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18:00:49 <knikolla> Hi all, welcome to the weekly meeting of the OpenStack Technical Committee
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18:00:58 <knikolla> #topic Roll call
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18:01:06 <knikolla> A reminder that this meeting is held under the OpenInfra Code of Conduct available at https://openinfra.dev/legal/code-of-conduct
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18:01:12 <knikolla> Today's meeting agenda can be found at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TechnicalCommittee
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18:02:25 <knikolla> #topic Follow up on past action items
18:02:28 <knikolla> I don't see any action items noted down from the previous meeting
18:02:30 <JayF> o/
18:02:52 <knikolla> #topic Gate health check
18:03:01 <knikolla> Any updates to report for this week on the state of the gate?
18:03:16 <dansmith> lol
18:03:22 <gmann> lot of updates :)
18:03:24 * bauzas rolls eyes
18:03:29 <JayF> the gate is closed and locked ;)
18:03:43 <dansmith> the gate has been deathly ill this week, but things may be better after many reverts
18:03:45 <slaweq> yeah, it's in bad shape recently
18:03:55 <dansmith> still waiting for initial results
18:03:59 <fungi> probably worth deferring discussion of the python 3.8 drops until the dedicated topic later in the agenda
18:04:32 <dansmith> also probably worth mentioning the ceph thing here
18:04:39 <dansmith> even though it's acutely related to 38,
18:04:48 <knikolla> Well, my lunch overlapped with the discussion of the last hour, so hold your eye rolls for now :)
18:04:52 <dansmith> I'm starting to become concerned about our ability to get ceph tested on jammy in short order
18:04:54 <bauzas> and the volume detach ssh findings ?
18:06:12 <gmann> dansmith: if we bring back py38then bringing back focal make sense and ceph jobs will get time at least for this cycle
18:06:24 <slaweq> I also noticed a lot of failures due to issues with mirrors, especially last week but I don't know if that's somehow fixed already
18:06:25 <spotz_> knikolla: just read the scroll while the next person types:)
18:06:26 <gmann> but yes, we need to sort out it for jammy at some point
18:06:29 <dansmith> bauzas: every time I look at those I'm seeing the guest's boot seems to have been sufficiently late, so not sure really, but yeah that too
18:06:41 <knikolla> I'm going to start an etherpad to track all these issues in a parallel manner, as (un)fortunately IRC is a linear medium.
18:06:46 <knikolla> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/gate-health-2023
18:06:56 <dansmith> gmann: not really, IMHO, because if the PTI doesn't include focal, then we're not testing ceph on our supported platforms
18:07:13 <dansmith> gmann: the reverts have taken the pressure off, but we still need to figure out what we're doing here
18:07:19 <fungi> slaweq: i'm happy to follow up on the mirror issues after the meeting, though the opendev sysadmins meeting is immediately after this one
18:07:56 <gmann> dansmith: yes. going more closure to release make it more concern things
18:08:01 <slaweq> fungi I will go afk just after this meeting, sorry
18:08:04 <slaweq> I can talk about it tomorrow morning
18:08:11 <fungi> slaweq: tomorrow is great, thanks!
18:08:17 <jamespage> I'm not familiar with the specific issues we're seeing on jammy/with ceph but I'm happy to help if there is anything that I can do from the downstream distro side as well
18:08:54 <dansmith> jamespage: no indication that it's distro related at least at this moment
18:09:20 <jamespage> well feel free to pull me in if needed :)
18:09:26 <gmann> this is change which try to mvoe it to jammy #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/devstack-plugin-ceph/+/865315
18:09:26 <dansmith> ack, thanks
18:11:17 <knikolla> Please jot down things in the above linked etherpad, as we have a packed agenda I want to move on to the next item and we can focus on the gate outside of the meeting. https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/gate-health-2023
18:11:59 <knikolla> #topic Broken docs due to inconsistent release naming
18:12:19 <knikolla> I proposed a patch that renames the docs directory to 2023.1 instead of 2023.1.antelope
18:12:20 <knikolla> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/openstack-manuals/+/881290?usp=dashboard
18:12:39 <spotz_> looking
18:12:45 <gmann> thanks, we need the redirect also there
18:12:47 <knikolla> There's still issues with releases.openstack.org being named antelope, so the links to there don't work
18:13:13 <spotz_> knikolla: I'll read through and +w if good after the meeting
18:13:18 <gmann> I think we should make it /2023.1 as other project specific release notes are with relerase version not name
18:13:19 <knikolla> And yes, the redirects.
