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15:00:24 <anteaya> hello
15:00:44 <anteaya> last monday meeting prior to summit
15:00:51 <anteaya> if anyone in additon to myself is here
15:01:10 <wznoinsk> hi anteaya
15:01:16 <anteaya> hello wznoinsk
15:01:16 * ctlaugh_ is here
15:01:22 <anteaya> welcome ctlaugh_
15:01:31 <anteaya> how are you today?
15:01:35 <devvesa> hi
15:01:39 <ctlaugh_> great, thank you
15:01:41 <krtaylor> o/
15:02:01 <anteaya> glad to hear it
15:02:09 <anteaya> do we have anything to discuss today?
15:02:42 <ctlaugh_> I just wanted to make sure I know when all the third-party -related sessions are
15:02:54 <anteaya> good idea
15:03:03 <anteaya> not sure if asselin is about yet
15:03:06 <asselin_> hi
15:03:34 <krtaylor> ctlaugh_, I have a partial list here -> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-third-party-ci-working-group
15:04:03 <anteaya> hey asselin_
15:04:08 <lennyb> hey
15:04:11 <anteaya> have you a link to the schedule?
15:04:26 <asselin_> ctlaugh_, there's a few infra sessions for the common ci solution: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/infra-liberty-summit-planning
15:04:33 <anteaya> hey lennyb I need to discuss your account after we address the summit questions
15:04:49 <anteaya> asselin_: did that get posted to the main schdule yet, do you know?
15:04:54 <lennyb> anteaya: np
15:05:22 <asselin_> anteaya, not sure
15:05:32 <krtaylor> not as of this morning
15:07:26 <ctlaugh_> krtaylor: The session where these (https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-third-party-ci-working-group) were going to be discussed is what I wanted to make sure I had on my list.  Is there a time / location for it?
15:07:50 <anteaya> #link http://libertydesignsummit.sched.org/overview/type/design+summit/Infrastructure#.VVDFqeQnFz0
15:08:05 <krtaylor> ctlaugh_, it didnt get scheduled
15:08:32 <anteaya> the 3:10pm and 4:10pm sessions are thursday
15:09:12 <anteaya> the main focus of these two sessions is furthering asselin_'s work
15:09:32 <krtaylor> ctlaugh_, it didn't make the cut, but we have the BoF to attend for cross-project topics
15:09:38 <anteaya> to refactor openstack's infrastructure modules so they are consumable by everyone
15:09:39 <asselin_> #link http://specs.openstack.org/openstack-infra/infra-specs/specs/openstackci.html
15:09:54 <anteaya> including openstack's infrastructure team
15:10:00 <asselin_> lot's going on now
15:10:06 <anteaya> this is really important
15:10:10 <ctlaugh_> Sorry... BoF?
15:10:15 <anteaya> and we need to focus on this
15:10:22 <asselin_> and this
15:10:26 <asselin_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/178887/
15:10:29 <anteaya> asselin_: thanks
15:10:59 <anteaya> asselin_: I believe openstack's log server is now driving your module?
15:11:17 <fbo> hi o/
15:11:24 <asselin_> yes...fully merged and live!
15:12:06 <anteaya> yay
15:12:11 <anteaya> congratulations
15:12:14 <anteaya> hi fbo
15:12:22 <asselin_> anteaya, thanks :)
15:12:26 <anteaya> so this is a huge step forward for all of us
15:12:38 <anteaya> and is just the beginning of the work that needs to happen
15:13:00 <anteaya> so the more focus we can have on asselin_'s work, the better for everyone
15:13:07 <asselin_> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2000101
15:13:08 <anteaya> remember these are working sessions
15:13:29 <anteaya> show up prepared to work, reviewing, testing, writing
15:13:35 <asselin_> stories are being tracked here^^
15:14:45 <asselin_> nodepool & apache are looking for owners
15:14:49 <tristanC> oh hi, so what's the "Refactor apache" story about ?
