for 6 votes as more vote now can alter the result :)
15:31:12 <mnaser> ok well, we're at 10:30 and a bunch of community members are looking forward for another discussion, so id like to be mindful of time
15:31:22 <jungleboyj> I am pretty sure I was Xenoblast, Xenomorpth and Xenith
15:31:23 <mnaser> we can keep this for next week or discussion async over ML or IRC
15:31:35 <gmann> sure
15:31:41 <mnaser> #topic CentOS 8 releases are discontinued / switch to CentOS 8 Stream (gmann/yoctozepto)
15:31:55 <mnaser> all yours ^, also  we have apevec from the RDO community who can help inform/explain things too
15:32:21 <apevec> actually, I didn't propose the topic :)
15:32:27 <apevec> I think it was from Kolla ?
15:32:39 <apevec> I can explain what Stream is
15:32:42 <gmann> yoctozepto started this in QA office hour this week
15:32:59 <gmann> also we are adding job in devstack also which need more work #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/devstack/+/759122
15:33:01 <apevec> basically the same content as in centos8 just delivered earlier
15:33:12 <gmann> apevec: +1, that will be helpful, go head
15:33:16 <gmann> ahead
15:33:18 <apevec> so atm no need to change
15:33:27 <mugsie> so, does this mean for stable branches we should remove stream?
15:33:33 <apevec> so tl;dr the same RHEL process applies
15:33:45 <apevec> only what is planned to be release will get to Stream
15:33:56 <mugsie> as stream could update under us, and cause a ton of changes to fix the gate?
15:34:05 <apevec> mugsie, atm we don't think we have 8-stream in AFS
15:34:13 <mnaser> mugsie: as i understand it, stream is not exactly a rolling distro
15:34:17 <apevec> mugsie, centos updates under us e.g. right now
15:34:31 <mnaser> so it's like how we said we support centos 8 but centos 8 and 8.1 and 8.2 and 8.3 are different
15:34:39 <mnaser> we never really said 'we support centos 8.X'
15:34:41 <apevec> yeah rolling might have different implications,
15:34:45 <mugsie> we pin to a minor version of centos (wel we did for centos 7.x)
15:34:56 <apevec> where we pin it?
15:35:06 <mnaser> oh really? TIL, i thought we were always testing against latest centos minor (i remember the painful breakages when upgrades happen)
15:35:10 <mnaser> at least in our OSA times :P
15:35:20 <mnaser> at least nodepool builds latest AFAIK
15:35:26 * yoctozepto still in another meeting, give him 5 mins
15:35:32 <apevec> in AFS we have just 8
15:35:34 <apevec> i.e. latest
15:35:54 <apevec> fungi, please remind me where is AFS content defined?
15:35:55 <fungi> also the images we build for ci nodes in opendev just use whatever the latest 8.x is at the time
15:36:03 <apevec> right
15:36:10 <apevec> and we are getting now all 8.3 updates in bulk
15:36:29 <apevec> which are breaking things
15:36:32 <apevec> ask weshay|ruck  ;)
15:36:34 <weshay|ruck> :)
15:36:40 <marios|rover> :(
15:36:40 <weshay|ruck> tru story
15:37:00 <gmann> testing runtime also just talk about 7/8 which mean whatever latest .x is can be run #link https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/runtimes/ussuri.html
15:37:01 <apevec> so getting single updates could be better for us in CI
15:37:16 <apevec> thanks for the link
15:37:21 <mugsie> oh, we did move to the "latest CentOS Major"
15:37:37 <zbr> switching to stream makes sense IMHO, i already did this locally ~6 month ago.
15:37:40 <apevec> yeah so CentOS 8 can stay, with 8 Stream repos enabled until 2024
15:37:42 <mnaser> i assume for those targeting centos, life will be easier as it'll be small bumps rather than one big blow at once
15:37:47 <fungi> #link https://opendev.org/opendev/system-config/src/branch/master/playbooks/roles/mirror-update/files/centos-mirror-update mirror script for centos
15:37:55 <fungi> apevec: ^
15:38:00 <apevec> thanks fungi++
15:38:25 <mnaser> so rather than one big change on release day, it's a small delta over time..
15:38:31 <apevec> oh wait only 7 ?