18:13:32 <gmann> spotz_: there is comment there on redirect
18:13:32 <spotz_> That used to be a Jimmy thing but might be a Josh thing now?
18:13:37 <dansmith> gmann: ++
18:13:51 <spotz_> gmann: Will look, saving reading until we're done:)
18:13:54 <gmann> example #link https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/aodh/2023.1.html
18:14:09 <fungi> which redirects specifically?
18:14:25 <knikolla> redirects from docs.openstack.org/2023.1.antelope to 2023.1
18:14:31 <clarkb> that isn't a foundation issue it is an openstack-manuals issue
18:14:32 <gmann> basically this https://releases.openstack.org/antelope/index.html  -> https://releases.openstack.org/2023.1/index.html
18:14:44 <fungi> the foundation webdev folks have nothing to do with docs.o.o, never have
18:14:50 <fungi> that's why i was asking
18:14:52 <gmann> oh yes it is not foundation at all
18:15:07 <gmann> it is in openstack-manuals we need to add redirect
18:15:17 <fungi> it's an htaccess file in openstack-manuals, right
18:15:21 <gmann> yes
18:15:23 <knikolla> yep
18:15:38 <clarkb> there is the separate issue where the index itself is built with broken links
18:15:48 <clarkb> this is also an openstack-manuals issue and I haven't seen resolution for this issue either
18:16:04 <fungi> if there's anything you need changed on the openstack.org site pertaining to links to documentation or something, i'm happy to loop in the right foundation webdev folks
18:16:09 <gmann> knikolla: is your patch change this too? https://releases.openstack.org/antelope/index.html  -> https://releases.openstack.org/2023.1/index.html
18:16:20 <gmann> or this page is from other place?
18:16:30 <knikolla> gmann, i don't believe it does. no.
18:16:40 <knikolla> i have to hunt down where that is.
18:16:54 <gmann> ohk
18:17:08 <fungi> that'll be the openstack/releases repo
18:17:09 <knikolla> I'm taking this work on and tracking the issues I find and patches here
18:17:10 <knikolla> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/docs-issues-2023
18:17:17 <spotz> Ok sounds like hold off on the review until we have all the pieces ready?
18:17:25 <knikolla> I'll add the index issue and release name in the therpad as well.
18:17:30 <gmann> knikolla: may be this? #link https://github.com/openstack/releases/blob/master/doc/source/antelope/index.rst
18:17:40 <fungi> there will be multiple changes to fix the various problems, because some are in different repositories
18:18:02 <gmann> spotz: and it is not foundation things, it is in openstack-manual which used to be maintained by doc sig and now TC
18:18:18 <spotz> gmann: Yeah I got that already
18:18:39 <knikolla> fungi: ++, there's a lot of interrelated things
18:18:45 <gmann> we need to make sure consistency.
18:18:46 <knikolla> anyhow, feel free to reach out to me with new issues you find and checking the etherpad.
18:19:03 <gmann> thanks knikolla for fixing it. will add in etherpad if I find any other
18:19:10 <knikolla> thank you gmann
18:19:12 <knikolla> #topic Following new release naming convention by packagers (UCA/RDO)
18:19:28 <knikolla> I'm not familiar with the topic, anyone care to elaborate?
18:19:45 <gmann> I think it was added during last week meeting. noonedeadpunk ?
