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08:01:20 <anteaya> say hello if you are here for the third party meeting
08:23:50 <jyuso1> anteaya: hello
08:23:58 <anteaya> jyuso1: hello
08:24:02 <anteaya> nice to see you
08:24:21 <jyuso1> anteaya: nice to see you too:)
08:24:33 <anteaya> :)
08:24:39 <anteaya> how are things going for you?
08:24:58 <jyuso1> anteaya: we are testing our sriov CI these days,so missed some 3rd party meeting:)
08:25:26 <anteaya> understandable
08:25:30 <jyuso1> anteaya: good thanks:)
08:25:33 <anteaya> how is it coming along?
08:27:37 <jyuso1> anteaya: test case and 3rd part account is ready.we are testing it offline.
08:27:59 <anteaya> good
08:28:05 <jyuso1> anteaya: may i ask a question about 3rd party account?
08:28:09 <anteaya> please do
08:28:41 <jyuso1> anteaya: we have 3 kinds of CI,like Intel networking CI,Intel PCI CI,Intel SRIOV CI
08:30:14 <jyuso1> anteaya: But I don't want to apply 3 email address to those 3 CI.Could I use one email address corresponding to all of those three CI account?
08:30:28 <anteaya> ah no you can't
08:30:44 <anteaya> since in gerrit the email part of the account must be unique
08:31:12 <anteaya> but you can set up two of them as forwarded to the first one, can you not?
08:31:53 <jyuso1> anteaya: Oh.sounds like i should ask IT colleague in our corp:)
08:32:02 <jyuso1> anteaya: don't know that yet
08:32:07 <anteaya> jyuso1: that would be a good idea
08:32:13 <anteaya> yes
08:32:34 <anteaya> gerrit needs a unique email address for every account
08:34:00 <jyuso1> anteaya: Yes,it is just a little inconvenient for those who have more CI:)
08:34:02 <jyuso1> anteaya: thanks
08:34:12 <anteaya> yes, I can see that
08:34:17 <anteaya> thanks for asking
08:35:19 <jyuso1> anteaya: thanks for the meeting.I could always found something useful here,really:)
08:35:35 <anteaya> glad to hear that
08:35:37 <anteaya> thank you
08:36:02 <jyuso1> :)
08:36:32 <anteaya> jyuso1: so right now folks are trying to find out what is happening on the intel side as far as nfv testing is going
08:37:00 <anteaya> from what I understand, intel divided the work internally, giving your team pci and sr-iov
08:37:14 <jyuso1> anteaya: yes,that's true.
08:37:17 <anteaya> with some folks from ireland working on the nfv portions
08:37:39 <anteaya> the last email I had, I had asked to have someone from ireland available on irc
08:37:43 <anteaya> like you are
08:37:44 <jyuso1> anteaya: yes,we have communicate sometimes
08:37:45 <anteaya> :)
08:37:55 <anteaya> any idea if that is happening?
08:37:57 <jyuso1> anteaya: :)
08:38:40 <anteaya> the fact that you are here on irc all the time really makes a difference
08:38:50 <jyuso1> anteaya: OK,I just have one of those guy's email address
08:38:57 <anteaya> great
08:39:05 <jyuso1> anteaya: so I don't know about their irc id ,sorry
08:39:24 <anteaya> can you email me and that other person and introduce me?
08:39:38 <anteaya> perhaps that person can let me know who will be on irc
08:40:01 <anteaya> I think you still have my email address
08:41:02 <jyuso1> anteaya: OK,maybe I could help to write an email to that guy.You just want to know the nfv ci process may be I could say that way?
08:41:34 <anteaya> that would be great, thank you
08:41:44 <anteaya> and cc adrian too
08:41:50 <anteaya> so he knows
08:42:07 <jyuso1> anteaya: OK,I think I could help
08:42:10 <jyuso1> anteaya: np
08:42:14 <anteaya> thank you so much
08:42:27 <jyuso1> anteaya: you are welcome
08:45:46 <anteaya> :)
08:48:21 <jyuso1> anteaya: I've asked heyongli for help.he said he could help to send that email:)
08:48:29 <anteaya> jyuso1: thank you
08:52:15 <jyuso1> anteaya: I should back to work now,Thanks for the meeting:)
08:52:24 <anteaya> jyuso1: thanks for your attendance
08:52:28 <anteaya> I can end it here
08:52:32 <anteaya> #endmeeting