18:00:24 <knikolla> #startmeeting tc
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18:00:29 <knikolla> This is our once monthly Zoom meeting at the link https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87108541765?pwd=emlXVXg4QUxrUTlLNDZ2TTllWUM3Zz09
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18:00:45 <knikolla> #topic Roll Call
18:00:51 <JayF> o/
18:00:52 <noonedeadpunk> o/
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18:02:16 <knikolla> #topic Follow up on past action items
18:03:41 <knikolla> #action noonedeadpunk write the words for "The Smith Plan(tm)" (the script of the movie about changing PTI and saving the world from the dangers of getting rid of py38)
18:07:24 <knikolla> #topic Schedule of removing support for Python versions by libraries - how it should align with coordinated releases (tooz case)
18:07:33 <knikolla> Since we're already talking about it from the action items. ^^
18:39:06 <knikolla> #action gmann to propose reverts for patches that bumped Python requires to 3.9 and add a voting job that depends on all those
18:39:53 <knikolla> #topic Gate health check
18:41:37 <knikolla> #topic 2023.2 cycle Leaderless projects
18:45:52 <knikolla> #topic Broken docs due to inconsistent release naming
18:51:40 <knikolla> #topic Bare 'recheck' state
18:59:05 <knikolla> #endmeeting