15:04:04 <anteaya> #startmeeting third-party
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15:04:11 <anteaya> hello
15:04:14 <lennyb_> Hi
15:04:17 <anteaya> how is everyone today
15:04:35 <anteaya> how are you lennyb_?
15:04:39 <lennyb_> still fine:) how are you?
15:05:39 <akerr> o/
15:05:48 <anteaya> good thanks
15:05:50 <anteaya> busy
15:05:52 <anteaya> and hot today
15:05:58 * anteaya fans herself
15:06:00 <anteaya> hi akerr
15:06:09 <anteaya> what shall we discuss today?
15:06:21 <rhedlind> I have a question
15:06:27 <anteaya> anyone have anything that would be considered an announcement
15:06:33 <anteaya> hello rhedlind
15:06:39 <rhedlind> hi
15:06:44 <lennyb_> anteaya: not me.
15:07:03 <anteaya> lennyb_: thanks
15:07:09 <anteaya> rhedlind: what is your question?
15:07:38 <rhedlind> do people have email notification on test run failure set up? if so, how did you do that?
15:07:57 <anteaya> test run failure set up
15:08:06 <anteaya> what do you mean by that phrase?
15:09:15 <rhedlind> sorry, I meant having email alerts when a test run fails.
15:09:33 <rhedlind> right now I have to check my jenkins dashboard every so often to see if a test failed
15:09:37 <rhedlind> quite tedious
15:09:49 <lennyb_> rhedlind: our Jenkins sends email on every failure, but we have additional script that send very urgent email if 5 sequential builds are failed.
15:10:34 <rhedlind> lennyb_: are you using the mailer plugin or another plugin to send emails?
15:10:48 <lennyb_> rhedlind: mailer plugin
15:11:34 <lennyb_> email_extention_plugin
15:12:12 <lennyb_> rhedlind: and python script using rest api to check Jenkins builds status
15:12:20 <akerr> rhedlind: we have zuul send an email on failures for us
15:12:39 <lennyb_> akerr. zuul can send emails?
15:12:42 <akerr> yes
15:12:54 <rhedlind> ok, I will look at all those options. What I have now is not sustainable.
15:13:28 <akerr> On failure you add a "smtp" section with a "to, from and subject"
15:13:36 <lennyb_> akerr: interesting, this can be useful in case of merge failures, since those are not trigger jenkins, but still comment
15:13:55 <akerr> lennyb_: yep, we actually have it set up to only email on merge failure, not to comment on gerrit
15:14:49 <lennyb_> can you explain/send a short email how to config this? We had a conversation last week about this issue, even proposing changes to Zuul, but looks like you have a better sollution
15:14:55 <anteaya> akerr: well done
15:15:08 <akerr> lennyb_: rhedlind: http://paste.openstack.org/show/405930/
15:15:11 <lennyb_> thanks
15:15:35 <akerr> tabbing on that first line off :(
15:15:46 <rhedlind> thanks!
15:17:22 <anteaya> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/405930/ configure zuul to email on merge failure, not comment
15:17:32 <anteaya> akerr: did I get that right?
15:17:46 <lennyb_> akerr: yes
15:18:04 <akerr> Yes, it emails and comments on run failures, and only emails on merge failures
15:18:09 <anteaya> nice
15:18:41 <anteaya> any more on this?
15:18:45 <anteaya> thanks for sharing akerr
15:18:59 <mmedvede> akerr: and your CI does not comment on merge failures?
15:19:01 <akerr> the first line "failure:" should be tabbed over the same distance as the "merge-failure" line
15:19:05 <akerr> mmedvede: correct
15:19:29 <mmedvede> I have similar setting, and still sometimes get zuul commenting on merge failures, need to figure it out
15:19:43 <anteaya> #info the first line "failure:" should be tabbed over (whitespace?) the same distance as the "merge-failure" line
15:20:27 <anteaya> this might be worth adding to the third-party.html doc
15:20:34 <anteaya> akerr: are you willing to offer a patch?
15:20:53 <lennyb_> anteaya: good point, can save a lot of headache to all
15:21:04 <mmedvede> +1
15:21:21 <anteaya> akerr: any thoughts?
15:21:21 <akerr> anteaya: I am willing, but it might take while, our legal dept can be a pain sometimes.  It would certainly be faster for someone else to propose it
15:21:29 <anteaya> akerr: :(
15:21:53 <lennyb_> akerr: I can try adding this, after I will verify in our setup
15:21:56 <anteaya> if someone else proposes it, are the allowed to add you as co-author? or whould that upset your legal dept as well?
15:22:04 <akerr> anteaya: that would be fine
15:22:41 <anteaya> any volunteers to offer akerr's work as a patch and credit akerr with co-auhthored-by in the commit message?
15:22:52 <lennyb_> anteaya: I can
15:23:25 <anteaya> lennyb_: thank you lennyb_
15:23:26 <akerr> thanks lennyb_
15:23:43 <anteaya> can you ensure you bring a link to the patch to the next monday third party meeting?
15:24:10 <lennyb_> ok
15:25:10 <anteaya> thank you
15:25:50 <anteaya> #action lennyb_ to create a patch documenting akerr's work, crediting akerr with co-authored-by in the commit message
15:25:55 <anteaya> thanks lennyb_
15:26:02 <anteaya> any more on this topic?
15:27:13 <anteaya> anyone have anything else they would like to discuss today?
15:27:57 <anteaya> does anyone have any reason why I should not end the meeting?
15:28:44 <anteaya> thank you everyone for your kind attendance and participation
15:28:48 <anteaya> see you next week
15:28:51 <anteaya> #endmeeting