17:01:28 <mmedvede> #startmeeting third-party
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17:02:14 <ja3> ola
17:02:24 <mmedvede> ja3: hey
17:02:41 <ja3> morning/afternoon sir
17:02:55 <mmedvede> who else is here for third-party CI working group meeting?
17:03:32 <asselin_> hi
17:04:20 <mmedvede> hi asselin_ , sorry to hear that you have conflict with the meeting
17:04:25 <mmedvede> #topic Announcements
17:04:45 <mmedvede> Gerrit IP change is still happening on April 11
17:04:47 <mmedvede> Gerrit IP Change: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-March/088985.html
17:06:03 <mmedvede> #topic CI Watch
17:07:17 <mmedvede> Unit tests are slow-going. I did not push anything for review there. Currently working on getting some fixtures for gerrit event stream added
17:07:55 <mmedvede> i.e. it is now possible to run a test with fake gerrit listener
17:08:39 <mmedvede> the problem is that current test would have to directly examine resulting records in database, which is marginally useful
17:09:23 <mmedvede> any questions?
17:09:56 <mmedvede> #topic Common-CI Solution
17:10:09 <mmedvede> asselin_: anything to discuss here?
17:10:25 <asselin_> no updates from me
17:10:29 <mmedvede> I did not see many patches come in recently
17:10:42 <mmedvede> ok, moving on :)
17:10:54 <mmedvede> #topic Open Discussion
17:12:31 <mmedvede> asselin_: would you like me to chair for you while you have the conflict?
17:12:42 <asselin_> mmedvede, yes, that would be great
17:13:40 <mmedvede> asselin_: ok, would do
17:13:44 <asselin_> thank you
17:13:55 <ja3> we've started to trigger our CI off of nova now, running full tempest instead of only smoke.  still not ready to vote, tuning slave build times and such.
17:14:19 <ja3> ...and my log server request is still going nowhere.
17:14:50 <mmedvede> ja3: that is unfortunate
17:15:39 <mmedvede> ja3: how long does your current test take?
17:15:51 <ja3> well it's "lack of attention" nowhere, rather than "request denied" nowhere, so it could turn on a dime
17:16:33 <ja3> they're getting close to on-par with upstream.  bob has been seriously flogging it.
17:18:44 <mmedvede> what matters to be able to report/vote is test reliability and stability. Initially you can ask for non-voting commenting permissions to validate how reliable your CI is
17:20:13 <ja3> true, but we don't actually need any permissions to compare our results against upstream.
17:20:38 <mmedvede> ja3: so once you get your logserver, you should be able to start commenting non-voting
17:20:58 <ja3> assuming we're stable enough, yes
17:21:02 <mmedvede> ja3: right, but if your CI is invisible, it is harder to collect stats
17:21:58 <ja3> is anyone interested in collecting stats on our CI, when we don't think it's stable/reliable yet?  I would not think so, but I'm willing to be wrong if there's some larger context I'm not grokking.
17:22:36 <ja3> I'd think making it visible is basically just generating spam for onlookers, and I consider that impolite.
17:23:08 <ja3> ...that's my current thinking at least.  If I'm dragging knuckles w/o good reason, slap me around.
17:23:19 <mmedvede> agree, it needs to be reasonably not broken :)
17:25:03 <mmedvede> ja3: also if you follow the guidelines at
17:25:34 <mmedvede> #link Third Party Testing http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/third_party.html
17:26:06 <mmedvede> one step is to add your account to gerrit group that should prevent spam emails
17:28:21 <mmedvede> ok, any more topics?
17:30:06 <mmedvede> thanks for attending
17:30:20 <mmedvede> #endmeeting