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15:00:20 <lennyb> Hello
15:00:28 <anteaya> hello lennyb
15:00:35 <anteaya> thanks for chairing the meeting
15:00:41 <lennyb> anteaya: hi
15:00:48 <anteaya> I had to cancel my vacation so I'm around
15:00:52 <anteaya> but do proceed
15:00:59 <lennyb> how are you?
15:01:03 <anteaya> good thanks
15:01:14 <anteaya> looking forward to actually taking a vacation the next time
15:01:17 <anteaya> how are you?
15:01:31 <mmedvede> hi everyone
15:01:44 <lennyb> I am ok, thanks and good luck next time
15:01:56 <anteaya> thank you
15:01:58 <anteaya> hi mmedvede
15:02:03 <lennyb> does any of you something to discuss?
15:02:39 <asselin> hi
15:02:39 <anteaya> I do not have anything to discuss today
15:02:43 <anteaya> hi asselin
15:02:47 <lennyb> asselin: hi
15:03:15 <lennyb> I have a question. looks like our CI is posting empty comments on 'rebase' #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/266540
15:03:29 <lennyb> any suggestion why and how this can be 'removed'
15:04:35 <asselin> lennyb, which one is your ci?'
15:04:48 <lennyb> mellanox ci, look for the last comment
15:05:10 <anteaya> well rebase and recheck both start wtih re
15:05:21 <anteaya> what is your regex to match recheck?
15:05:31 <asselin> can you paste your zuul layout.yaml for the pipeline?
15:06:11 <lennyb> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/492885/
15:07:49 <lennyb> we had similar issue, when no job was triggered due to filtering. This was 'fixed' in zuul by eantishev commit ( if I recall correctly )
15:09:08 <anteaya> your system posted Build succeeded. which I don't see in the paste provided
15:09:52 <asselin> that might be the default when none is provided
15:10:10 <anteaya> I wondered if that was the case
15:12:11 <lennyb> anteaya: I agree with asselin, it looks like default value
15:12:55 <anteaya> so on rebase do you want it to run tests, and it isn't running tests?
15:13:09 <anteaya> that appears to be what you want, yes?
15:13:35 <anteaya> or what do you want to do on rebase?
15:13:36 <lennyb> anteaya: rebase does not change code, so I do not want to run tests.
15:13:56 <anteaya> okay so when it rebases, it shouldn't test and it shouldn't comment for your system
15:14:08 <lennyb> I can add trigger event for rebase and run tests, but I dont see any point to do it
15:14:08 <anteaya> so it isn't running tests, but why is it commenting?
15:14:24 <asselin> no, a rebase is effectively a new patch set
15:15:13 <lennyb> asselin: if rebase is actually a new patch set, then I should add event to be triggered and run tests.
15:15:59 <lennyb> anteaya: exactly my question - my it's commenting if it was not running
15:16:16 <anteaya> well asselin does offer a good point
15:16:50 <anteaya> would you consider testing rebases?
15:17:07 <lennyb> anteaya: I will update my CI. Issue is closed :)
15:17:21 <anteaya> thank you for bringing up the topic for conversation
15:17:40 <lennyb> Any other topics?
15:17:58 <anteaya> I don't have anything I wish to discuss today
15:18:43 <lennyb> I have another one.
15:19:22 * lennyb pasting code
15:20:13 <lennyb> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/492889/
15:21:07 <lennyb> I have 2 pipelines that should trigger 2 jobs. But it looks like the second one posts a 'recheck' comment for CI.
15:21:20 <lennyb> what is a better way to implement it?
15:21:48 <asselin> ?? why does the 2nd one post a recheck comment?
15:22:27 <lennyb> i dont know yet. 1sec, I will find a comment
15:23:57 <mmedvede> lennyb: I wonder why you have 2 pipelines. 1 pipelines should normally be enough
15:24:25 <mmedvede> or you have different recheck comments for each
15:24:46 <lennyb> mmedvede: one pipeline works great, I just did not want to trigger both jobs
15:25:10 <lennyb> mmedvede: yeap, different recheck comments
15:25:12 <asselin> that's  good point, 2 pipeline would lead to 2 comments per patch set, which isn't allowed (last I checked)
15:25:41 <anteaya> it isnt' allowed
15:25:44 <anteaya> you are correct
15:25:54 <lennyb> asselin: so it's 'by design'. ok I will use 1 pipeline
15:25:57 <lennyb> thanks
15:26:03 <mmedvede> lennyb: yes, makes sense to have different pipelines if you have to have different settings for both. But if you only want conditionally trigger a job depending on project, that can be done on the job level
15:26:17 <asselin> lennyb, you could leave the 2nd pipeline and only include the recheck comment option
15:26:41 <asselin> i.e. delete lines 9 & 10 from here: http://paste.openstack.org/show/492885/
15:26:49 <mmedvede> right, so I missed that it would give two comments on the patch :)
15:27:23 <lennyb> asselin, mmedvede: thanks.
15:27:25 <asselin> and make sure your other pipeline doesn't repond...i.e. make them mutually exclusive
15:27:42 <asselin> but one pipeline is simpler (by design)
15:28:07 <lennyb> Issue is closed. thanks.
15:28:19 <anteaya> thank you
15:28:23 <lennyb> Any other issues?
15:28:29 <anteaya> lennyb: do share your results after your changes
15:29:27 <lennyb> anteaya: it's working. I moved to 1 pipe line as workaround and I will leave it
15:30:45 <lennyb> If there are no other topics I will close the meeting. Any objections?
15:30:55 <anteaya> I do not object
15:31:00 <anteaya> thanks for chairing lennyb
15:31:29 <lennyb> anteaya, asselin, mmedvede: thanks for being here. See you next time
15:31:38 <mmedvede> thanks lennyb
15:32:07 <lennyb> anteaya: do you need me tomorrow? I can chair as well, it's a day time here :)
15:33:48 <anteaya> lennyb: yes, that would be lovely thank you
15:33:54 <anteaya> been up all night for 4 days
15:34:00 <anteaya> if I am awake I will join you
15:34:17 <lennyb> anteaya: sure, np.
15:34:22 <lennyb> #endmeeting