15:01:17 <anteaya> #startmeeting third-party
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15:01:23 <anteaya> hello
15:01:46 <anteaya> if you are here for the third party meeting do say hello
15:02:03 <anteaya> noting that today is a holiday for folks in the US and UK
15:02:07 <mmedvede> anteaya: hi, holiday today in US
15:02:13 <anteaya> mmedvede: hello
15:02:28 <anteaya> mmedvede: see you next week then? go, enjoy a holiday
15:02:38 <mmedvede> you too, thanks anteaya
15:02:44 <anteaya> mmedvede: thank you
15:12:12 <anteaya> seems everyone is somewhere else and enjoying themselves there
15:12:19 <anteaya> enjoy the rest of your day/evening
15:12:23 <anteaya> see you next week
15:12:26 <anteaya> #endmeeting