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15:01:21 <anteaya> so whenever anyone shows up with third-party things do say hello
15:02:17 <anteaya> and for the logs the Monday December 29th 1500 UTC third-party meeting will be cancelled, the next meeting will be January 5th
15:16:17 <Katherine_> trying to sign in
15:16:28 <anteaya> welcome Katherine_
15:16:44 <Katherine_> good morning
15:17:01 <anteaya> and to you
15:17:32 <anteaya> you have been working on setting up zuul
15:17:37 <anteaya> how is that going for you?
15:17:45 <Katherine_> i have. it's going really well
15:17:52 <anteaya> I'm glad to hear that
15:18:13 <Katherine_> however, i just tried to set up a new instance using the same ubuntu iso as my running instance and zuul-server will not start
15:18:27 <anteaya> have you a paste of any output?
15:18:32 <anteaya> paste.openstack.org
15:18:39 <Katherine_> there is none, unfortunately.
15:19:00 <Katherine_> the service start finishes quietly but when i do a service status, it's not running
15:19:03 <anteaya> what command do you issue to try to start zuul-server?
15:19:05 <Katherine_> no log files
15:19:43 <Katherine_> just in the middle of verifying permissions on all my files and directories but i'm fairly certain they're correct
15:20:00 <anteaya> good idea
15:20:12 <anteaya> and files in the correct place
15:20:31 <Katherine_> yes.  everything looks good
15:20:46 <anteaya> so you have a running instance currently
15:20:51 <Katherine_> i do
15:20:54 <anteaya> using an ubuntu iso
15:21:00 <anteaya> and you tried to set up a new one
15:21:05 <Katherine_> yes
15:21:12 <anteaya> but the zuul-server for the new instance won't start
15:21:28 <anteaya> both in vms?
15:21:37 <Katherine_> i'm writing a script to automate the process and during my testing of it, i found that the server is consistently not starting
15:21:39 <Katherine_> yes
15:21:46 <anteaya> cool
15:22:04 <Katherine_> i've looked in system logs, hoping there might be something
15:22:06 <anteaya> to automate the process and testing of setting up the zuul-server?
15:22:31 <Katherine_> to automate the process of installing a setting up a new zuul instance for use in our ci env
15:22:38 <anteaya> ah
15:22:43 <Katherine_> installing AND setting up
15:23:03 <anteaya> fungi: do we currently have any automation around setting up a zuul instance
15:23:06 <Katherine_> i'm not sure where else to look for info
15:23:15 <anteaya> fungi: we do have puppet manifests for that do we not?
15:23:28 <anteaya> Katherine_: right
15:23:29 <Katherine_> i believe you do but the stuff i found is puppet-based?
15:23:37 <anteaya> it is puppet based yes
15:23:43 <anteaya> is that a non-starter for you?
15:23:50 <Katherine_> and very openstack-oriented
15:24:07 <Katherine_> the puppet setup?
15:24:09 <anteaya> we are trying to make our puppet manifests more modular
15:24:13 <fungi> anteaya: http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/system-config/tree/modules/zuul
15:24:32 <anteaya> so that it can be easily consumed by anyone setting up a zuul
15:24:34 <anteaya> fungi: thank you
15:24:48 <fungi> there shouldn't be anything openstack-specific in that puppet module
15:24:52 <anteaya> great
15:24:55 <fungi> if there is, it's definitely a bug
15:25:09 <anteaya> Katherine_: have you had a chance to look at this puppet module yet?
15:25:23 <fungi> we're working to split that module out into an entirely separate git repository to publish to the puppetforge
15:25:36 <Katherine_> sorry, i guess openstack-based is not the correct way to say it
15:25:38 <anteaya> Katherine_: what fungi said
15:25:45 <anteaya> Katherine_: try again
15:26:08 <Katherine_> unless i was looking at the wrong stuff, the stuff i found set up a new environment, including jenkins
15:26:25 <anteaya> Katherine_: do you recall what you were looking at?
