15:11:48 <lennyb> #startmeeting third-party
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15:11:55 <lennyb> Hello
15:16:28 <mmedvede> o/
15:17:05 <mmedvede> I am late for a late meeting
15:17:08 <mmedvede> :)
15:27:52 <lennyb> mmedvede, hi, I was late too :)
15:28:09 <lennyb> mmedvede, any interesting stuff?
15:28:33 <lennyb> mmedvede, why 'late meeting' what is your timezone?
15:29:10 <mmedvede> I am working on switching my CI to local.conf, to make it compatible with https://review.openstack.org/#/c/326585
15:29:27 <mmedvede> lennyb: by "late" I mean the meeting started 10 minutes late
15:29:36 <lennyb> haha :)
15:29:45 <mmedvede> for me it is 9 am
15:30:03 <lennyb> nice time, I am 17pm
15:30:51 <lennyb> mmedvede, how are you working now without local.conf?
15:33:42 <mmedvede> we have some of the configuration in local.conf and some in localrc. The patch I linked did break that config. So I thought it is time to get rid of localrc
15:34:33 <lennyb> good luck.
15:35:22 <lennyb> I am working on internal new CI with nodepool. Nothing interesting to share :(
15:35:41 <lennyb> btw, did you see email regarding debian packaging?
15:37:07 <mptacekx> Hi, I have one topic, one of the test is failing in full-tempest TestStampPattern.test_stamp_pattern very frequently, it's because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1664793. I hope it's worth for mentioning in this round.
15:37:07 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1664793 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "test_stamp_pattern timing out waiting for attached device to show up in guest" [Undecided,Confirmed]
15:39:12 <lennyb> hi mptacekx, thanks
15:40:57 <mmedvede> lennyb: yeah, I did see the packaging email, sad news
15:41:30 <mmedvede> mptacekx: that is a test that was recently reenabled
15:41:46 <mptacekx> mmedved: correct
15:42:09 <lennyb> it will be hard to install openstack on ubuntu/debian
15:44:37 <lennyb> anything else on this bug issue?
15:44:58 <mptacekx> no, thanks
15:45:18 <mmedvede> mptacekx: our CI was failing the test, but it was due to a wrong disk naming. I think the attachment was happening, just under incorrect device name
15:46:00 <mptacekx> mmedvede: well, it's failing in our setup quite often but might also work. it's a kind of unreliable test
15:46:36 <mmedvede> I see, it is different then, thanks for the bug link
15:47:09 <mmedvede> lennyb: I thought ubuntu would still have UCA with openstack packages?
15:48:45 <lennyb> mmedvede, probably, but debian built a third party pkgs as well
15:53:27 <lennyb> I guess bug # 1664793 issue can be close, thanks mptacekx
15:53:58 <lennyb> mmedvede, mptacekx, any other updates/issues/questions?
15:54:45 <mptacekx> lennyb: no, thanks
15:55:28 <mmedvede> nothing from me
15:55:41 <lennyb> mmedvede, mptacekx, thanks for showing. See you next week.
15:55:49 <lennyb> #endmeeting