18:19:56 <gmann> if I remember correctly
18:20:17 <noonedeadpunk> yup. so the case here is that uca/rdo does name repos as antelope instead of 2023.1
18:20:37 <bauzas> well, those are distros
18:20:39 <fungi> bearing in mind that uca and rdo are not governed by the openstack tc
18:20:45 <bauzas> yeah that
18:20:45 <gmann> yeah :)
18:20:58 <bauzas> we can't really dictate their names
18:21:01 <noonedeadpunk> When I talked to RDO folks they were reffering our docs that both names are valid
18:21:06 <gmann> i think here proposal is to have consistency which can be more better
18:21:09 <noonedeadpunk> but they did not mind changing that
18:21:32 <gmann> tc does not need to force them but giving recommendation for consistency is good
18:21:32 <noonedeadpunk> So we could give some recommendations or ask them
18:21:34 <bauzas> noonedeadpunk: well, all the stable branches now proof themselves on how a release shall be named
18:21:38 <gmann> noonedeadpunk: ++
18:21:38 <slaweq> if distros could and want change it, that would be great IMO
18:21:49 <gmann> yeah
18:22:33 <noonedeadpunk> so spotz and jamespage are here and I guess they might know some insides and if it's possible to be consistent here from their side
18:22:38 <fungi> it may make sense to have some guidance on a recommended way to label our releases, and on how to combine the release number and the marketing moniker for the release in the least confusing way possible
18:22:40 <knikolla> makes sense. it's good to be consistent ourselves moving forward so that provides clear guidelines for others as well.
18:23:14 <jamespage> I can check with coreycb on the UCA side
18:23:21 <spotz> noonedeadpunk: We should be able to rename directories and such for RDO
18:23:42 <fungi> since the codename gets a lot of press and ends up in news articles about each release, i can understand downstream distributions wanting to include it for clarity
18:23:42 <gmann> ++ thanks jamespage spotz
18:24:14 <noonedeadpunk> Yes, so where I agree is that codenames are closer to ppl then release numbers
18:24:14 <knikolla> ++
18:24:38 <noonedeadpunk> But double naming has potential of raising huge confusion
18:24:53 <jamespage> in Ubuntu codenames and release versions are used fairly interchangeable
18:24:59 <bauzas> noonedeadpunk: well, fwiw, even Nova will switch to release numbers in Launchpad by 2024.1
18:25:13 <fungi> for examples, we can look at how distros like debian and ubuntu combine their release codenames and release numbers for public-facing communications
18:25:14 <bauzas> supporting both is creating more problems
18:25:15 <knikolla> agree fully, noonedeadpunk
18:25:31 <jamespage> most of the internal technical plumbing is codename based by the release uses the version
18:25:34 <noonedeadpunk> As indeed I hardly imagine in regular talk of 2 operators see how they will use release number when codename is present
18:25:34 <gmann> bauzas: true.
18:25:52 <knikolla> fungi: once we have fixed docs, I want to look into building the infrastructure for that. The current docs tooling didn't support the name being different than the branch.
18:26:03 <bauzas> I just feel that the nickname can continue to exist, provided we don't have it as a *reference*
18:26:11 <fungi> knikolla: yeah, that makes sense
18:26:14 <knikolla> But it makes a lot of sense to create the possibility to decouple the displayed name and the branch name.
18:27:04 <spotz> bauzas: I think it might still show up on like the releases page and referenced on the index page as a project. Kind of how you type out a fullname then abbreviate after it
18:27:28 <coreycb> in ubuntu we stuck with the codename antelope for the cloud archive since it aligns with use of the ubuntu codename in /etc/apt/sources.list
18:27:59 <bauzas> at least the TC reference is clear : release numbers are prioritary and should always take precedence over codenames
18:28:04 <fungi> using the release numbers in urls, suite names, package mirrors seems to be the tc's recommendation, but shouldn't exclude the possibility to also mention the release name in more "cosmetic" parts of documentation and the like
18:28:21 <knikolla> ++, i think we already have a resolutions pushing for numbers.