15:14:53 <devvesa> I have to apologize to haven't started mine yet
15:15:09 <devvesa> I am committed to do  something this week
15:15:16 <anteaya> devvesa: no apologies, and yay
15:15:39 <anteaya> devvesa: stay in communication and tell us how we can help you, or ask if you hit a block or mind blank
15:15:56 <devvesa> sure I'll do
15:15:59 <asselin_> tristanC, actually...that one may be a noop...but there for completeness
15:16:06 <anteaya> devvesa: thanks
15:16:30 <anteaya> asselin_: did you want to expand with some notes to that effect? just so we don't have a trip hazard
15:16:48 <asselin_> anteaya, ?? trip hazard??
15:17:13 <anteaya> asselin_: trip hazard, something that is observable but only serves to show people that it is usless
15:17:23 <anteaya> time waster, noop that appears to be an actual task
15:17:29 <anteaya> I have more
15:17:44 <tristanC> asselin_: oh well, system-config has a dependency on puppetlabs-apache 0.0.4 which is pretty old.... I was wondering if it would be possible to work toward a more recent version.
15:18:14 <asselin_> anteaya, well...the task is really to investigate and see what needs to be done, if anything.
15:18:14 <tristanC> but it may be to much of a work for now
15:18:24 <asselin_> I don't consider that a trip hazard
15:18:44 <anteaya> asselin_: ah okay, you had said noop
15:18:58 <clarkb> tristanC newer versions lack features
15:19:26 <asselin_> tristanC, I remember reading that infra did not want to upgrade b/c the newer versions "do too much magic"
15:19:33 <clarkb> we have the openstack-infra "fork" of 0.0.4 under a dofferent name to avoid conflicts with newer apache module though
15:19:41 <clarkb> asselin_ and lack features
15:20:57 <asselin_> anteaya, may be noop....
15:21:27 <clarkb> basic issue is 0.0.4 allows you to do arbitrary things to vhosts. newer module versions drop that support and push more thibgs ibto puppet resources which is sad times if you need large sets of mod rewrite rules for example
15:21:56 <anteaya> can we get some notes in storyboard to reflect this information?
15:22:23 <anteaya> and perhaps we can earmark this work for some work during the work times at summit?
15:22:43 <tristanC> clarkb: oh I see, thanks for the details.
15:23:32 <asselin_> anteaya, not sure storyboard has a place to add notes. The spec explains what needs to be done for each module.
15:23:41 <asselin_> (generically)
15:23:44 <anteaya> yes
15:23:55 <anteaya> this one seems to be a bit of an outlier though, yes?
15:24:59 <anteaya> or did I mis-interpret this conversation
15:25:07 <asselin_> anteaya, well...I haven't done a thorough investigation, so I should take back my noop statement until that is done.
15:25:39 <anteaya> okay can we identify this task as something taht should be discussed at summit?
15:26:47 <anteaya> or do folks disagree?
15:27:07 <asselin_> anteaya, I don't think this one needs particular attention until an investigation shows there is a need.
15:27:18 <anteaya> okay fair enough
15:27:23 <anteaya> let's move on then
15:27:39 <tristanC> well to be honest, functional testing of puppet module seems more important atm
15:27:58 <anteaya> tristanC: okay that has scheduled time as well
15:28:11 <tristanC> I find it hard to review other downstream-puppet changes without tests
15:28:24 <anteaya> thursday 11:50am
15:28:32 <anteaya> tests are good
15:28:56 <nibalizer> clarkb: asselin_ we haven't started migrating things to use httpd yet, but we should
15:29:26 <anteaya> does that have an etherpad, plan or gerrit topic yet?
