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08:00:32 <anteaya> hello
08:00:52 <anteaya> if you are here for the third party meeting do raise your hand
08:01:13 <lennyb_> Hi
08:01:33 <anteaya> hello lennyb_
08:01:40 <anteaya> welcome
08:02:01 <anteaya> are you setting up a third party ci system?
08:02:15 <lennyb_> Thanks, My name is Lenny and I joined OpenStack project at Mellanox just recently
08:02:34 <lennyb_> Yeap, I am working on CI
08:02:35 <anteaya> wonderful
08:02:49 <anteaya> nice to have you lenny
08:02:58 <anteaya> how is your setup going?
08:03:45 <lennyb_> Warse that expected, but better that it could be :). I am working on Nova CI, but it failes with some credential issues.
08:03:52 <swamireddy1> HI
08:04:00 <anteaya> swamireddy1: hello
08:04:02 <anteaya> welcome
08:04:16 <anteaya> lennyb_: what tools are you using in your system?
08:04:25 <swamireddy1> I am lokking for 3rd party CI setup ...started with 3rd party CI requirement.
08:04:37 <swamireddy1> anteaya: Thank you...
08:04:42 <anteaya> swamireddy1: that is a good place to start
08:05:05 <anteaya> #link http://ci.openstack.org/third_party.html
08:05:13 <anteaya> swamireddy1: so you started here?
08:05:20 <swamireddy1> anteaya: Does any one have the basic req. needed for the 3rd party CI
08:05:22 <lennyb> anteaya: Zuul, JJB, Jenkins. We have Cinder and Neutron CI, so I am trying to duplicate/replicate it
08:05:36 <swamireddy1> anteaya: Thanks...
08:05:56 <anteaya> swamireddy1: does the page I linked answer your question?
08:06:00 <swamireddy1> anteaya: Basically I need add the Ceph to CI
08:06:41 <anteaya> lennyb: nice, yes there are folks from mellanox who have quite a bit of experience, are you in contact with any of them?
08:07:01 <anteaya> swamireddy1: oh I thought someone was already working on a ci for ceph
08:07:19 <anteaya> swamireddy1: how long have you been working on a ci for ceph?
08:07:28 <lennyb> anteaya: Yeap, we are working together, but there is nothing like personal experience :)
08:07:36 <anteaya> lennyb: oh good
08:07:42 <anteaya> lennyb: and yes that is true
08:07:55 <anteaya> lennyb: so you have a credential issue
08:07:59 <swamireddy1> anteaya: Oh...can you please share the folks who are woking on the ceph CI...please note that ceph + openstack CI
08:08:13 <anteaya> lennyb: has anyone at mellanox seen that issue previously?
08:08:48 <lennyb_> I will ask today.  All of us have a lot of work :)
08:09:02 <swamireddy1> anteaya: As of now we have CI setup locally/internally used with ceph + OS...
08:09:15 <lennyb_> anteaya: : my issue :  'File "/opt/stack/tempest/tempest/common/credentials.py", line 39, in get_isolated_credentials'
08:09:55 <swamireddy1> anteaya: But recently I have added a patch to ceilometer to get the meters from CEPH object storage...so this needs 3rd party CI..
08:11:08 <anteaya> swamireddy1: with ceph + operating system? which operating system?
08:12:03 <swamireddy> anteaya: OS here is : Opens Stack...sorry
08:13:18 <anteaya> openstack is openstack
08:13:23 <anteaya> OS is operating system
08:13:47 <anteaya> I know there was talk of a ceph ci account some time ago
08:14:01 <anteaya> but with the new way of createing accounts I can't seem to find it
08:14:12 <anteaya> I did however find a puppet-ceph account
08:14:22 <anteaya> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:loic-puppetceph%2540dachary.org+status:open,n,z
08:14:27 <anteaya> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:loic-puppetceph%2540dachary.org+status:open,n,z
08:14:42 <anteaya> so it might be worthwhile for you to find that person
08:14:53 <anteaya> I don't know what their irc nickname is
08:15:42 <swamireddy> anteaya: OK..Thanks...sure....will do more work on this area
08:15:55 <anteaya> swamireddy: what else do you need?
08:16:56 <swamireddy> anteaya: Thank you...Qquick Q: In 3rd party CI - do we need to publish the results to public (after runnign the tests)?
08:17:51 <anteaya> yes
08:18:37 <anteaya> #info Include a public link to all test artifacts to make debugging failed tests easier (using a dns name over a hardcoded ip is recommended).
08:18:56 <anteaya> that is from
08:19:01 <anteaya> #link http://ci.openstack.org/third_party.html#requirements
08:19:06 <swamireddy> anteaya: Cool...one more Q: 3rd party CI setup in my local env. should I give access to run this setup to out sider or public?
08:19:23 <anteaya> no
08:19:42 <swamireddy> anteaya: sure, will go through these links. Thanks
08:19:58 <anteaya> the point of the third party ci setup is that it is self-contained and you are responsible for exactly how it is configured and running
08:20:08 <anteaya> you can't do that if you give access away
08:20:16 <anteaya> swamireddy: thanks for asking
08:20:43 <anteaya> lennyb_: you back yet?
08:21:58 <lennyb_> anteaya: I am here
08:22:19 <anteaya> lennyb_: great, you disappered there for a bit
08:22:30 <anteaya> so your credential issue
08:22:46 <anteaya> lennyb_: have you shown the stacktrace to others at mellanox yet?
08:22:59 <lennyb_> anteaya: no, I just logged out of duplicate irc client
08:23:13 <anteaya> oh I see
08:23:21 <swamireddy> anteaya:  Thank you. Will come back with my inital work...after a week or so...
08:23:42 <anteaya> swamireddy: sounds good
08:23:57 <lennyb_> anteaya: I wil show them the log later today.
08:24:06 <anteaya> great
08:24:24 <anteaya> lennyb_: is mellanox aware that gerrit's ip is changing on march 21st?
08:24:40 <swamireddy> anteaya:  Is this meeting happens on weekly basis??
08:24:46 <anteaya> swamireddy: yes
08:25:04 <anteaya> swamireddy: did you also know gerrit's ip address will be changing on march 21st?
08:25:15 <anteaya> swamireddy: are you behind a firewall?
08:25:37 <lennyb_> anteaya: I am not sure, I will let us know.
08:25:45 <anteaya> lennyb_: okay
08:27:33 <swamireddy> anteaya: cool...will join this meeting
08:29:19 <anteaya> swamireddy: great
08:29:21 <anteaya> :)
08:29:25 <anteaya> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-February/056508.html
08:33:00 <lennyb_> anteaya: we are talking about IP change, not DNS name change, correct ?
08:33:05 <lennyb_> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ThirdParty
08:33:20 <anteaya> lennyb_: correct, ip change
08:33:44 <anteaya> the email I linked above has the ip addresses that will be used as of March 21st
08:54:48 <anteaya> any more items to discuss today?
08:54:56 <anteaya> if not, I will wrap it up
08:55:54 <anteaya> okay thanks everyone
08:55:58 <anteaya> see you next week
08:56:10 <anteaya> #endmeeting