18:28:26 <gmann> yes
18:28:30 <bauzas> fungi: +1 and fwiw I feel the TC reference to clearly stating this already
18:28:40 <noonedeadpunk> coreycb: yes, but would it be possible in future releases to switch to release version?
18:28:53 <fungi> so it's mainly a matter of turning that into clearer guidance for downstream distributions and communicating it to them
18:28:53 <gmann> @link https://governance.openstack.org/tc/resolutions/20220524-release-identification-process.html
18:28:58 <noonedeadpunk> As we're trying to align on using that instead of codenames across all of the docs
18:28:58 <gmann> #link https://governance.openstack.org/tc/resolutions/20220524-release-identification-process.html
18:28:59 <bauzas> knikolla: even a TC reference page, not only a TC resolution (which is sometimes hard to find)
18:29:12 <knikolla> thanks gmann
18:29:16 <gmann> #link https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/release-naming.html
18:29:20 <gmann> bauzas: ^^
18:29:35 <noonedeadpunk> btw we don't inlcude there any guidance for downstream maintainers
18:29:43 <coreycb> noonedeadpunk: it's certainly possible if there's a good argument for it
18:29:44 <fungi> yes, that's what i'm saying
18:29:49 <knikolla> anything else on the topic?
18:30:39 <noonedeadpunk> So should we add some guidance to release-naming?
18:31:06 <knikolla> I'd be in favor of such guidance.
18:31:18 <fungi> it would make sense to add a section about downstream redistribution recommending use of the release number for things like mirror directories, suite identifiers, and so on
18:31:27 <gmann> that will be good if we can mention it explicitly about what we recommend for downstream
18:31:27 <noonedeadpunk> ++
18:31:32 <fungi> things that matter to distributions
18:31:41 <fungi> right now it's focused on things that matter upstream
18:31:46 <gmann> yeah
18:31:50 <noonedeadpunk> coreycb: would that be a good argument?
18:31:52 <knikolla> most importantly it reduces confusion for the users of those distributions
18:32:13 <coreycb> noonedeadpunk: sorry, which point?
18:32:41 <knikolla> With the current docs inability to reference both 2023.1 and antelope on the same line it's not immediately obvious to new users who might be using something downstream or from another vendor.
18:32:46 <noonedeadpunk> If TC will add suggestions for maintainers of downstream packages on naming of OpenStack releases to https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/release-naming.html
18:33:08 <fungi> coreycb: about adding a section to the release-naming document providing guidance to downstream package maintainers and other redistributors
18:33:47 <gmann> at least that will help for future release if antelope cannot be fixed at this stage
18:34:04 <knikolla> anyone volunteers to take the action to propose the addition to the reference?
18:34:08 <noonedeadpunk> Yeah, for Antelope it's too late at this point
18:34:12 <noonedeadpunk> I can
18:34:22 <coreycb> fungi: sure but I wouldn't mind getting a chance to review the recommendations
18:34:53 <knikolla> #action noonedeadpunk to propose a patch to reference that makes the recommendation for downstream packagers to use the version name rather than codename.
18:35:08 <knikolla> thanks noonedeadpunk
18:35:17 <fungi> coreycb: they'll be in gerrit! ;)
18:35:27 <knikolla> We can continue the discussion on Gerrit and fine tune the specifics there.
18:35:27 <noonedeadpunk> I'll add you to reviewers explicitly
18:35:30 <gmann> coreycb: we will add/ping you
18:35:33 <gmann> +1
18:35:51 <knikolla> Moving on to the next topic
18:35:54 <knikolla> #topic Schedule of removing support for Python versions by libraries - how it should align with coordinated releases (tooz case)
18:35:57 <noonedeadpunk> and rdo folks as well :)
18:36:08 <noonedeadpunk> (and zigo)
18:36:08 <gmann> noonedeadpunk: thanks for noticing it
18:37:24 <dansmith> some of us have already discussed this to death at this point
18:37:31 <knikolla> I know you talked extensively about this before the meeting and I haven't been able yet to catch up on the conversation.