15:38:42 <apevec> ah nm, I'm blind
15:38:44 <mnaser> :P\
15:39:02 <fungi> apevec: separate sections for 7 and 8 yeah
15:39:09 <apevec> yep, I see now
15:39:12 <apevec> so yes, mirror.dal10.us.leaseweb.net/centos/8/
15:39:20 <mnaser> i think right now from an openstack pov, tripleo will probably continue to give us the signal of 'openstack can run on this stack' in terms of qemu/libvirt/etc as it always has
15:39:32 <mugsie> OK, so it will me RHEL will have to deal with any incompatibilities when building packages for RHEL, but we just keep using CentOS 8 stream, which should stay the same major version for the life cycle of that OpenStack release
15:39:35 <apevec> we'll need to add http://mirror.dal10.us.leaseweb.net/centos/8-stream/
15:39:44 <mnaser> yoctozepto and gmann from what i see are working on the devstack improvements to be able to run on it
15:40:12 <mugsie> and stream major versions will have a longer life cycle than our releases anyway, so we should be OK?
15:40:28 <apevec> yes Stream will be 5 years
15:40:39 <zbr> anyone working on a change to add 8-stream? I can do it.
15:40:42 <mnaser> mugsie: i think given RHEL's upstream dev happening inside tripleo (and targetting stream?), i can imagine that they'll want to get things landed inside of stream so rhel works
15:40:49 <apevec> zbr, not change, add
15:40:49 <gmann> do we need to change in stable branch also or keep centos8?
15:40:52 <apevec> if we have space
15:41:00 <apevec> so we don't break current assumption about repo paths
15:41:00 <zbr> yeah, that was the idea.
15:41:03 <gmann> so add from wallaby onwards ?
15:41:27 <zbr> we can think as "8-stream" as some kind of 9-ish.
15:41:35 <mugsie> gmann: thats a good call. doe we have any stable branches that will be supported past Dec 2021?
15:42:01 <mnaser> i think ussuri might be affected, lets check
15:42:11 <gmann> mugsie: yeah at least Victoria. and ussuri on Extended maintance
15:42:17 <mnaser> #link https://releases.openstack.org/
15:42:23 <apevec> I think TripleO will want Train, weshay|ruck marios|rover ?
15:42:31 <marios|rover> apevec: yes
15:42:49 * yoctozepto is here
15:42:53 <mugsie> victoria is going to be impacted, ussari in EM is less of a worry
15:42:56 <gmann> we need to care for both Victoria and Ussuri
15:43:00 <yoctozepto> I see you are progressing as planned :-)
15:43:03 <yoctozepto> gmann: ++
15:43:07 <fungi> the bulk of the upstream jobs run on ubuntu anyway, so if we end up needing to drop centos-8 jobs from some em branches that doesn't seem like the end of the world
15:43:19 <fungi> or convert them to use stream
15:43:21 <yoctozepto> Kolla is going to switch to stream if nothing changes in the first month of 2021
15:43:26 <jungleboyj> fungi:  ++
15:43:49 <mugsie> yeah. converting victoria to stream may be a good idea. I would just leave ussari as is, and turn off centos next december
15:43:55 <fungi> i mean, think about it, the packages landing in stream would have also filtered into centos 8 point releases under the old model and caused the same disruption for jobs running on those branches either way
15:43:57 <yoctozepto> we still expect the situation might change
15:44:16 <apevec> fungi, exactly
15:44:32 <apevec> yoctozepto, in what way would it change?
