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15:01:48 <lennyb> Hello
15:02:38 <lennyb> anyone for a third party meeting?
15:04:17 <mmedvede> hi, I am around, but I do not have anything to discuss
15:06:17 <lennyb> hi mmedvede. your CI is working with nodepool, do you have cloud based on devstack or other provider?
15:07:40 <mmedvede> lennyb: I have a full-blown OpenStack cloud, deployed with puppet openstack modules
15:08:33 <mmedvede> lennyb: it is somewhat similar to the cloud managed by OpenStack infra
15:12:13 <lennyb> mmedvede, is there a documentation of installing procedure? I had a POC on devstack,  but VM will be lost after hypervisor reboot. I can install RH packstack, but OpenStack CLoud can be a nicer solution
15:15:04 <mmedvede> lennyb: I am not sure about single place for documentation to deploy OpenStack with puppet modules
15:16:03 <mmedvede> lennyb: there used to be top puppet repository that glued together other modules to deploy full openstack, but it was deprecated
15:16:15 <mmedvede> then there is infra cloud puppet configuration that you can use as an example
15:16:41 <lennyb> OK, I will look around. thanks for the info. I guess I will close the meeting.
15:16:49 <mmedvede> but be warned, it might take you anywhere from a week to 6 months to get it deployed this way :(
15:19:16 <mmedvede> #link infracloud overview http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/infra-cloud.html
15:19:16 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks. I will use packstack instead, I prefer spending 6 month on beer and girls :)
15:19:44 <mmedvede> lennyb: last time I checked, packstack is similar to devstack
15:20:05 <mmedvede> that is, it provides poc deploy
15:20:21 <mmedvede> could be enough depending on what you want :)
15:20:41 <lennyb> mmedvede, yes, but It usually take only few hours to deploy basic packstack config
15:22:44 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks for being here. see you next week or around :). I am closing the meeting
15:22:54 <mmedvede> thanks lennyb
15:23:02 <lennyb> #endmeeting