18:37:33 <gmann> yeah
18:37:33 <noonedeadpunk> yes, so this is the topic that was heavily discussed even before the meeting
18:37:39 <dansmith> I wonder if maybe it would be better to have one person put up a proposal and we can discuss from there?
18:37:51 <knikolla> dansmith: ++
18:37:58 <noonedeadpunk> you wanna do that dansmith?
18:37:59 <fungi> yeah, i started the discussion two hours early in hopes we could get to some shared consensus and not consume the whole meeting with it
18:38:00 <bauzas> can I try ?
18:38:01 <gmann> +1 dansmith you want ?
18:38:05 <dansmith> noonedeadpunk: I was going to suggest you :D
18:38:11 <noonedeadpunk> ah, ok, I can
18:38:22 <dansmith> I'm pretty slammed with the fallout from this still
18:38:33 <dansmith> if you're willing, that would be cool, but I can if you don't want to
18:38:57 <bauzas> at least I'm more than happy to contribute to it
18:39:19 <gmann> I think noonedeadpunk is typing the proposal :)
18:39:21 <fungi> would a quick recap be useful for the meeting logs?
18:39:23 <noonedeadpunk> I'm good but bauzas seem to be eager to :)
18:39:52 <knikolla> I would also encourage sending a message to the mailing list with a link to the proposal on Gerrit to invite wider awareness
18:40:13 <clarkb> I think one thing that should be done right now is get the release team tostop making releases
18:40:18 <bauzas> fungi: seems appropriate
18:40:20 <JayF> knikolla: ++
18:40:32 <clarkb> to stop the bleeding and allow the proposal(s) to be worked through
18:40:32 <gmann> so who is putting proposal here?
18:40:36 <rosmaita> fungi: ++ to a quick recap, i still have like 50 lines left to read in the scrollback
18:40:47 <dansmith> clarkb: that that's probably a good idea
18:41:01 <dansmith> I can summarize where I think we landed
18:41:32 <slaweq> please do summarize as I didn't read previous discussion at all :)
18:41:37 <fungi> quick recap then: we have a pti that does not mention us testing/supporting the 2023.2 release on python 3.8, and that has resulted in some projects eagerly removing their 3.8 testing and marking themselves as not installable on 3.8
18:42:00 <gmann> #link https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/runtimes/2023.2.html
18:42:05 <dansmith> I think (a) recommend that we not aggressively bump the python version minimum to meet the PTI (b) keep some minimal like unit jobs on older python versions to ensure language compatibility even beyond supported platforms,
18:42:07 <fungi> this makes them no longer coinstallable with other projects who are in the process of trying to remove 3.8 jobs but haven't finished doing so yet
18:42:08 <noonedeadpunk> plus we need probably to clarify what PTI is
18:42:41 <fungi> some projects have very legitimate reasons for still running 3.8 jobs, including issues getting ceph working on 3.9
18:42:49 <dansmith> (c) recommend wider support amongst "library packages" (for whatever that means) and (d) perhaps better define how the scheduling of bumps like this should be digested in a cycle where they're changing
18:43:02 <gmann> ++, mentioning explicitly it in PTI and we also be less aggressive to drop older py from testing runtime
18:43:05 <fungi> also nested virt issues with ubuntu jammy in one of our test node donors
18:43:07 <bauzas> dansmith: I think you captured the 4 actions we discussed
18:43:12 <noonedeadpunk> yes, ++ dansmith
18:43:20 * dansmith takes a bow
18:43:23 <gmann> dansmith: ++, all four
18:43:46 <fungi> so anyway, yes, some coordination would be useful in order to stop projects from breaking each other's testing while removing python 3.8 testing of their own
18:44:19 <fungi> in the near term, we need to stop the bleeding, longer term we would benefit from having a clear process and schedule for such things over the course of a development cycle
18:44:20 <bauzas> the #3 is more a recommendation to say "if you think you're imported, consider to bump your minimums probably at the latest rather than at the earliest"
18:44:30 <gmann> and do we want to bring back py38 in testing runtime as it is not very mandatory to drop at least in this cycle ?