15:29:29 <nibalizer> it sounds like testing will get agreed to in some form at a fishbowl session at the summit so after that we can get testing in place
15:29:44 <anteaya> well it will be discussed
15:29:48 <nibalizer> anteaya: no, its much less important (imho) than the other puppety infra efforts
15:29:51 <anteaya> hopefully there will be agreement
15:30:16 <anteaya> okay, I find it hard to follow up on things without a reference of some sort
15:30:52 <anteaya> so if you feel migrating things needs to happen, and I support that, some form of reference to help people see status and know what to do next is helpful
15:31:07 <asselin_> anteaya, testing effort is being currently https://review.openstack.org/#/c/178887/discussed in the spec proposal:
15:31:40 <anteaya> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/178887
15:31:45 <anteaya> great thanks asselin_
15:31:56 <asselin_> anteaya, I believe the fishbowl session is intended to get agreement on that spec
15:32:07 <anteaya> yes, that is my understanding as well
15:32:24 <asselin_> tristanC, in the meantime, I (and others) have been using the simple bash script approach to testing.
15:32:48 <asselin_> tristanC, better than nothing, but doesn't seem to be the desired long-term approach
15:33:04 <asselin_> e.g. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169117/
15:33:20 <tristanC> asselin_: oh well, I used those script to make sure manifest still applying after edits, so they are usefull but feels very temporary
15:33:38 <anteaya> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169117/
15:33:39 <fbo> asselin_, do you think we can go with the simple shell script to test or wait for a proper selected solution ?
15:33:53 <anteaya> we are one week out from summit
15:34:06 <anteaya> and possible agreement on a solution
15:34:06 <asselin_> tristanC, fbo imho we need the simple shell script as a separate dependent patch to test
15:34:27 <asselin_> and we can abandon once the real approach is decided and implemented
15:34:43 <fbo> asselin_, ok well I'll do that for the zuul manifest
15:34:46 <anteaya> can I encourage folks to review clarkb's latest spec?
15:34:52 <asselin_> for the log server...those tests found issues that we able to be resolved before merge.
15:35:06 <asselin_> and they're really not that much effort to write
15:35:36 <asselin_> so even if temporary, they're helpful
15:35:40 <anteaya> and please review clarkb's latest patchset for the testing spec
15:36:05 <asselin_> and definitely better than nothing
15:36:23 <anteaya> glad you are championing testing
15:36:26 <anteaya> thank you
15:36:48 <anteaya> do we have more to say in this topic?
15:37:21 <anteaya> does anyone have anything else they want to discuss about summit?
15:37:52 <anteaya> keep in mind the infra work sessions are ment for work, not for a huge crowd and general discussion
15:37:59 <anteaya> meant
15:38:12 <anteaya> are we done talking about summit?
15:38:49 <anteaya> okay, let's move on
15:38:54 <anteaya> lennyb: glad you are here
15:39:05 <anteaya> lennyb: can you look at your wikipage please? https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ThirdPartySystems/Mellanox_CI
15:39:06 <asselin_> who here's going to the summit?
15:39:29 <anteaya> I will be at the summit
15:39:30 <lennyb> anteaya: yes
15:39:37 <fbo> asselin_, Unfortunately I won't be there
15:39:43 <anteaya> lennyb: do you see it no loger renders as a table
15:39:46 <anteaya> fbo: no
15:39:53 <anteaya> fbo: I thought for sure you would be there
15:39:57 <anteaya> fbo: :(
15:40:01 <anteaya> tristanC: will you be there?
15:40:09 <tristanC> anteaya: yes!
15:40:15 <anteaya> lennyb: no longer renders as a table
15:40:19 <anteaya> tristanC: great
15:40:21 <anteaya> whew
15:40:22 <lennyb> anteaya, yes. I will fix it.
15:40:27 <fbo> anteaya, I apologize but be sure I'll continue to work on that effort :)
15:40:28 <asselin_> ctlaugh_, ?
15:40:29 <anteaya> lennyb: great
15:40:36 <ctlaugh_> yes - I will be there
15:40:44 <anteaya> fbo: oh I sense you would be there if you could
15:40:45 <lennyb> question regarding latest gerrit update
15:40:48 <asselin_> devvesa, ?
15:40:54 <anteaya> fbo: I just really wanted to see you again
15:41:00 <anteaya> lennyb: go ahead
15:41:05 <lennyb> We have started to see the following error: ERROR zuul.GerritEventConnector: Received unrecognized event type 'ref-replicated' from Gerrit. any ideas ?