15:26:26 <Katherine_> fungi: ah, ok
15:27:13 <Katherine_> anteaya: let me see if i can find it.  it was a while back so i can't recall off the top of my head
15:27:23 <anteaya> Katherine_: take your time
15:27:45 <anteaya> it is close to holidays and the crowd is thin
15:27:47 <anteaya> no rush
15:27:54 <Katherine_> the script i've written, though, is very basic and would run on a vm deployed from a template i've created
15:27:59 <Katherine_> ok
15:28:03 <Katherine_> thin here, too
15:28:07 <anteaya> I admire the work you have done
15:28:12 <anteaya> and support it
15:28:17 <Katherine_> thank you!
15:28:25 <anteaya> I just want to see if you can make use of anything we currently have
15:28:28 <anteaya> would save you time
15:28:40 <anteaya> and we would appreciate your help in improve what we currently have
15:28:52 <anteaya> sounds like you have both the know how and the motivation to help us
15:28:59 <anteaya> and we would be grateful
15:32:35 <Katherine_> anteaya:  definitely
15:32:52 <Katherine_> this is one of the sites i found originally,  i believe it's jay's?
15:32:55 <Katherine_> http://www.joinfu.com/2014/02/setting-up-an-external-openstack-testing-system/
15:32:59 <anteaya> ah yes
15:33:01 <anteaya> it is
15:33:10 <Katherine_> it's for setting up and external third-party test env
15:33:28 <anteaya> it was part of an effort to make setting up an external ci easy and accessible
15:33:30 <Katherine_> although we may have puppet fully configured in our environment eventually, it isn't yet
15:33:34 <anteaya> and was done for all the right reasons
15:33:38 <Katherine_> it was very helpful
15:33:46 <Katherine_> to a point.  :)
15:33:48 <anteaya> unfortunately there has been drift
15:33:55 <Katherine_> ah, ok.  that happens
15:34:01 <anteaya> and the blog post is no longer up to date
15:34:07 <Katherine_> got it
15:34:13 <Katherine_> what would you point me to, then?
15:34:18 <anteaya> we are working to come back together again
15:34:33 <anteaya> well what have you done so far and what is your goal?
15:34:41 <anteaya> tell me your story
15:35:02 <Katherine_> i have a test environment up and running and the independent jobs are getting triggered as expected
15:35:21 <Katherine_> i'm now working on the dependent gate job and getting it to trigger on a +2
15:35:42 <Katherine_> that's not quite working but is something i should be able to figure out
15:36:08 <Katherine_> in the meantime, i'm working on automating and documenting the process for the team i'm working with right now
15:36:25 <Katherine_> that's where the "zuul-server not running" comes in
15:36:26 <anteaya> the dependent gate job, tell me what that means and why you are working on that?
15:36:35 <anteaya> what that means to you
15:36:38 <Katherine_> ok
15:37:04 <anteaya> there is a lot of confusion around gating with external ci systems
15:37:16 <anteaya> and I am trying to figure out why that is and where that is coming from
15:37:35 <Katherine_> this is where the merge of those reviews with the same tests specified in the layout will happen and they will run through our smoketest gate, which installs and boots the product
15:37:50 <Katherine_> great
15:38:01 <anteaya> help me understand why you refer to it as a smoketest gate
15:38:15 <anteaya> rather than for instance, running our smoketests
15:38:42 <anteaya> for complete disclosure I have never set up this system myself
15:38:46 <Katherine_> in our case, we'll install the product on a vm, boot it, verify web services are running, and do some basic configuration
15:38:55 <Katherine_> :)  ok
15:38:58 <anteaya> I have been kept too busy trying to answer questions and source ansers for others
15:39:08 <anteaya> so part of my questioning is ignorance
15:39:13 <Katherine_> i'm sure!
15:39:14 <Katherine_> got it
15:39:21 <anteaya> thanks for understanding
15:39:34 <Katherine_> np.  i appreciate the help
15:39:44 <anteaya> my pleasure
15:40:39 <Katherine_> so, upon a +2, my understanding is that any change out for review with the same pipeline and test jobs specified will be merged by zuul and run the the gate
15:40:55 <Katherine_> through the gate
15:41:00 <anteaya> for our infrastructure testing yes, that is true
15:41:10 <anteaya> why are you trying to set that up for yourself?
