15:00:10 <lennyb> #startmeeting third-party
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15:00:32 <lennyb> hello
15:00:47 <lennyb> mmedvede, ping
15:01:41 <mmedvede> o/
15:02:20 <lennyb> mmedvede, how are you? Could, you, please, chair next Monday meeting? I will be on vacation
15:02:41 <mmedvede> lennyb: I'll chair the next one
15:02:47 <lennyb> 10x
15:03:11 <lennyb> anything you would like to share/ask/notice today?
15:05:05 <mmedvede> I have not been doing much CI work lately. fwiw, our CI did not see any breakage due to zuul v3 rollout
15:05:33 <lennyb> this is great news :)
15:05:42 <mmedvede> which is probably expected as it only interfaces with gerrit, but still is a good thing
15:06:13 <lennyb> We need to check/consider moving to zuul3
15:07:22 <mmedvede> unfortunately the third-party dashboard hosted at http://ci-watch.tintri.com/ still needs to get updated to show upstream infra CI results
15:10:51 <mmedvede> lennyb: I do not have anything else to discuss
15:11:03 <lennyb> mmedvede, nope.
15:11:25 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks, I will close the meeting then
15:13:12 <lennyb> mmedvede, thanks for chairing next week. See you in 2 weeks.
15:13:22 <lennyb> #endmeeting