15:41:59 <fbo> anteaya, Yes but I cannot for this time
15:42:02 <clarkb> I think that means you need to upgrade zuul?
15:42:15 <anteaya> fbo: understood
15:42:29 <clarkb> the gerrit version we just upgraded to has replication events on the stream events notifier. Your zuul doesn't understand those events but latest should
15:42:49 <devvesa> asselin_: yes. I'm going to the summit
15:43:03 <lennyb> I have the latest zuul from the github ( I think ) 2.0.0.post386
15:43:37 <anteaya> clarkb: what is the latest version of zuul?
15:44:05 <clarkb> oh if it is latest then maybe zuul doesn't understand, in that case it should be fine its would just discard the event if it doesn't understand it
15:44:49 <anteaya> lennyb: what is happening on the error, do you just see it in logs, or do things cease to happen?
15:45:32 <lennyb> anteaya: I believe just logs.
15:46:02 <anteaya> okay perhaps it is clarkb says then and zuul will just discard the event if it doesn't understand it
15:46:41 <anteaya> lennyb: is that fair?
15:47:26 <lennyb> anteaya: yes, I just want to minimize a chance of our false alarms :)
15:47:32 <anteaya> good call
15:47:46 <anteaya> and yes perfectly fine and encouraged to ask about new behaviour
15:47:51 <anteaya> well done
15:48:11 <anteaya> so after you fix your wikipage, link me once you have, please talk with nova developers
15:48:37 <anteaya> as I don't know what moshele had agreed when (s)he talked with jogo to get your account re-enabled
15:49:05 <anteaya> and I'm not supportive of status updates sent to mailing lists, they go on the wikipage
15:49:22 <anteaya> so I will be denying the post you sent to -announce
15:49:33 <anteaya> it is best if you talk to developers in the projects to test
15:49:43 <anteaya> so they know and agree with your decisions
15:49:47 <anteaya> does that make sense?
15:49:55 <anteaya> do you know anyone in neutron yet?
15:50:01 <lennyb> btw, the issue that we had with 'merge failure' was very strange. We already talked with nova developers including jogo, our account is enabled, but I am still running silent to see that there are no 'merge fail' comments that wi poet
15:50:17 <anteaya> great
15:50:36 <anteaya> so rather than communicating that to a mailing list, use your wikipage and irc channels
15:50:41 <anteaya> and thank you
15:50:47 <lennyb> ok
15:50:49 <anteaya> do you know anyone in neutron yet?
15:51:28 <anteaya> right now you aren't in either #openstack-nova nor #openstack-neutron
15:51:45 <anteaya> please join those channels and be available for the developers to talk to you
15:52:06 <anteaya> after this meeting I can introduce you to some neutron folks in #openstack-neutron
15:52:14 <anteaya> it would be good for you to meet them
15:52:19 <anteaya> okay let's move on
15:52:20 <lennyb> I know. it's technical irc client issue
15:52:32 <anteaya> lennyb: ah okay
15:52:36 <lennyb> anteaya: thanks
15:52:56 <anteaya> lennyb: do ask in #openstack-dev if you need a hand to get irc client issues sorted
15:53:05 <anteaya> it is an important tool to have working
15:53:11 <anteaya> moving on
15:53:23 <anteaya> does anyone have anything else they would like to discuss today?
15:53:45 <anteaya> reminder that next week's meeting in this time slot is cancelled due to summit
15:54:01 <anteaya> the next meeting in this time slot will be May 25th
15:54:18 <anteaya> nothing more to discuss today?
15:54:41 <anteaya> thanks everyone for your participation
15:55:03 <anteaya> if you can't be at summit, follow along on etherpads so you can stay involved
15:55:25 <anteaya> and since we have nothing more to discuss, let's end here
15:55:38 <anteaya> thanks everyone, enjoy the rest of your day/evening
15:55:43 <anteaya> see you in 2 weeks
15:55:46 <anteaya> #endmeeting