15:10:52 <anteaya> #startmeeting third-party
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15:11:03 <anteaya> hi wznoinsk
15:11:16 <wznoinsk> hi anteaya how are you
15:11:21 <anteaya> was reading the backscroll on the pycparser issue
15:11:24 <anteaya> good thanks
15:11:26 <anteaya> how are you?
15:11:43 <wznoinsk> anteaya: good, it looks like they just got rid off the wheel: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pycparser/2.14
15:12:25 <anteaya> okay, thank you wznoinsk
15:12:53 <anteaya> wznoinsk: fungi is checking our mirrors
15:13:38 <anteaya> looks like that wheel is gone from our mirrors
15:13:47 <fungi> nah, i already checked them. bandersnatch properly followed suit with a deletion on the next update after it was deleted from pypi by upstream
15:13:59 <anteaya> fungi: thank you
15:14:02 <fungi> it's been off our mirrors for about 20 minutes now
15:14:07 <anteaya> awesome
15:15:23 <wznoinsk> our 3rdparty is coming back up too
15:15:30 <anteaya> yay!
15:16:00 <anteaya> that is good news
15:16:38 <anteaya> do you have anything else you would like to discuss today?
15:16:46 <anteaya> or does anyone else?
15:17:28 <wznoinsk> one thing
15:17:39 <anteaya> go ahead
15:17:40 <wznoinsk> I'm seeing nodepool not coping very well with baremetal nodes
15:18:22 <wznoinsk> specifically... (2 secs)
15:18:45 <wznoinsk> I see this http://pasteboard.co/ay7KU4myZ.png
15:19:35 <wznoinsk> while looped manual ssh connections reveal that the message sshd on the newly spawned nodepool baremetal node is returning http://pasteboard.co/ay8d9Ryoq.png
15:19:35 <anteaya> ssh exception
15:21:05 <anteaya> this is just with your baremetal nodes?
15:21:08 <wznoinsk> I guess it nodepool doesn't see that problem with VMs as the nova returns VM being in active state when the VM is already in bootup process
15:21:32 <wznoinsk> anteaya: correct, nodepool has a provider of a openstack ironic controller for baremetal (that works when used by hand)
15:21:32 <anteaya> well yes, our nodepool doesn't work with baremetal nodes
15:21:55 <wznoinsk> I was wondering would I maybe fix it here in nodepool and submit a fix for a review
15:22:25 <anteaya> I think that would be a good approach
15:22:30 <wznoinsk> or would there be some other way to get CI/nodepool with baremetal you may know about
15:23:12 <anteaya> there is no other way that I know about, no
15:23:51 <wznoinsk> ok, I'll try with configurable option of retries nodepool will do the ssh checks on the level this exception is happening
15:23:59 <anteaya> thank you
15:24:08 <anteaya> that sounds reasonable to me
15:24:52 <wznoinsk> ok, thanks
15:24:57 <anteaya> thank you
15:25:07 <anteaya> I appreciate you bringing it up
15:25:55 <anteaya> does anyone have anything else they would like to discuss today?
15:26:46 <anteaya> thank you wznoinsk
15:26:59 <anteaya> does anyone have any objeciton to me closing the meeting?
15:27:01 <wznoinsk> thanks
15:27:37 <anteaya> thank you for being here and participating
15:27:47 <anteaya> thanks for your patience with me when I'm late
15:27:51 <anteaya> see you next week
15:27:55 <anteaya> #endmeeting