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15:00:32 <lennyb> Hello
15:01:51 <mmedvede> o/ been awhile
15:02:13 <lennyb> mmedvede, yeah. How are you ?
15:03:31 <mmedvede> good, thanks
15:04:19 <lennyb> good to hear. Anything new/interesting you want to share/ask ?
15:06:52 <mmedvede> fyi, OpenStack Infra team is working hard to flip the switch on zuul v3. Not really much for third-party CIs to do here but be aware in case something breaks
15:07:43 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks. we are still using zuul2 with jenkins based on common solution of asselin
15:08:51 <lennyb> mmedvede, do you know a way to 'chain' few patchsets with XXX_BRANCH var in local,conf ?
15:10:33 <mmedvede> lennyb: can you elaborate? Do you mean to use 'Depends-On / Needed-By' commit tags?
15:13:25 <lennyb> I have to add temporal workaround to neutron. I can add NEUTRON_BRANCH=refs/10/12222/4 in loca.conf, but I also want my CI to check new patchset ( ZUUL_CHANGE). I can cherry pick my workaround after stack is up, but I want to do it automatically
15:16:27 <mmedvede> lennyb: not sure how to do it cleanly. zuul-merger prepares the state of your test repository. And you want there to be an extra patch cherry-picked on top of that. If you are using devstack-gate, you can add something after all the repositories are ready
15:18:06 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks, I will check it.
15:18:45 <lennyb> mmedvede, if there is nothing else from your side, I will close the meeting
15:19:00 <mmedvede> +1
15:19:54 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks. see you next week.
15:20:10 <lennyb> #endmeeting