15:00:33 <gordc> #startmeeting telemetry
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15:02:17 <sileht> o/
15:02:20 <ildikov> o/
15:02:29 <liusheng> o/
15:02:30 <llu-laptop> o/
15:03:00 <gordc> let's go and keep this short
15:03:11 <gordc> #topic release candidate blockers
15:03:26 <gordc> i'm trying to cut a release candidate for us but currently blocked by gate
15:03:43 <gordc> currently i'm planning to tag what we have as is.
15:04:03 <gordc> has anyone run into any issuess?
15:05:17 <gordc> i'll take crickets as a no
15:05:48 <gordc> feel free to raise to ML or mark bugs as critical/high if you see anything weird
15:06:03 <gordc> nadya: did you ever test this? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/275741/
15:06:03 <patchbot> gordc: patch 275741 - ceilometer - improve notification processing
15:07:08 <gordc> sileht: if you can take a look at it to see if it makes sense. we can backport it if anything.
15:07:21 <gordc> #topic summit planning
15:07:36 <nadya> gordc: yes, I did
15:07:52 <nadya> gordc: ah, it's another one
15:08:31 <gordc> yeah, it's a bigger change. but i'm not sure it's absolutely necessary but feel free to review and we can backport
15:08:36 <gordc> re: summit
15:08:38 <nadya> gordc: let me try to do it tomorrow. I found that the agent works much better with 1 thread for executor instead of 64
15:08:52 <nadya> gordc: ok, I will
15:09:11 <gordc> i created a etherpad for people to put their design session ideas: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-telemetry-summit-planning
15:09:19 <gordc> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-telemetry-summit-planning
15:09:42 <gordc> i included all the stuff we didn't finish this cycle in case we want to rediscuss anything
15:09:58 <gordc> i'll let the next PTL create voting mechanism.
15:10:22 <gordc> any question regarding summit?
15:10:49 <gordc> we have the same amount of sessions as previous summits
15:11:21 <gordc> #topic open discussino
15:11:23 <gordc> #topic open discussion
15:11:53 <gordc> awesome. we're done quick.
15:12:08 <gordc> just an fyi, you have a few hours to put your name in for PTL.
15:12:27 <gordc> right now we have two candidates so lucky us, we get to vote
15:12:35 <nadya> two?
15:12:42 <nadya> Julien and?
15:12:50 <gordc> llu-laptop:
15:13:06 <nadya> ah, cool
15:13:51 <gordc> good luck to everyone who volunteers. pm for my bank account info
15:14:25 <gordc> going to close this off in a few
15:15:05 <sileht> gordc, is that your last meeting, or you have 1 left ?
15:15:38 <gordc> sileht: hmm. i might need to do one more?
15:15:48 <gordc> need to see when voting ends
15:15:56 <sileht> gordc, let's drink next week so ;)
15:16:09 <gordc> :)
15:16:24 <gordc> drinking in a few.. i'll keep it going until next week
15:16:30 <KrishR> gordc: thanks for your great work!
15:16:43 <gordc> voting ends next week after this meeting
15:16:55 <gordc> so i'll probably be around for however short the meeting is.
15:17:03 <gordc> KrishR: thanks
15:17:13 <gordc> alright. let's close it off until next week
15:17:14 <ildikov> KrishR: +1 :)
15:17:24 <gordc> please raise stuff if needed
15:17:33 <gordc> thanks everyone!
15:17:37 <gordc> #endmeeting