18:44:50 <bauzas> gmann: thought it was captured by action #2
18:44:59 <dansmith> gmann: yes, I do
18:45:06 <dansmith> bauzas: right
18:45:11 <knikolla> I hope people haven't already started taking advantage of 3.9 features
18:45:21 <dansmith> knikolla: hahaha
18:45:25 <gmann> ok, so we will add it in general template  not just recommend to test
18:45:37 <bauzas> by 3 weeks ? man, this is not eager, this is avid !
18:45:54 <bauzas> not being* eager
18:46:21 <knikolla> :)
18:46:21 <bauzas> gmann: I think those 4 actions have to be documented in 2023.2 PTI
18:46:41 <gmann> bauzas: yes and update testing runtime for 2023.2
18:46:52 <dansmith> isn't that what 2023.2 PTI means?
18:46:56 <gmann> and how about focal? do we want to add it as best effort testing in 2023.2 testint runtime?
18:47:04 <dansmith> gmann: noonedeadpunk is opposed to that,
18:47:15 <dansmith> and I'm okay with that, modulo my concerns about ceph
18:47:17 <noonedeadpunk> Yeas, don't like that idea at all
18:47:18 <fungi> we could also do a better job of communicating that the pti is how we describe the end result, it's not the process for getting there
18:47:21 <gmann> dansmith: I mean few of the things you mentiond can go in general PTI documentation also to follow in future also
18:47:33 <dansmith> gmann: ack
18:47:37 <gmann> dansmith: noonedeadpunk: yeah because of ceph
18:47:38 <slaweq> gmann giving the fact that we have those issues with nested virt on jammy I think we should add Focal back as best effort
18:47:50 <gmann> slaweq: ah that too
18:47:55 <slaweq> because still some projects are doing that actually :)
18:48:02 <noonedeadpunk> gmann: no, because it won't work for nova and neutron at very least
18:48:06 <dansmith> slaweq: the problem there is that nova was going to drop support for focal's libvirt like weeks ago if allowed
18:48:09 <dansmith> slaweq: so it becomes sticky
18:48:14 <bauzas> gmann: oh, you'd prefer to enforce those recommendations in the global PTI doc ?
18:48:16 <bauzas> https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/project-testing-interface.html
18:48:31 <noonedeadpunk> as both of them require more modern versions of qemu/libvirt/ovs/ovn/etc then is provided
18:48:59 <gmann> bauzas yeah we should do that so that we avoid this situation in near future, especially less aggressive on drooping older python from release pti
18:49:11 <fungi> yeah, neutron wanted to start requiring ovs built from downloaded source code last cycle, right?
18:49:12 <dansmith> gmann: ah yes, I confuse the current and global PTI documents.. so I agree, both
18:49:26 <gmann> noonedeadpunk: dansmith  ohk. in that case I agree it is not easy to add focal then
18:49:27 <bauzas> gmann: cool with that, this makes them generic
18:49:36 <noonedeadpunk> gmann: also, if we add focal back, we will need to carry it till 2024.1, just in case
18:49:52 <bauzas> yup, because B is non-SLURP
18:50:16 <dansmith> I dunno that I agree with that,
18:50:17 <gmann> humm, true
18:50:26 <bauzas> I think we haven't discussing the upgrade scenarios in a skip-level release but we're consistent
18:50:33 <dansmith> but if we're not adding it back, no need to argue about it :)
18:50:35 <fungi> that might also ease the fips testing situation, since there's no ubuntu fips support for jammy yet?
18:50:45 <dansmith> fungi: yeah tht's true...
18:50:56 <dansmith> but again, nova would have to not do its min version bump on libvirt
18:50:56 <gmann> yeah, let's not do for focal.
18:51:07 <dansmith> it won't offend me, but sean will be quite unhappy with you people :D
18:51:13 <slaweq> ok, makes sense
18:51:32 <gmann> I think let's go with py38 things and dansmith proposals of those 4 points
18:51:40 <noonedeadpunk> and I think this might hold on virtiofs support or make it tricky... anyway
18:51:47 <dansmith> noonedeadpunk's proposal of my four points right?