15:41:17 <Katherine_> ok.  that's also what i'm configuring here
15:41:25 <anteaya> help me understand why?
15:41:40 <anteaya> in my mind yo udon't need that
15:41:45 <Katherine_> because we have had several conflicting reviews sneak into our source code in quick succession, breaking our build
15:41:47 <anteaya> why do you believe you need that
15:42:08 <anteaya> how did they sneak into your source code?
15:42:08 <Katherine_> it's my understanding that zuul will help prevent this
15:42:16 <anteaya> okay let me take a step back
15:42:23 <Katherine_> ok
15:42:35 <anteaya> are you setting up an external ci to interact with openstack's infrastruture
15:42:45 <anteaya> or are you setting up and internal ci system
15:42:51 <anteaya> independent of openstack's
15:42:59 <anteaya> that mirrors openstack's functionality?
15:44:02 <anteaya> we have two use cases
15:44:13 <anteaya> and I had thought I knew which case yours was
15:44:28 <anteaya> but now I realize that I never asked so I don't actually know
15:44:34 <Katherine_> no.  this is fully internal to hp
15:44:48 <Katherine_> yes, internal, independent of os
15:44:56 <anteaya> great now I understand
15:45:01 <Katherine_> no openstack involved, all hp code
15:45:22 <anteaya> so yes, setting up a gate test will be important for your situation
15:45:45 <Katherine_> recently, for example, we've had reviews get +2'd close together but the changes conflict with one another
15:45:56 <anteaya> right
15:46:00 <Katherine_> so they both merge close to one another and break the build or the product
15:46:05 <anteaya> and the gate will prevent that
15:46:07 <anteaya> yes
15:46:16 <anteaya> I understand now and I agree
15:46:18 <Katherine_> that's why we're investing our resources into zuul
15:46:28 <anteaya> it is a very useful tool
15:46:38 <Katherine_> it's way cool
15:46:47 <anteaya> jeblair would be happy to hear that
15:46:55 <anteaya> he loves to have more fans of his work
15:47:00 <anteaya> and contributions too
15:47:08 <Katherine_> ha!  who doesn't.  :-)
15:47:11 <anteaya> :D
15:47:27 <anteaya> okay so now that I have a better sense of your goal
15:47:32 <anteaya> thanks for your patience
15:47:40 <Katherine_> i'm very close to getting this into our production environment
15:47:44 <Katherine_> np
15:47:48 <anteaya> way to go
15:47:56 <anteaya> your users will love you for it
15:48:06 <anteaya> devs will take a little longer
15:48:08 <Katherine_> but part of this is automating it so that it can be done easily by the team
15:48:12 <anteaya> right
15:48:24 <anteaya> so can we go back to the puppet module for a minute?
15:48:29 <Katherine_> yes.  the program has been informed but i think they're a bit tired of having their product broken
15:48:33 <Katherine_> sure
15:48:38 <anteaya> yep
15:48:51 <anteaya> so is any of that code useful to you on a first glance?
15:49:04 <anteaya> we are working on getting that split out into a seperate module
15:49:07 <Katherine_> i'll admit, i'm not very familiar with puppet.  i know what it's purpose is
15:49:11 <anteaya> would you like to help us with that?
15:49:13 <anteaya> ah
15:49:24 <anteaya> what have you been using for automation so far?
15:49:29 <anteaya> your scripts?
15:49:29 <Katherine_> i would certainly like to help with it
15:49:37 <anteaya> awesome thank you
15:49:44 <Katherine_> a shell script but it requires a running ubuntu vm
15:49:46 <anteaya> I would like to help you in any way I can
15:49:50 <anteaya> right
15:50:16 <anteaya> can I convince you to open up a bit of space for learning some puppet?
15:50:22 <anteaya> nibalizer crinkle are you around?
