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15:00:30 <asselin_> hi, anyone around for third-party meeting today?
15:01:57 <pabelanger> I am
15:02:08 <pabelanger> mostly wanted to give a heads up about changes coming today
15:02:08 <asselin_> hi pabelanger
15:02:27 <pabelanger> we've stopped depending on puppet now for diskimages in nodepool
15:02:43 <asselin_> cool!
15:02:47 <pabelanger> this means, we likely need to send out an email to 3rdparty CI system and update there configuration
15:03:11 <pabelanger> specifically, we've created a jenkin-slave element, if you still depend on jenkins for CI
15:03:46 <pabelanger> so, would love some help passing that information along or have somebody try the latest project-config to ensure things still work
15:03:47 <asselin_> is that in project-config?
15:03:57 <pabelanger> It is
15:04:22 <asselin_> I suppose it hasn't been documented yet
15:04:24 <pabelanger> However, openstack-infra will be no longer depending on it when zuulv3 lands, so maybe it should be some otherplace?
15:04:37 <pabelanger> asselin_: no, not much.
15:05:24 <asselin_> current documentation asks folsk to use project-config-example, which asks folks to use nodepool elements from project-config
15:05:48 <pabelanger> okay, we'll need to update project-config-example for sure
15:06:06 <pabelanger> elements in project-config should still be okay
15:06:21 <pabelanger> until the day comes where openstack-infra no longer needs jenkins-slave
15:07:02 <asselin_> I imagine most 3rd party ci folks will also move from jenkins (eventually)
15:07:21 <asselin_> jenkins complicates the setup quite a bit imo
15:08:02 <pabelanger> Ya, I've already started a POC for zuulv3 third party CI using ansible. However, we are still a few months off for that
15:08:38 <pabelanger> either way, that is all I wanted to mention. If for some reason, you started to see nodepool-builder failure to build DIBs, it is likely because we removed puppet
15:10:14 <asselin_> is there a new nodepool tag?
15:10:39 <pabelanger> no, why?
15:11:13 <asselin_> maybe I misunderstood the issue you mention. Why would nodepool-builder fail?
15:11:55 <asselin_> were there related changes to nodepool-builder?
15:12:06 <pabelanger> if you are referencing the puppet element in nodepool.yaml, and update project-config, it would fail to build
15:13:01 <pabelanger> also, cache-devstack I think will download latest project-config, and try to run prepare-node, which will also fail
15:13:09 <pabelanger> before it has been deleted in latest project-config
15:13:14 <pabelanger> because*
15:13:15 <asselin_> ok, ok...so it will only fail if you resync your 3rd party ci's project-config with -infra's
15:13:28 <pabelanger> ya, I think it is possible
15:13:34 <pabelanger> I haven't actually tested it yet.
15:13:48 <asselin_> so existing setups should continue to work fine and build new images
15:13:56 <pabelanger> It would be great is a 3rdparty CI operator did a build today, and let me know the results
15:14:06 <pabelanger> asselin_: we are hoping
15:15:03 <asselin_> ok
15:16:30 <asselin_> anything else pabelanger ?
15:16:58 <pabelanger> that is all I had
15:17:16 <asselin_> ok thanks for sharing. Anyone else around have something to discuss?
15:21:36 <asselin_> I need to leave early. Anything else, ask over in #openstack-third-party-ci
15:21:45 <asselin_> #endmeeting