18:51:55 <noonedeadpunk> ++
18:52:06 <dansmith> feel free to refer to them as "The Smith Plan(tm)"
18:52:12 <gmann> :)
18:52:21 <dansmith> I will not charge royalties for the use of my four points until at least 2030
18:52:23 <slaweq> :)
18:52:31 <bauzas> noonedeadpunk: not sure I see the implications about virtiofs support but meh, not the right chan and time to discuss this :)
18:52:40 <knikolla> dansmith or noonedeadpunk, either of you wants to write the required changes?
18:52:47 <dansmith> knikolla: noonedeadpunk is writing them
18:52:59 <gmann> ++
18:53:05 <bauzas> ++
18:53:16 <gmann> i can do general job template changes once governance things are merged
18:53:25 <dansmith> sweet
18:53:42 <knikolla> #action noonedeadpunk write the words for "The Smith Plan(tm)" (the script of the movie about changing PTI and saving the world from the dangers of getting rid of py38)
18:53:44 <fungi> and olso (possibly others) are going to need to revert changes in repos
18:54:06 <dansmith> knikolla: I did not release the screenplay rights, to be clear
18:54:07 <bauzas> I reached hberaud earlier today
18:54:10 <fungi> and the release team needs to put a hold on release requests for things that merged changes to mark themselves uninstallable on 3.8
18:54:10 <gmann> yeah. and if any other projects has done that
18:54:29 <bauzas> he knows the situation so I hope he's aware of the implications of a new release
18:54:41 <noonedeadpunk> I think we'd need to come up with ML as well quite ASAP
18:54:46 <fungi> bringing back the check-uc reqs job for py38 asap would be good too
18:54:47 <bauzas> but I can loop back tomorrow and discuss with elod and hervé
18:54:55 <dansmith> fungi: that's already merged IIUC
18:54:57 <gmann> let's push the governance changes, merge then and ML
18:55:01 <noonedeadpunk> But won't be able to do that until tomorrow afternoon just to have that said
18:55:03 <dansmith> as in, like minutes ago
18:55:12 <fungi> dansmith: just while we were discussing? awesome!
18:55:19 <knikolla> Seems like there's a lot of moving parts, noonedeadpunk, do you want to also start an etherpad for dealing with the fallout?
18:55:26 <dansmith> fungi: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/requirements/+/881433
18:55:41 <fungi> perfect
18:56:00 <dansmith> we flap our gums and frickler gets sh*t done
18:56:13 <spotz> hehe
18:56:37 <noonedeadpunk> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/the-smith-plan
18:56:45 <knikolla> brilliant!
18:56:55 <dansmith> haha
18:56:56 <noonedeadpunk> we should not forget to clean the link up until 2030
18:57:01 <knikolla> 100% rotten tomatoes
18:57:15 <noonedeadpunk> s/until/before
18:57:15 <dansmith> I will consider renewal plans six months ahead of the deadline
18:57:16 <gmann> I can push it on ML asking project/release team to hold dropping the py38 until we get the pti change merged
18:57:38 <bauzas> noonedeadpunk: straight copy the etherpad content into a gerrit patch and then I'll happily +1 it :)
18:57:46 <knikolla> on*
18:57:47 <knikolla> haha
18:57:48 <knikolla> alright, we're almost out of time.
18:57:57 <knikolla> #action gmann send an email on ML asking project/release team to hold dropping the py38 until we get the pti change merged
18:58:04 <dansmith> I'm glad.. I'm so sick of py38 at this point :)
18:58:17 <knikolla> I think we have a good plan forward.
18:58:20 <gmann> :) it seems more than py27
18:58:28 <dansmith> hah.. too soon.
18:59:20 <knikolla> Thanks all for a productive meeting. We're out of time.
18:59:21 <dansmith> move to adjourn?
18:59:25 <knikolla> #endmeeting