15:50:28 <anteaya> EmilienM|afk ^^
15:50:29 <Katherine_> it's been a while since i looked at the scripts you guys have but would give them another look if you can give me a pointer to the ones you're working to separate
15:50:35 <anteaya> sure
15:50:37 <Katherine_> you can
15:51:16 <anteaya> Katherine_: here is the spec for separating out the puppet modules: http://specs.openstack.org/openstack-infra/infra-specs/specs/puppet-modules.html
15:51:43 <anteaya> nibalizer crinkle and EmilienM|afk do a lot of work with puppet and have been helping with the work to split out the modules
15:52:01 <anteaya> asselin as well has been doing great work here and has already split out several modules
15:52:53 <Katherine_> yes, this looks like a great plan
15:52:57 <anteaya> awesome
15:53:00 <crinkle> hello
15:53:03 <anteaya> would love to involve you
15:53:06 <anteaya> hi crinkle
15:53:12 <anteaya> crinkle this is Katherine_
15:53:17 <anteaya> Katherine_: crinkle
15:53:17 <crinkle> hi Katherine_
15:53:22 <Katherine_> hi crinkle
15:54:06 <anteaya> crinkle: it is all in the backscroll, but the tl;dr is that Katherine_ is setting up a internal testing system to match openstacks' that won't interface with it
15:54:09 <Katherine_> i think my team may even be interested in the jenkins part of this, as well
15:54:12 <anteaya> and doesn't know puppet yet
15:54:19 <anteaya> Katherine_: awesome
15:54:54 <anteaya> crinkle: so was wanting you two to meet so Katherine_ knows who can help her with puppet questions
15:55:13 <anteaya> and she also is interesting in helping us split out puppet modules
15:55:14 <Katherine_> i have some time off from work so would be willing to look into the process
15:55:28 <anteaya> Katherine_: glad you have the time
15:55:44 <crinkle> Katherine_: nice to meet you
15:55:51 <Katherine_> likewise
15:56:00 <crinkle> I can help with puppety stuff but nibalizer has more infra-specific knowledge
15:56:13 <anteaya> any help is welcome
15:57:08 <Katherine_> perhaps what i could work on over this break is setting up a puppet environment to at least get zuul running?  and maybe jenkins after that?  if i'm understanding the process
15:57:37 <anteaya> Katherine_: if you took the time to do that, you would more closely match what openstack is doing
15:57:45 <Katherine_> excellent
15:57:50 <anteaya> and set yourself up to consume the modules that are being split out
15:57:56 <Katherine_> right
15:58:01 <anteaya> and then have context when you help that effort
15:58:23 <Katherine_> that sounds like a good plan
15:58:45 <anteaya> it can only help you achieve a greater understanding of what we are doing
15:58:48 <Katherine_> would the page you sent me to have enough information to start?
15:58:51 <anteaya> whatever else the outcome
15:59:06 <Katherine_> and provide something useful to hp
15:59:11 <anteaya> Katherine_: yes
15:59:20 <Katherine_> great
15:59:25 <anteaya> here is the landing page for all the ci things: http://ci.openstack.org/
15:59:36 <anteaya> crinkle: have you a good link for getting started with puppet?
15:59:47 <Katherine_> yes, i've spent some time there
15:59:55 <anteaya> Katherine_: great
15:59:57 <crinkle> anteaya: https://docs.puppetlabs.com/learning/
15:59:57 <Katherine_> i figured i'd google but if you have one you would recommend, even better
16:00:03 <Katherine_> perfect
16:00:03 <rakhmerov> sorry guys, another meeting
16:00:11 <Katherine_> yeah, me too
16:00:14 <anteaya> rakhmerov: just finishing up
16:00:21 <rakhmerov> sure, np
16:00:24 <Katherine_> i'll start on this stuff!
16:00:26 <Katherine_> thank you!
16:00:27 <anteaya> Katherine_: crinkle thank you for your time
16:00:37 <anteaya> talk to you Jan 5th
16:00:39 <Katherine_> thank you, crinkle and anteaya
16:00:42 <Katherine_> k
16:00:42 <anteaya> thanks
16:00:47 <anteaya> #endmeeting