08:01:34 <anteaya> #startmeeting third-party
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08:01:51 <anteaya> hello
08:01:54 <lennyb> anteaya: hi
08:02:01 <anteaya> hey lennyb
08:02:27 <anteaya> lennyb: how are things with you?
08:02:48 <lennyb> anteaya: I dont anything special to discuss today. I am fine, thanks, my CI too.
08:03:07 <anteaya> lennyb: what is the status of your CI?
08:04:00 <lennyb> currently we are commenting+voting on Neutron, and commenting as non-voting on Nova. Cinder is in silent mode
08:04:12 <lennyb> but I will move Cinder to commenting voting
08:05:51 <anteaya> what is the name of your ci again?
08:06:23 * lennyb 1min, we have some issues with networking or web browser
08:06:34 <anteaya> okay
08:07:17 <anteaya> Mellanox CI is it not?
08:07:49 <lennyb> yes
08:08:02 <lennyb> for Nova and Neutron.
08:08:25 <anteaya> #link http://ec2-54-67-102-119.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:5000/?project=openstack%2Fneutron&user=&timeframe=24&start=&end=&page_size=
08:09:06 <anteaya> #link http://jogo.github.io/lastcomment/
08:09:15 <anteaya> well your CI shows up in both
08:09:23 <anteaya> can you see it
08:09:47 * lennyb wait, network issues.
08:10:12 <anteaya> okay
08:11:36 * lennyb struggling with browser
08:12:33 <anteaya> well I just wanted you to be aware of these two tools
08:13:17 <lennyb> anteaya: yeap, I see it.  We have a quite stable CI now, thanks for the tools, I wasnt aware about jogo's.
08:13:52 <anteaya> he just put it up over the weekend it looks like
08:13:59 <anteaya> glad you have a stable CI now
08:14:01 <anteaya> good work
08:14:29 <anteaya> wanted to remind you of the common-ci solution sprint this week
08:15:00 <lennyb> yeah, very impressive and useful. I will probably add it to my monitoring scripts. I know about sprint.
08:15:02 <anteaya> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/VirtualSprints#OpenStack_Common-CI_Solution
08:15:09 <anteaya> wonderful
08:15:19 <lennyb> how are you nowdays?
08:15:28 <anteaya> it would be great if you could spare a few hours and participate
08:15:34 <anteaya> I'm at home right now
08:15:42 <anteaya> was in Colorado last week
08:15:45 <lennyb> I know, I will try to
08:15:49 <anteaya> thanks
08:16:35 <lennyb> how was the weather? I think A/C is one of the most useful inventions :)
08:18:25 <anteaya> Colorado was wonderful
08:18:35 <anteaya> at home is nice too
08:18:44 <anteaya> I'm a big fan of shade myself
08:19:04 <anteaya> I don't have A/C at home because I kept the trees
08:19:28 <anteaya> many folks cut down all the trees and then put in A/C, which I don't understand myself
08:20:27 <lennyb> I see :). We have only palm trees here and +40Celsius, so A/C is a life savers
08:20:56 <anteaya> yup
08:21:01 <anteaya> I can understand that
08:21:14 <anteaya> not sure how much shade a palm casts
08:21:38 <lennyb> I am not even sure you can define it as a 'shade'
08:21:39 <anteaya> but from what I have seen, where they grow, shade tends to be scarce
08:21:48 <anteaya> well it moves fast
08:21:52 <anteaya> and there isn't much
08:23:15 <anteaya> well you said you didn't have anything to discuss about your CI
08:23:21 <anteaya> and noone else has arrived
08:23:31 <anteaya> any objection to me wrapping up?
08:23:49 <lennyb> nope, have a nice day/night/evening
08:24:11 <anteaya> thanks you too
08:24:16 <anteaya> talk to you later
08:24:22 <anteaya> and see you next week
08:24:26 <anteaya> #endmeeting