15:44:39 <gmann> and we can leave decision for Ussuri later if EM team want to move it to Unmaintained or fine with dropping centos8
15:45:01 <mnaser> as i understand it this morning, centos stream 8 is pretty much RHEL 8.LATEST + delta until 8.LATEST+1
15:45:02 <fungi> so it's business as usual. em branches are either fixed so jobs can continue running, or we drop those jobs if the work to fix them is greater than the benefit they provide us
15:45:25 <apevec> mnaser, correct, it candidate builds for .LATEST+1
15:45:30 <gmann> grenade jobs are on ubuntu so we do not need to worry for ussuri updates for victoria grenade testing
15:45:38 <apevec> i.e. now in c8s you see what will be released as 8.4
15:45:38 <yoctozepto> apevec: well, we never know whether this decision is not reverted based on pressure
15:45:45 <yoctozepto> plus also independent projects doing rebuilds
15:45:59 <apevec> yoctozepto, I can tell you for sure it is not going to be reverted
15:46:12 <apevec> and there are already other rebuilds
15:46:19 <apevec> just not sure how viable they would be
15:46:31 <apevec> again, c8s == same content just earlier
15:46:33 <fungi> e.g. rockylinux
15:46:44 <apevec> fungi, is README.md :)
15:46:45 <mnaser> the way i see it is: other rebuilds are there to welcome to bring patches to add support
15:46:52 <apevec> but yeah we'll see
15:46:57 <fungi> apevec: yup! plus some vapor
15:47:02 <mnaser> but as of now, we need to seek a route moving forward for centos at least
15:47:10 <gmann> yeah
15:47:15 <mugsie> thereis some things I suspect will stick around like https://blog.cloudlinux.com/announcing-open-sourced-community-driven-rhel-fork-by-cloudlinux
15:47:38 <mnaser> cloudlinux has been around for ages as a rhel derivative
15:47:46 <apevec> yes there are clones and that's fine
15:47:48 <fungi> also scientific linux may end up doing a c8 update eventually
15:48:03 <apevec> cXs will be still real thing
15:48:07 <mnaser> to be honest, i feel like folks who are interacting with rhel/centos inside our upstream seem to have a pretty good grisp on the best solution moving forward
15:48:09 <apevec> esp with next 9 cycle
15:48:26 <mnaser> so from a tc pov, it looks like supportability is not disappearing for the platform
15:48:45 <mnaser> and given rh's interest in maintaining older releases, they'll fix what needs to be done from a distro pov
15:49:02 <apevec> weshay|ruck, marios|rover ^ go fix it :)
15:49:17 <marios|rover> ;)
15:49:19 <jungleboyj> mnaser:  ++
15:49:21 <apevec> but yes, we are around
15:49:22 <mnaser> and i already see mobilised action and planning from their part there
15:49:48 <gmann> +1, there are much overlap between these two community in term of contributors.
15:50:01 <mnaser> i think it's important to have had this discussion, i learned a lot about it, but i dont think there is anything immediate from the tc in terms of actionable
15:50:13 <yoctozepto> apevec: aye; we are more generally fine with stream
15:50:21 <yoctozepto> just our users seem very upset
15:50:26 * noonedeadpunk was away and missed the party :(
15:50:33 <yoctozepto> noonedeadpunk: the party is pending
15:50:41 <fungi> other than to simply be aware that some stable branches may need to switch jobs to a "different" node type
15:50:53 <fungi> (which isn't really all that different)
15:50:56 <marios|rover> for ci it makes a lot of sense, unless you're ci'ing for RHEL builds which isn't the case here
15:51:00 <apevec> hope we'll get IRL party in 2022 Summit at least!
15:51:02 <jrosser> ^ exactly this - OSA also has end users who have just migrated 7>8 and are really worried
15:51:07 <yoctozepto> apevec: ++
15:51:14 <marios|rover> i.e. we get the latest stuff earlier rather than all at once
15:51:16 <mnaser> tosky put it this morning in a very neat way, which was: centos 8 stream is stable/ussuri, and rhel 8.x is the tagged release
15:51:17 <mugsie> marios|rover: well, CI for RHEL is the reason we do have centos
15:51:23 <yoctozepto> jrosser: exactly my words you mean?
15:51:42 <jrosser> this is not just about CI jobs but also the message we give out from projects like Kolla and OSA to our users, quite apart from RH customers
15:52:14 <apevec> jrosser, users can still consume stream
15:52:16 <mugsie> I do worry abnot people being able to install openstack on rhel without using the RHOP tools
15:52:21 <apevec> they just might to keep a snapshot
15:52:24 <yoctozepto> apevec: users don't want stream :D
15:52:32 <apevec> if they're concerned about the rate of change
15:52:33 <yoctozepto> that's what they said
15:52:43 <yoctozepto> they are concerned about multiple things
15:52:44 <apevec> yoctozepto, want / need is different :)
15:52:47 <fungi> previously the risk was that because centos lagged rhel we might not be testing against new behaviors in rhel which hadn't trickled into centos yet. the problem will simply get reversed, we may wind up testing against new features in centos-stream which haven't made it into rhel yet
