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15:00:12 <anteaya> hello
15:00:15 <anteaya> happy new year
15:00:15 <lennyb_> hi
15:00:20 <anteaya> hi lennyb_
15:00:20 <asselin_> happy new year
15:00:28 <anteaya> asselin_: happy new year
15:00:34 <lennyb_> happy new year
15:00:55 <anteaya> does anyone have anything the would like to discuss today?
15:01:00 <anteaya> they
15:01:27 <anteaya> I don't have anything today
15:01:55 <asselin_> does anyone know if nodepool supports ironic?
15:02:06 <anteaya> I do not know
15:02:26 <anteaya> mordred may know
15:02:38 <anteaya> mordred: do you know if nodepool supports ironic?
15:03:27 <anteaya> he might not be online right now
15:04:05 <lennyb_> asselin_: regarding your comment on #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/259083  currently gerrit responce does not have field 'name', so if I will find a way to get it I will definitely add support for account_id and name as you suggested
15:04:57 <asselin_> lennyb_, the new gerrit version doesn't have it, but the previous one does right?
15:05:02 <lennyb_> yes
15:05:22 <lennyb_> or at least looks like it did
15:05:46 <asselin_> I guess I wonder if we should support the previous version of gerrit as well....
15:06:19 <mordred> aroo?
15:06:37 <anteaya> mordred: hi
15:06:44 <mordred> oh - do you mean "does nodepool support booting nodes using ironic" ?
15:06:45 <asselin_> hi mordred, do you know if nodepool supports ironic?
15:07:01 <asselin_> yes, to access bare metal noes
15:07:03 <asselin_> nodes*
15:07:21 <mordred> no, and it shoud not support that. ironic is not an end-user api. nodepool should use nova with the ironic driver to boot bare metal nodes
15:07:32 <mordred> HOWEVER
15:07:58 <mordred> the changes we're planning to nodepool for zuul v3 should allow for registration of long-lived bare metal nodes with nodepool
15:07:59 <asselin_> #link nodepool ironic ref: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/259245/2/doc/source/third_party_ci.rst
15:08:05 <lennyb_> asselin_: I dont know if we need to. Is it likely that we will decrease gerrit version or this monitoring tool will be used for other projects?
15:08:35 <anteaya> lennyb_: the monitoring tool may be used by other people on their own gerrit instance
15:09:07 <asselin_> mordred, thanks, that answers the question. I'll update the docs with that.
15:09:09 <lennyb_> anteaya: In this case I will add support for both name or account_id
15:09:21 <mordred> asselin_: woot!
15:09:52 <anteaya> lennyb_: I think that was what asselin_ was asking for and I think it makes sense if it is possible to do
15:09:59 <asselin_> lennyb_, anteaya yes that's the concern I was bringing up
15:10:22 <lennyb_> ok, I see and agree with your point
15:10:35 <anteaya> asselin_: thanks for sharing that concern, having flexible tools increases their use
15:11:01 <anteaya> asselin_: did you get what you needed from mordred?
15:11:08 <asselin_> yes
15:11:12 <anteaya> wonderful
15:11:15 <anteaya> mordred: thank you
15:11:40 <anteaya> I feel we are off to such a productive start to the year
15:11:42 <anteaya> feels nice
15:11:43 <lennyb_> anteaya: do you know who might help me with building correct rest query to gerrit?
15:11:54 <anteaya> lennyb_: I recommend zaro
15:12:22 <lennyb_> anteaya: thanks. I will try to catch him again
15:12:37 <anteaya> yup, it is worth the effort
15:12:57 <anteaya> zaro: lennyb_ is looking forward to your review of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/259083/3 when you get a chance
15:14:07 <anteaya> do we have anything else to discuss today?
15:14:32 <mordred> \o/
15:14:47 <asselin_> lennyb_, it seems the query is the same
15:15:18 <asselin_> lennyb_, just line 55 needs to be adjusted based on the response of the query
15:15:42 <lennyb_> asselin_: it does not have 'name' in 'owner' field, only account_id. This was the reason for exception after Gerrit upgrade
15:17:38 <asselin_> lennyb_, i'll have to take a closer look. we can take it offline
15:18:10 <lennyb_> anteaya: thanks.
15:18:22 <lennyb_> asselin_: great, thanks.
15:18:30 <anteaya> seems we have discussed the items we said we wanted to
15:18:38 <anteaya> do we have anything more to discuss today?
15:19:01 <anteaya> any objection to me closing the meeting?
15:19:14 <asselin_> no
15:19:18 <anteaya> wonderful
15:19:19 <lennyb_> no
15:19:20 <asselin_> no objection
15:19:29 <anteaya> thank you all for your attendance and participation
15:19:32 <anteaya> see you next week
15:19:36 <anteaya> #endmeeting