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15:00:39 <lennyb> Hello
15:02:53 <mmedvede> o/
15:04:27 <lennyb> how are you, mmedvede?
15:05:19 <lennyb> I have a question, we are trying to use zuul as a gate in our internal gerrit, and we are getting #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/601561/   error. any ideas?
15:06:11 <mmedvede> I'm well, thx
15:07:33 <mmedvede> lennyb: looks like gerrit reporter can not open url to report the result
15:08:22 <lennyb> this is what we thought :(
15:08:35 <lennyb> any questions/updates from your side?
15:10:34 <mmedvede> I have one that could be useful. If you were using a devstack-gate job with custom regex, you might now be running less tests. Some of scenario tests were marked as slow and now run separate
15:11:18 <mmedvede> #link run tempest scenarios serially https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439698/
15:11:27 <lennyb> mmedvede, thank. we are running our CI using filter to listen on relevant files only
15:12:12 <mmedvede> lennyb: it is not about triggering on certain file changes.
15:12:52 <mmedvede> The action to take here is to make sure you are still running the sceario tests if you are interested in running them
15:13:18 <asselin> hi
15:13:25 <lennyb> Hi asselin.
15:13:45 <asselin> sorry i'm late...irc connection problems on my normal client
15:13:50 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks for mentioning this.
15:14:05 <lennyb> mmedvede, we are not using regex.
15:17:46 <lennyb> anything else to discuss/complain/show off about ? :)
15:18:27 <mmedvede> nothing from me
15:18:38 <asselin> not from me either
15:19:38 <lennyb> thanks for coming. have a good rest of the whatever you have :). See you next week.
15:20:07 <lennyb> #endmeeting