15:52:51 <mnaser> yeah.  i can see a point where releasing something to support centos 8 stream.. its probably very different over time
15:52:55 <mugsie> as not all projects are in RHOSP, and people *do* sideload them into installs
15:53:09 <yoctozepto> apevec: they need a stable, reliable distro; and they feel like it has been discontinued
15:53:10 <apevec> fungi, there is and will be more RHEL CI
15:53:13 <marios|rover> fungi: s/may/will get new features that didn't make into rhel yet
15:53:22 <mnaser> so a release from 1 year ago of OSA that says "supports centos 8 stream" might not actually support it 1 year later since changes
15:53:23 <apevec> yoctozepto, let's take that offline, but it is not
15:53:32 <apevec> again same content
15:53:39 <yoctozepto> apevec: you don't have to persuade me
15:53:40 <mnaser> but, in defense of centos in this case
15:53:46 <mnaser> i don't think any distro
15:53:49 <mnaser> was promising like
15:53:51 <yoctozepto> apevec: I am running stream
15:53:55 <apevec> nothing would show up in c8s unless it is planned for .Y+1
15:54:02 <mnaser> OSA train ONLY runs against rhel 8.2
15:54:05 <mnaser> s/rhel/centos/
15:54:15 <mnaser> we were always very much OSA train runs against centos 8<end>
15:54:47 <mnaser> i don't know of any community project that's actually "pinning" to point release of centos for what it's worth
15:54:59 <fungi> doing so would be a terrible idea anyway
15:55:05 <noonedeadpunk> It's just the matter that it's hard and resourcefull to maintain thing that changes too fast
15:55:10 <noonedeadpunk> like it was with Suse
15:55:15 <mugsie> I know projects that say x version works on centos/rhel y.z
15:55:23 <fungi> because those point releases of centos don't get security support for the same duration as our stable branches
15:55:24 <mnaser> noonedeadpunk: thing is, suse was a rolling distro
15:55:33 <yoctozepto> mnaser: openhpc
15:55:38 <noonedeadpunk> and in case users don't like it and don't wont it in prod it is useless effort moreover
15:55:47 <yoctozepto> and I believe some others also do pin
15:55:51 <yoctozepto> kolla never did
15:55:51 <mnaser> i think we were deploying against the rolling version of suse at the time
15:56:01 <fungi> the centos/rhel model has for a long time been that if you want security support you need to fairly quickly update to the next minor release in the series
15:56:02 <yoctozepto> it bit us but we can live with that
15:56:08 <mnaser> yoctozepto: TIL!
15:56:10 <yoctozepto> ubuntu also bit us, not seeing much difference
15:56:36 <gmann> 5 min remaining for meeting
15:56:38 <noonedeadpunk> mnaser: well changes between suse 15.1 and 15.2 were not bigger then for centos 8.2 -> 8.3 where repos got renamed...
15:56:46 <gmann> so two things for us ? 1. move all centos8 josb to centos8-stream for master as well as stable/Victoria (leave stable/ussuri for now) + 2. update wallaby and Victoria testing runtime doc too
15:56:58 <mnaser> noonedeadpunk: i think there was no shortage of packages being renamed inside suse at the time
15:56:59 <mnaser> :P
15:57:09 <mugsie> gmann: ++
15:57:19 <yoctozepto> if centos stream rolls more like ubuntu lts now, I will not see a difference
15:57:34 <mnaser> gmann: ok, that's pretty good and i trust your QA-team hat :)
15:57:37 <noonedeadpunk> +1
15:57:46 <yoctozepto> ++
15:57:58 <mnaser> apevec: i can maybe throw a suggestion for some sort of office hour / ama something like that to explain and talk through these
15:58:09 <apevec> sure, we can do that
15:58:13 <mnaser> i know that might be quite stressful with a lot of opinions going out but today's discussion was helpful
15:58:16 <apevec> here in TC channel?
15:58:26 <mnaser> i'm happy to host it here
15:58:27 <jungleboyj> mnaser: ++
15:58:28 <gmann> ok. once we get devstack job working then we can ask teams to start migrating it. I will push testing runtime doc update
15:58:31 <noonedeadpunk> gmann: so it will mean that CI has images for both stream and non-strem, right?
15:58:49 <mnaser> and we can ask the deployment projects to be around for that and it will be very useful i think
15:58:52 <apevec> yes let keep both for now
15:59:02 <gmann> noonedeadpunk: only stream as those stable release CI continue after dec 2021 also
15:59:20 <mnaser> #action mnaser work to find time for community deployment projects + centos/rdo team
15:59:26 <gmann> apevec: in that case we need to remove it again
15:59:41 <apevec> yes but only in Dec ?
16:00:11 <mnaser> (i need to close out at 11, i will end the meeting, but i think we can continue the discussion here)
16:00:24 <noonedeadpunk> Yeah, I'd rather live with stable Centos until next release in CI while adding Stream as NV jobs
16:00:26 <gmann> yeah we can continue after meeting too
16:00:26 <mnaser> (another meeting :<)
16:00:30 <noonedeadpunk> to see how it's going
16:00:31 <mnaser> #endmeeting